Everyone likes a little laughter to go along with their screaming…right?

As humans, we like to be scared. There is something in our very nature that makes us love the thrill of being afraid. That’s why we flock to horror movies by the millions to feed that part of us that loves the adrenaline rush. However, a lot of horror movies take themselves far too seriously. They forget that they can have a little fun while still creeping us the heck out — but that’s where horror-comedies come in.

We have good news for all you scare-a-holics — we went down into the basement and dug up the 10 best horror-comedy movies you can watch and collected them here for you. Grab your popcorn and a blanket, because it’s time to binge until your eyes bleed. Mwahahaha.

Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Not really a creepy movie, which is why it sits at the bottom of the list. Sure there are scary moments in Warm Bodies, but this is more of a rom-com than anything else. This makes it double as a date movie (for those of you who have trouble getting your significant other to watch creepy stuff, you’re welcome). It’s told from the perspective of “R,” a zombie member of the apocalypse. The movie is one of the few where there is a cure from zombiism and the real threat is not the zombies (of course they are a threat — they’re zombies after all), but bonies (zombies who have completely lost their humanity and have shed their skin). “R” finds love, brains, and a heartbeat in this strange and fun new look at the zombie trope. We have to say this movie is a shambling good time.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

The only musical to make the list, and there is a good reason it’s here. Seymore and the woman of his dreams, Audrey, who is dating an abusive dentist, work at a flower shop in a bad neighborhood. To keep the shop from closing down due to lack of business, Seymore brings in an unusual plant that he bought from a chinese flower shop during a solar eclipse (because that sounds safe) to place in the window. When the plant begins to die, Seymore accidentally pricks his finger and finds out that the plant, which he named “Audrey II” needs blood to survive. The plant ingests more and more blood until it begins to speak (and then sing — this is a musical, folks), and convinces him to murder in exchange for fame and fortune. The Little Shop of Horrors is born. The rest… well you’ll have to watch.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein

A Mel Brooks classic, and if you haven’t seen it, you need to. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced Fronken-steen) is a professor in the United States who studies the brain. He is a direct descendant of the infamous Victor Frankenstein but wants nothing to do with his legacy. That all changes when he inherits his great-grandfather’s castle and travels there to examine the property. That’s where he meets Igor (pronounced Eye-gore) and proceeds to try to unwind the mystery that was his grandfather. Eventually, this young Frankenstein discovers his grandfather’s journals and decides to take up the family business of reanimating corpses.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Tremors


Something deadly is happening in Perfection, Nevada (why is it always those tiny, isolated towns you have to watch out for?). This cute little desert town is beset by horrifying underground monsters which, of course, start killing people pretty darn quickly. Valentine “Val” McKee and Earl Basset work as the town handymen. They discover the creatures and end up on the front lines trying to get the townsfolk to safety. Tremors takes a campy look at small desert towns and the people who might live there and throws in some horrible sand monsters for good measure. It also has Kevin Bacon, which is always an added bonus.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: The Selling

The Selling of Scarry Manor

Do you ever wonder how those haunted houses you keep hearing about get sold? Well, someone has to do it. A too-honest-for-his-own good real estate agent, Richard Scarry, gets saddled with a very haunted house and has to sell it before it ruins his life. The movie does a great job of being hair raising and full of great laughs. From trying to stage a house that keeps stacking the furniture, to giving tours while the walls bleed, this movie really nails the struggle of an average Joe trying to take on a pack of ghosts. It has a quirky, campy humor that makes this indie flick a great addition to any horror comedy movie list.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: What we do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows

This mockumentary followed the wave of vampire hysteria that came with the Twilight crowd. While many horror authors and directors swore off vampires for a while, What We Do in the Shadows decided to take a look into what REAL vampires might do in their spare time (news flash: it’s not hanging out in women’s bedrooms watching them sleep). What We Do in the Shadows doesn’t take itself too seriously and introduces a group of vampires that feels like they could be inhabiting the house down the street. If you’re looking for a reprieve from all the darkness that haunts traditional horror movies, this is the perfect, slightly spooky, uproariously funny film.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

What happens when a couple of rednecks get mistaken for serial killers by a group of college kids? A lot of accidental murder, that’s what. This movie makes you feel for Tucker and Dale as they attempt to remedy a situation that is going downhill quickly. They just bought their “dream getaway” — a tiny, run-down, lakefront cabin. They’re trying to repair it and keep getting interrupted by this group of hapless college kids, who keep assuming that the pair is trying to kill them. The movie is equal parts creepy and funny.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

This movie is smart, scary, and has incredible monster design (all of our favorite things). A group of friends leaves on a getaway to a cabin in the woods (wow, that title was a stretch, wasn’t it?). Little do they know, their fun vacation is actually being orchestrated by a shadowy organization. The cabin lures them into a basement where they are met with a horrifying array of irresistible objects. Watched without their knowledge, they’re slowly led to their own demise. This movie thoroughly turns the “alone in the woods” trope on its head and brings about a dark new twist to both the slasher and monster movie scene. And we really appreciate the mermaid — even if it only shows up for about ten seconds.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Sean of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

This is a quintessential horror-comedy. Sean of the Dead took itself just seriously enough with its deadpan British humor and relatable characters. Sean is an average guy who messes up by falling into a dead-end life and loses his girlfriend, all while the world ends around him. He is so oblivious, he manages not to notice the zombie apocalypse happening until it is literally inside his home. The whole thing manages to make zombies both funny and also still as scary as, as… well, the undead.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Zombieland


Another movie that takes zombies, somehow makes them funny and is also really scary. Mad cow disease mutated into mad person disease, which then turned into mad zombie disease — we think that’s a pretty believable premise as far as zombie concepts go. In the post-apocalyptic hellscape, survivors are struggling to stay alive. Columbus (our main character) does so by basically being afraid of everything. He meets Tallahassee, a twinkie-obsessed seasoned zombie killer who agrees to travel with him. While Zombieland is primarily about people (and hilarious), it never forgets to scare you along the way.

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Image of Best Horror Comedy Movie: Beetlejuice


Seeing as it’s the 30th anniversary of this classic film, how could we not put it at the top of our list? Oh yeah — and Beetlejuice deserves it, obviously! Barbara and Adam Maitland are stuck haunting their old home when the Deetz family moves in. The problem? The Maitlands don’t particularly like their new roomies, so they set out to scare the family away. When their attempts fail, they summon the miscreant “bio-exorcist” Beetlejuice. As you might expect, they quickly regret their choice, and things quickly spiral out of control that culminates in a dinner party gone awry, an accidental exorcism, and an almost wedding. Beetlejuice is definitely a movie you better get to watching soon… Oh, no… we said his name three times!

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