Step aside Disney Juniors — These Disney Collectibles are Just for the

Golly gee! There’s a time and place for everything, and today we’re indulging the grown-ups in all things Disney. We’ll always be a kid at heart, but these collectibles are for an adult’s taste (and wallet)! We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 collectibles — and experiences — only an adult Disney fanatic would enjoy…or afford (cough). Read on a for a little sprinkling of Disney magic to brighten your day AND your collection.

10. Maleficent Bangle by Alex and Ani

via The Disney Store

Sometimes you wake up feeling like a storybook princess after a 100-year nap. Other days? Not so much….you’re feeling more like Maleficent. Wear your feelings on your wrist with an enchanting bracelet from Alex and Ani. Why should princesses have all the fun? Sometimes the villains need to come out and play. This antiqued silver finish bracelet is for an adult crowd, especially with the accompanying $44.95 price tag. Save the macaroni beads for the kids and treat yo’self.

9. Eyeshadow Palette


LORAC released a limited edition eyeshadow palette inspired by one of Disney’s favorite princesses, Belle! Now you can channel Belle’s strength and wit through charming and aptly named shades of eyeshadow. Can we get a big thumbs up for a matte stone grey shade entitled “Our Guest”? You’ll want to keep it all for yourself, instead of using it up during playtime with the littles in your life, because the 16 shade palette retails for $48!

8. Roseshire Bouquet

via Roseshire

A rose was at the center of Beauty and the Beast and now, thanks to a creative company named Roseshire, roses can be at the centerpiece of your love story! Extraordinary rose bouquets are meticulously hand assembled in one of several Disney themes: purple hued roses for Ariel, iconic yellow and red roses for Magic Hearts (Mickey & Minnie), assorted colored roses for Wonderland, beautiful yellow-pink and fuschia roses for Beauty and Beast, lovely lavender for Aladdin and of course, classic red and white for the Snow White arrangement. Roseshire bouquets don’t come cheap — prepare to hand over between $100 and $200 for a stunning bouquet every Disney fanatic will swoon over.

7. USPS Stamps

These stamps should seriously come with a warning for anyone with small children! These are stamps, NOT stickers! Well, they can be stickers–but at 50 cents apiece, that’s an expensive sticker! Whether you’re jazzing up daily mail or sending a postcard home from a Disney vacation, a sheet of commemorative Disney villain stamps costs a reasonable $10. And we know precisely which villains we’re using to mail our utility bill payments!

6. Emojis for Smartphones

Yeah, this is definitely a collectible for adults! Downloading Mickey’s sweet face requires more than some pixie dust — you’ll need to play a game first to even access the more than 400 emojis. That game is Disney Emoji Blitz (Get it in the iOS app or Google Play store for free). Here’s where the catch comes in and why we’re calling this an adult collectible: dun dun dun… in-app purchases. We’re not huge fans of freemium games– but for Disney emojis? We can make an exception. If you’re not patient enough to play the game and unlock emojis, you can use real life money to purchase in-game gems to, in turn, buy more emojis. We love a good game, and Disney did make some stellar emojis, but Junior could rack up an expensive bill pretty quickly!

5. Cinderella & Prince Charming Cake Topper


Well, the good news is, you qualify for free shipping when you purchase this $144.95 wedding cake topper! Featuring one of the most iconic couples EVER, a cake topper has never been this luxurious! Perfect for the couple celebrating a once in a lifetime romance, there’s no better way to memorialize the big day than with porcelain figure by one of the biggest names in high-quality figurine collectibles, Lenox. Prince Charming and Cinderella are gorgeously hand painted and feature actual platinum details to add a little extra pixie dust magic to your perfect day. And this gorgeous collectible won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

4. Limited Edition Dolls

Move over Barbie, there’s a new doll in town! Prepare to wait in long lines or have the website crash when Disney releases a brand new limited edition doll! Recommended for ages 6 and up, the exquisite dolls don’t come cheap at over $100 apiece. Each doll is carefully crafted and highly detailed in limited editions of about 4,500. We recommend a more mass produced toy for little hands! We’ve linked to a Limited Edition Mulan doll review by none other than Rylan, the Disney Monster, and Gemr Disney Club curator! Rylan is an expert in all things Disney and perfectly describes what makes the Disney Limited Edition dolls so unique!

3. UGGs

Just take our money already! After a long day trekking through the parks, Disney themed Uggs are the perfect cure for tired feet! Disney offers three different styles for the comfortable, classy lady. These crystal encrusted Uggs are conveniently sold at Disney Springs…and inconveniently cost $450. Available with Minnie’s bow or in Mickey’s ears, our favorite is sparkly Tinkerbell! We need a little whimsy in a sea of beige UGGs!

2. Club 33 Memberships

Photo by Joshua Sudock, The Orange County Register

Membership to the private Club 33 is an experience an adult will genuinely appreciate after a long day at crowded Disneyland. However, membership to the quasi-secretive club doesn’t come cheap. After several YEARS on the waiting list, the annual fee for this exclusive eatery is $10,000 a year — plus a $25,000 initiation fee. Oh, and that’s $25,000 per person! You can expect great things at Club 33 like a private dining room and exclusive access to events! This is indeed an experience any Disney fan would be more than happy to collect!

1. Wedding

via Disney Wedding Blog

Speaking of collecting Disney experiences, the ultimate — and only — way to say “I do” like a true princess is with a fairytale wedding at Disney. There’s an entire industry devoted to making your special day perfect with all the magic Disney has to offer. With wedding packages starting at just $3,500 for an intimate ceremony all the way to $$$$ for a grand affair, the sky is limit when it comes to saying your vows at Disney. After all, who knows romance better than the people that brought you happily ever after?

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