Pokémon has been around more than 20 years now, and with over 700 to choose from, you’d think everything that could be made into a Pokémon already has. Well, we are here to tell you just how wrong you are. Our world is filled with some wild, weird, and exciting animals which still haven’t been given the Pokémon treatment they deserve. We hope Nintendo and Game Freak rectify their mistakes by creating the Pokémon counterparts of these 10 incredible creatures. Are you ready to see some awesome, weird, and wacky nature? In no particular order– Here we go!

Blob Fish

via. NOAA.gov

Look at it. It’s so weird. So very weird. And we love it and its flat unhappy face. Just LOOK at it, it already feels like a Pokémon. The Blobfish is a deep sea fish that, when it’s brought up to the surface, expands without the pressure of the ocean. The result is this sad looking blob of a fish. We think it deserves a Pokémon in its likeness just to make it feel a little better. We can see it being Water/Poison or Water monotype.

Pink Fairy Armadillo

via. Cliff on Flickr

Okay, this thing is just too cute. Sure we’ve had Sandshrew forever, but we’re talking about his cute fluffy cousin. The Pink Fairy Armadillo is found only in Argentina and is probably endangered. We aren’t sure because they are so reclusive that we don’t see them often enough to know. But look how cute they are! We can’t get over their pink shells and their fluffy white fur. We’re thinking Ground/Fairy type or maybe, Fairy/Fighting. What a cutie!

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via. Marco Verch on Flickr

This bird is just too cool! It looks strange, it has a funny name, and it’s really, really tall. This stork-like bird needs to be a Pokémon right now. Only it’s not a stork. Sure it’s tall enough, look at that leg– but it’s actually more closely related to a pelican! Come on Game Freak, how did you miss this guy? Get this big ol’ friend into your games stat. It’s a Flying type for sure! Maybe Flying/Normal.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

via. Tony Shih on Flickr

This feels like a no-brainer. Mantis shrimp are basically the assassins of the ocean. They can hit so hard they break aquarium glass. That’s right. Aquarium glass. So you can’t ever keep them as pets, but look how beautiful they are! Their colors are striking, they are amazing fighters in the wild, and what’s more? They can see more colors than we do. Likely twelve more colors to be precise. So every color you see with your eye? They see soooooo many more. This shrimp can see color in such vivid depth it must be like a full-time psychedelic trip. Water/Fighting for this guy? Probably.

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Tibetan Fox

Okay yes, there are a lot of fox Pokémon already. But look at this thing. The Tibetian fox is what happens when someone who has seen a fox once about eight years ago tries to draw a fox. It hardly seems like a real creature. Its face doesn’t seem real, and yet there it is! It’s like lousy taxidermy, but alive. This strange fox would make for an utterly bizarre and charming Pokémon. We would keep it on our team just for the absurdity of it. What do you think? Ground/Normal?

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

via. Wikimedia Commons

This thing already looks like a Pokémon. This little guy roams around Madagascar (like a bunch of bizarre animals do), and look at it! It’s spiky like a hedgehog, has a nose like a shrew, and is too cute to exist. It would make one heck of an Electric type. Dark/Electric? Monotype Electric? We don’t care, but we want one.

Glaucus Atlanticus

via. Wikimedia Commons

This little sea monster is too beautiful to be real, and yet… it is! This little guy is a nudibranch, a type of sea creature that is basically a mollusk with no shell. They are also immune to the stings of Portuguese Manowar and are known to eat them, which is pretty hardcore for a tiny little sea slug like this. They would definitely be a Dragon type. Maybe Water/Dragon!

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House Centipede

via. Wikimedia Commons

A house centipede is basically the unholy cross between a spider and a centipede, and it’s horrifying. Sure, people tell us they hunt worse things in your house, but we do not like them. No sir. We would chase them out of our house with a broom or get someone to carry them out in a cup (do you really think we could touch that thing?). But, that aside, it would make an incredible Bug type. Sure, they creep us out, but we think it would make an awesome Pokémon.

Peacock Jumping Spider

These little guys have taken the internet by storm. They dance to attract a mate, and it’s, dare we say it, cute. With their bright colors and sweet little beady eyes, we think they would make a delightful addition to any team. How could anyone not agree? Sure spiders are creepy– but this little bug would make a perfect little teammate. Maybe they have different typing based on their colors?

Spatuletail Hummingbird

via. David Cook on Flickr

Hummingbirds would make such a great Pokémon, and we can think of no better contender than the Spatuletail Hummingbird. These little guys have drooping feathers that are almost as large as their entire bodies. How cool is that? Can you say Flying/Psychic? Maybe they use the feathers to put others to sleep? Those bright colors would translate perfectly into the Pokémon world!

Honestly, this blog was as much to talk about cool potential Pokémon as it was to show off some really rad animals that are out there. Our own world is populated by some strange and wild creatures that deserve a digital version to make them more widely recognized.

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