We spent the weekend at Toy Fair 2019, and WOW are we excited for pretty much everything coming out! We have been squealing like teenagers over all the cool stuff our favorite brands will be releasing. While some of it is still very “hush hush” (trust us, you’re going to be stoked), there’s a whole bunch we’re allowed to scream about from the rafters – -and we’re going to! Needless to say, we are ready to part with every penny in our wallets to get ahold of our favorites. With a LOT of effort, we managed to narrow it down to what we consider the ten best collectibles we saw at Toy Fair 2019!

10. Diamond Select Episode 8 Luke Skywalker Mini Bust

Diamond Select had a bunch of great reveals at their booth this year, but none made us quite as happy as seeing their take on Episode 8 Luke Skywalker. We know the Star Wars fandom is very divided on The Last Jedi (and let’s face it, no one bashes on itself quite as hard as the Star Wars fandom), but this figure truly represents of the power of Luke Skywalker. It reminds us of his journey and his decision to come back from seclusion. Like Yoda and Obi-Wan before him, he disappeared into the wilder areas of space and only came back when the Force needed him the most. This statue is on our must get list once it releases.

9. Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah

We knew that with the upcoming release of Godzilla: King of Monsters, we would see some fantastic figures, and there were none we were more excited about than the S.H. MonsterArts line. This King Ghidorah is bigger than it looks and gleams with an incredible metallic gold paint job. You know its articulation is going to be incredible since it’s coming from Tamashii Nations, and we can’t wait to add it to our Kaiju Collection.

8. NECA Pennywise

Choosing our favorite figure from NECA is always a challenge — their stuff just keeps getting better — but we’ve been dying to see what’s next for Pennywise. This reveal has us dancing. From the red balloon to the perfectly sculpted expression, we’re ready float NECA some cash and own it now. If you haven’t collected any of the NECA Pennywise stuff yet, now is the perfect time to start — because this upcoming figure is going to be a killer collectible.

7. Comic Cave Studios Iron Man

We have to admit, we hadn’t heard of Comic Cave Studios before Toy Fair, but they’re now firmly on our “brands to watch” list. Just look at this Iron Man! It seems as good, if not better, than many of the big brands out there. He comes with more hands than we can handle (we crack ourselves up). He also comes with plenty of blast accessories, for whatever mood you’re in, and he lights up. Our favorite part is that he’s packaged beautifully, so in-box collectors can see this Marvel Hero and all his accessories without ever removing him from his cardboard home.

6. Living Dead Dolls The Shining: The Grady Twins

There are sooooo many amazing Living Dead Dolls coming out in the coming months. Seriously, so many. They are all so ghoulishly good, we couldn’t narrow it down to just one — so we chose the Grady Twins! These creepy kids are perfectly suited to the sweet-faced style of the dolls. Living Dead Dolls have pulled all the twins’ creepiness from the silver screen and packed it firmly into these dolls, making them a must-have. We recommend picking up a Jack Torrance to match — but we had to pick a favorite, and the “innocence” of the Grady Twins won out! We can’t wait to play with them forever, and ever, and ever.

5. Mezco one:12 Collective Ghostbuster Box Set

Who you gonna call? Mezco Toyz — to get their Ghostbusters box set! Mezco has been stunning us for a while, and we are avid fans here at Gemr, but this set is topping the charts with things we NEED to own. You get the whole team and a translucent Slimer to catch with your included proton packs. As usual, it’s the little details that capture us. Just look at the care put into their clothes, right down to the tiny working zippers. This set is going to be pricey, but it is definitely worth busting your budget for.

4. KnuckleBonz: Rock Iconz AC/DC Statue

If money talks, we’re going to be using ours to speak about this AC/DC figure from KnuckleBonz. Rock Iconz makes some of the BEST rock statues out there and few bands are more iconic than AC/DC, so when we saw this at Toy Fair, we stopped to stare. For those about to rock, you know you will be snagging one of these Angus Young statues. It’s limited edition, so hunt yours down asap. We hear they are already available for preorder!

3. Banpresto My Hero Academia Deku Statue

We’ve been waiting for awesome My Hero Academia statues for a LONG time, and Banpresto is finally delivering with this impressive Deku statue. We want more, yes, but this is a great start. The sculpt is out of this world, and the pictures hardly do it justice. We have to snag one once it hits the shelves, but for now, we’re waiting on pins and needles.

2. Funko Iron Throne Line

Okay, we know we’ve been trying to keep it to one figure per entry, but this whole set deserves attention. See, Funko has jumped the gun and already put the winner of the Game of Thrones onto the Iron Throne. Don’t get too worked up about spoilers though; they set every possible contender on it! Which means, no matter who wins, you can have a Funko of your favorite possible ruler of Westeros running the show. Sure, they might not be the final victor when all is said and done, but sometimes reality doesn’t matter. Now, keep in mind that this IS Game of Thrones we’re talking about, so we’re pretty sure most of them are going to die — but this way they can live on in our hearts.

1. Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie Realization Honyaku Karakuri C-3PO

Many of us at Gemr have been collecting this line for a while. There are some notable standouts from previous releases, but this year Tamashii Nations gave us a true must have. This golden samurai is the one we’ve been waiting for. C-3PO looks incredible, from his golden painted armor to his silver foot (a very nice detail). The rebel fan and detailed helmet are the finishing touches that make this figure a need to buy. You can bet we will be pre-ordering one to place alongside the rest of our Meisho Movie Realization figures. This has to be the most original design from the line yet, and will display beautifully on our shelf.

Honorable Mentions

Unfortunately, the whole nature of a top ten list means we can’t talk about all the incredible stuff coming out, so we want to make a few quick honorable mentions:

This year three companies are giving us awesome Halloween stuff. Mezco Toyz, Living Dead Dolls, and NECA are all adding Michael Myers figures to their lines, so get ready to slash through your budget if you want to pick up all of them. We’re finally getting high-quality Fortnite figures from McFarlane Toys, which will be a must buy for any fan of the game. McFarlane Toys had yet another solid showing with their Stranger Things line, including the best Demogorgon we’ve seen yet.

Other special mentions go to setups more than individual lines or items — Good Smile and Tokidoki both had some of the most stunning cases to look at on the show floor. For the rest of our photos, check out our Best of Toy Fair 2019 photo gallery on Facebook!

Written by Gemr
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