All of these Aquaman Villains Are Vicious

With the Aquaman movie coming up like a tsunami, we thought we’d take a moment to look at all of the Atlantean king’s greatest villains. We already know we’re going to see a few really great characters in the upcoming movie — Ocean Master, Black Manta, and there is even a rumor that the Trench might show up. But those are just a smattering of the great evil doers that appear in the pages of Aquaman. Our favorite ocean hero can’t be a hero without some equally great villains to fight — so why not explore all of them? The DC writers of Aquaman have given us no shallow pool (that was too easy) of great baddies to choose from. Some of these awful people really hook us (can’t stop, won’t stop). So let our list sink in (we’re here all week) and see if your favorite made the list!

Black Manta

Yes, we already brought Black Manta up, but this is a list of the best and he belongs here. We love his look, but we put Black Manta at the bottom of our list primarily because he has a really cringe-worthy backstory. While we don’t really approve of his background, he’s one of the Atlantean’s oldest and fiercest rivals. His dive suit, with its iconic helmet and red eyes, sells him as an incredible villain. Enough so he keeps coming back long after lesser villains have been forgotten. He is an astonishing inventor and brutal leader too, which means it’s not all looks and eye lasers that gets him on this list. His vow to destroy Aquaman is unending — leading him to go so far as to kill Aquaman’s infant son in one storyline. He is known for his violence and never turning away from his course and for that, he gets a spot on this list.

Ocean Master

This villain is one we can’t wait to see in the Aquaman movie. We’re assuming from the previews that they are going with the new 52 storyline. He’s the Atlantean half-brother — from the same mother — of Aquaman. In the comics, he allegedly kills their mother to take the throne of Atlantis. When Aquaman finds out about his heritage he is forced to fight his half-brother to reclaim his throne. Ocean Master weilds magical powers and an army of loyal followers. He isn’t to be trifled with, and proves that every family has some internal struggles. Just be happy yours don’t involve war and matricide.


If you weren’t already convinced of how screwed up Aquaman’s family life is — it’s about to get worse. See, his wife, Mera, has an identical twin sister. Her name is Hila, and she’s a bit of a black sheep. She tends to get herself into a lot of trouble and fall in with a bad crowd (I.e. her lover). She has been known to impersonate her sister (much to the dismay of her brother-in-law Aquaman), and she does not hesitate to attack her family. With the power to control water (identical to her sister), she is a formidable foe that can match Aquaman in skill. Plus, her direct connection to Mera gives her some protection from the full force of our favorite ocean defender. Let’s face it — your wife isn’t exactly going to be happy if you murder her twin, even if she is trying to take over your kingdom and working with your mortal enemies. Family drama isn’t any easier under the sea.

King Shark

This big humanoid shark is such a great villain. The unending appetite of a shark meets the cunning of a man — King Shark is as formidable as he is voracious. As the son of a shark god, he is a ravenous and deadly foe. He was born in Hawaii and is blamed with many deaths in the area — which we have to say is probably a good assumption. Now, you might be saying, “But Gemr! He’s a DC Villain, not just an Aquaman villain!” and to that we say, “Yeah, we know” — but also, he spends most of his time in the oceans, where he often comes across Aquaman, and they spar for control of the waters. He was later forced into the Suicide Squad (no matter what the live-action movie wants you to believe, it was him — and not Killer Croc). And he’s been forced to do “good,” even if he’s mostly uncontrollable. Don’t let this temporary “goodness” fool you, though: he’s shark through and through.

The Dead King

Atlan (aka The Dead King) was the first and greatest king of Atlantis. He built the city atop the waves and developed it into the utopia it was seen to be. Through his rule, the city flourished — but he was betrayed by his brother and his people. They murdered everyone close to him, and Atlan was hunted across the world. He forged the great artifacts of Atlantis while he fled, and upon his return, he used them (and his incredible strength) to sink the city. It is through his will that Atlantis became an underwater civilization. The Xebel and the Trench recognize him as the true king of Atlantis and side with him above all others — leaving Aquaman in a precarious position. He can control ice and…well, he’s pretty much undead. He is one of Aquaman’s greatest foes as this dead king directly questions his right to rule.


Also known as the mother of monsters, Naliajuk is the demon goddess of the Inuit tribe. Naliajuk, much like Triton, is a figure from actual mythology and plays with aspects of her mythological personality. As a goddess, she’s incredibly powerful and a dangerous foe to square off against — but Aquaman doesn’t flee from trouble. If being an immortal goddess was not enough, she commands an army of carnivorous sea creatures and has teamed up with many of Aquaman’s worst enemies. Her skills are second to none and she never tires of thwarting her foe. She is a powerful goddess and a villain who won’t quit.

Karaku, The Volcano God

The godly fire beast is a newer addition to Aquaman’s villains, but he is a fierce foe. Karaku lives within the volcano in the paradise of Pacifica. The monster is hailed as a god by the locals and that gives him power. He sleeps beside fire trolls who follow his commands and when he stands, he is taller than a volcano. To keep him at bay, the villagers make a  sacrifice whenever he asks. Their leader also uses the staff of storms to keep him passive — but if he is not fed, he awakens and becomes a destructive force of nature. Let’s be real: he’s a living volcano. It’s kind of hard to beat that kind of firepower (we crack ourselves up). If he were to escape the realm of Pacifica, he would be a major threat to the world.

The Fisherman

Yes, he has a silly name, but don’t let that fool you — The Fisherman is a really interesting villain. The Fisherman is a thief who specializes in stealing high tech items and selling them on the black market. Though he has died, The Fisherman’s name is not tied to one body. The title is passed down from person to person (think the Dread Pirate Roberts, but less fun). But the hood that hides the face of The Fisherman is not a not a fashion choice. It’s not a hood at all! The iconic hood is a Xenoform Parasite. This parasite instills deep fear into its victims and takes control of their mind and body. We think that having your mind stolen and your body controlled makes this silly named villain much more sinister, and therefore he belongs on this list just as much as every other villain.


No villain is more dangerous than the son of a god. Triton is the son of Poseidon and he claims the seas as his divine right. The only way to really kill him is to stop all worship, as worship makes him unkillable. Thankfully, though, you can destroy his physical shell. When the god found out Aquaman claimed some dominion of the seas, he challenged him. Aquaman knew Triton couldn’t be killed — not really — but he agreed to the challenge. In the end, Aquaman was victorious in destroying the god’s body — but Poseidon decreed no mortal could see a god suffer defeat. When Poseidon came to collect his son’s essence, he blinded Aquaman. Sure Triton didn’t deal the final blow, but the effect should be enough to tell you that even fighting Triton is a bad idea. You can’t kill him, and if you do manage to destroy his body his dad will show up and take out your eyes.

The Trench

The Trench are the embodiment of those creatures that call upon our fear of the deep sea. There are places so deep and so dark, we can never go. The Trench rise from these places with one thought — feed. They are a cannibalistic underwater race not above eating their own fallen brethren — or anything that happens to be in the water. They seek to gather food to feed their queen and her children. The Trench are relentless and have no empathy — which makes these fanged monsters an endless tide of vicious monsters. The unending hunger makes them as ravenous as zombies (and just as persistent). The way they rise from the deepest parts of the ocean is bone tingling. There are few things more unsettling than the deep dark ocean — and the Trench gives that darkness life. This truly is one of the greatest foes Aquaman has faced, and we can’t wait to see if the rumors are true. We would love to see them adapted into the Aquaman movie.

Written by Gemr
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