The Most Magical LEGO sets have Harry Potter!

Harry Potter is one of those book series that holds a very special place in our hearts. The movies were wonderfully spellbinding, but when you have read the books (again) and seen the movies (also again), you might find yourself wanting a little something more. The great news? LEGO has stepped up and has been making fantastic Harry Potter sets for years! There are a whole bunch of magical sets out there, so we went out and rounded up the ten best sets that every collector needs!

The Knight Bus – 4866

This set is one of the simplest we included in our list, but it’s a favorite here at Gemr. The Knight Bus was such an amazing piece of Harry Potter lore, we know we’d be making a mistake not to include it. The Knight Bus LEGO set makes the triple-decker purple bus look accurate to its movie appearance (including the sass-talking Dre, the shrunken head). The set is pretty modest at 257 pieces and can easily be completed in one sitting. We love all the little details, right down to the chandelier. With The Knight Bus you also get a few minifigures, including Harry, Ernie Prang, and Stan Shunpike! They also included Harry’s trunk and Hedwig. The set is retired so don’t expect it to appear when you hold out your wand. Instead, expect to spend about $164 to acquire a new one!

Dumbledore’s Office – 4729

This set really set the brick high (okay that joke was kinda bad, but we’re keeping it). The Dumbledore’s Office LEGO set is one of the bigger ones from the older series. It commands a decent piece count at 446 pieces. The full set builds the entire tower (including the hidden staircase). The set opens and closes, which makes it feel even more accurate and allows it to be displayed in several ways (if you can bring yourself to remove it from the box). You also get Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, and Harry minifigures to go with it. We just wish that it came with a tiny LEGO Fawkes. If you want to add this important office to your collection, expect to spend about $200 to get one in mint condition.

Hogwarts Express – 75955

This set was just released, but DARN if it doesn’t stupify! The 2018 sets really brought out the big bricks. And by big bricks, we mean accurate and interesting sets to build. This set comes with the Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 ¾, and more minifigures than you can shake a wand at. You get Harry, Hermione, Ron, Professor Lupin, the sweet trolly witch, and a Dementor as your minifigures — which we think is a great assortment. At 801 pieces, LEGO’s really upping the brick count for this set, and it looks pretty darn movie accurate. It’s so new you can still get it at the shelf price of $80 — you can bet we will be adding it to our collection as soon as it comes back in stock!

Diagon Alley – 10217

The Diagon Alley LEGO set came with three buildings, 12 minifigures, three owls, and enough accessories to keep you busy for days. This set is one of those incredible collection pieces that really bring a LEGO world to life. You get Gringotts, Ollivanders, and the sinister Borgin and Burkes. LEGO also included a great cast of characters. The list is insane, but you get Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid (complete with pink umbrella), Fred, George, Lucius Malfoy, Ollivander, Fenrir Greyback, a skeleton, and two goblins! At 2025 pieces, this was no small set — in fact, it’s the biggest on our list! If you want to add these charming wizarding shops to your collection, expect to pay around $380!

The Chamber of Secrets – 4730

This is one of those sets you just have to get for your collection. If you love Harry Potter and you love The Chamber of Secrets, this is LEGO set is for you. At 591 pieces it’s gonna take some work to put it together, but the result is worth it. From the face of Salazar Slytherin to the Basilisk that slides from his mouth, this set has every detail covered. With 5 minifigures, you can recreate just about every scene from The Chamber of Secrets. You get Harry, Ron, Ginny, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Tom Riddle. Not to mention the Basilisk and Fawkes (who are crucial to the set up)! They also threw in Gryffindor’s sword and Tom’s Diary for good measure. This set is incredible, and we love how it commands attention in a collection. You don’t need to speak parseltongue to get one for yourself, just expect to pay around $280 to get it in mint condition.

Hogwarts Whomping Willow – 75953

Another recent addition to the fantastic line of Harry Potter LEGOs! The Hogwarts Whomping Willow LEGO set comes with an incredible Whomping Willow (the branches actually move), the flying Ford Anglia (before it went rogue), and a portion of Hogwarts Castle. These new sets are especially awesome because the pieces of Hogwarts fit together to make one large castle. By releasing them this way, each set can be more detailed while still creating a large, exciting whole! You also get minifigs of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Snape, and Filch. They even included Hedwig (but sadly no Mrs. Norris)! At 753 pieces this is no small set — get ready to spend some time putting it together. The good news is the price tag won’t Whomp you — it’s still in stores and sells for $75!

The Great Hall – 75954

This is another one of the brand new 2018 sets (we know we keep coming back to them, but they are so cool). From the outside, this set is just a section of Hogwarts castle and it connects easily to the Whomping Willow set. But if you turn it around, you are met with a huge area to create incredible Hogwarts scenes. This set has it all: floating candles, Fawkes and the Basilisk, a boat for first-year crossings, and the included tower has the Mirror of Erised. This set has so much going on and then it throws in TEN MINIFIGS! You get Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell, Susan Bones, and Nearly Headless Nick! Then to top it all off, they threw in banners for every house, Hedwig, and Scabbers. At 878 pieces, this set is incredible and worthy of any collection. You can still get it in stores for the magical price of $100! Don’t wait too long, this one is sure to go up fast!

Quidditch Match – 75956

This is the last 2018 set, we promise! The Quidditch Match LEGO set actually includes a tower for each house — so for once, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw aren’t left out! The fact that the keeper moves to block goals makes this set even better. We can’t get over all the little details, from the house mascots on the towers to the teeny tiny snitch piece. This is just so great! It comes with six minifigures: Harry, Hermione, Snape, Oliver Wood, Lucian Bole, and Marcus Flint — for all your Quidditch needs. At 500 pieces, it’s not a tiny set and since it’s new, you can still pick it up for the shelf price of $40!

The Shrieking Shack – 4756

This unassuming set is one of our favorites. The Shrieking Shack LEGO set really captures this bleak structure and fits the mood that the shack should have. From the boarded up windows to the creepy building itself, this set is a must-have. It comes with far fewer minifigs then many on this list, but they are all incredibly solid. You get Harry, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and Werewolf Lupin for your minifigs, but you also get Scabbers, Dog Sirius, and a few other LEGO animals (that aren’t story relevant so we care a little less about them). If that weren’t enough, the set also includes Honeydukes Candy Shop, bringing the piece total to 444. This is a retired set, so expect to spend about $250 to add a new one to your collection.

Hogwarts Castle – 5378

This is one of the oldest sets on our list and we think it’s still one of the best Hogwarts Castle LEGO sets ever released. There have been updated versions, but this one is definitely our favorite. At 943 pieces, it stands apart from the crowd– partly because it’s a huge castle. The fact it includes the herbology greenhouse makes us scream like a mandrake with excitement. At 9 minifigs, you won’t feel like you’re lacking. You get Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Umbridge, and a Death Eater. As an added bonus, you also get Hedwig and a pair of Thestrals (which we think pretty much make the set). Sadly this castle is long retired and finding it is hard (apparition isn’t allowed at Hogwarts after all), so expect to pay around $550 to get your own in mint condition!

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