Harry Potter Magical Creatures come in all shapes and sizes, but only a handful can claim to be the best.

The world of Harry Potter has quite a lot more than witches and wizards. The world of our favorite wizard is also full of all manner of monstrous and marvelous magical creatures. Some are terrible, and others are loveable. What we are forced to accept is there are too many to love them all. With that in mind, we went out and rounded up the 10 best magical creatures in the Harry Potter Universe and have brought them here in one place for you.


These greedy little treasure hunters didn’t come about until Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and we don’t even care. The adorable little mole-like beast is a delightful kleptomaniac and charming addition to the critters that roam the Harry Potter universe. While they can be troublesome and don’t know when to quit, it’s effortless to fall in love with their mischief. We hope they continue to appear in sequels and get up to all manner of hijinks.


To us, the Dementors are one of the most horrific creatures in the entire Harry Potter canon. Their only purpose is to steal hope and leave people with nothing but misery. They drift like ghosts but are corporeal enough to touch, and in many ways, we are glad for the black shrouds that hide them — we can only imagine the thing underneath is too horrible to describe. They are the keepers of Azkaban — the worst wizarding prison in the world. They are so effective at stealing hope and joy that only one man has ever escaped, and that was only because he spent most of his time in his Animagus form.


The Occamy is another fantastic beast from Fantastic Beasts. The Occamy fascinates us because it grows and shrinks to fit the space that it inhabits. This beautiful, winged serpent could quickly become a huge problem if left to its own devices in a large area (let’s say a gymnasium, for fun). They also can be a small inconvenience if one takes up residence in your teapot. Either way, these incredible creatures are one of the strange things that inhabit the world of Harry Potter.


Before Harry Potter, the only people who knew of the existence of Hippogryphs were Dungeons and Dragons players. Harry Potter brought them to life with incredible mannerisms and interesting interaction. Having Hippogryphs expecting respect is a beautiful way to show that a creature powerful enough to kill a student (much like a real horse) can be tamed with kindness. Buckbeak is an incredible example of such a beast and helps the trio several times throughout the story, making him an invaluable member of the team — even if he only appears when they really need him.


Okay, so we wouldn’t call something that shows you your worst fears a positive thing, but it sure does make a cool magical creature! Nothing in the Harry Potter universe is quite as unnerving as a Boggart. Just by seeing you they know your most deeply rooted, darkest fear and they will use it against you. Even you-know-who would find himself unnerved by the mere sight of the creature. Thankfully, there is an easy spell to repel the beast, and with practice, it could serve to help you conquer your fears. While this might not be a pleasant creature, it definitely makes the list.


The second winged equine to make our list (though Hippogryphs are half eagle), this is one of the more dour creatures in the Harry Potter universe. The Thestral can only be seen by those who have been close to death. These skeletal winged horses draw the chariots at Hogwarts that take students to and from the Hogwarts Express to the castle. They are frightening in appearance, but kind in temperament which makes them great assets to any who can see them, and harmless to those who can’t.


The serpent-like monster that guards the chamber of secrets is a strong contender for the coolest monster in the series (though this is about magical creatures and thus monstrosity is not a judgeable characteristic). The Basilisk has a gaze which will kill a man, and if seen indirectly, will petrify them. The whole of Hogwarts was designed in part to allow this massive creature to roam and kill as it pleased (thanks Salazar, great addition). It also has a deadly bite, and its venom will easily kill even an accomplished witch or wizard.


Alright, we don’t like spiders. We are 100% with Ron. They creep us out. So when you have a giant, talking, magical spider to contend with and its giant brood? Well, we would nope the heck right out of there so fast we would only leave a comical cartoon dust cloud. Joking aside, these things are incredibly cool. They are rare and intelligent. Sure, they aren’t kind or well-meaning — but they can reason and think on a level most magical creatures only dream of. While we don’t really approve of the shape (too many legs) we absolutely love the idea!


Look, dragons were cool before Harry Potter. That’s obvious. But Harry Potter introduced us to a lot of new species we’d never even considered. From the Chinese Fireball to the Norwegian Ridgeback. Each design is different and regionally appropriate. The idea that there are so many species of dragons is fantastic. We wish (and also don’t) that any one of these breeds were real. Mostly we just want dragons.


About the most useful creature in Harry Potter is the Phoenix. Nothing else has as many uses and possibilities. The feathers are used in wands, its tears can be used to heal any wound — even basilisk venom — and it can carry great weights on its tail feathers, even though it is not a huge bird by any means. Not to mention the fact that every time it ages to the point it would die, it simply molts and then burns to ash where it is reborn. Such a creature is rare and incredibly valuable. There is only one wizard whom we know owns such a magical and rare beast — and that is Dumbledore himself. While other magical beasts make the list, the Phoenix, through its versatility and incredible abilities, is crowned the best magical creature in the Harry Potter Universe.

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