Babies are Awesome When You’re Binging the Best Rugrats Episodes!

We are as excited as Tommy with Mr. Boppo! With a highly anticipated reboot coming soon, it’s safe to say we have Rugrats fever. So we’ve been binging all our favorite episodes! We thought it would be great to share our top 10 best Rugrats episodes with you, so you too can get ready. We might be biased as 90’s kids, but we think that if the reboot lives up to even one of the episodes on our list, it will be a huge success. Nickelodeon has been bringing back a lot of their old shows to great fanfare, but this is the one we (and we bet you) are most excited for. Just try not to get the theme song stuck in your head — because it sure is stuck in ours.

Reptar On Ice

Okay, this is one of the sillier episodes to come out of Rugrats. Who else would put a giant monster on ice and have it fall in love with a woman to music? It really fit the weird habit the nineties had of putting anything and everything on ice. It was a great satire — though we didn’t realize it as kids. The addition of babies was perfect and very funny.

The Wild, Wild West

Angelica pretty much never does the right thing. Sure, sometimes she is a bit nicer — but overall, she’s pretty much the worst kid on the block. When she steals coupons for free ice cream and refuses to share, it’s up to Susie and the babies to catch her and bring peace to the land. In a game of cowboys and outlaws, they chase her across the park to bring her to justice. Angelica never learns, but in the end, everyone gets ice cream.

What Big People Do

As a kid, it was always fun trying to figure out what your parents did all day. This episode gave kids an idea into what exactly goes into adulting. Hearing someone is a “paper pusher” turns into actually pushing paper. Every job is broken down into what a child hears, and it’s a blissful ignorance we wish we still had. And then there is Angelica — who teaches the babies the horrors of a bad boss a little sooner than necessary. It will really take you back, and it’s a must watch for any Rugrats binge.

The Inside Story

If you were a kid in the nineties you remember that every show had that one episode where they shrank down and went inside someone else’s body. It was a staple of nineties TV, and Rugrats was sure as heck not going to ignore it. So when Chuckie eats a watermelon seed, they go inside him to stop it from growing — well, the babies do. Angelica goes in to make it grow. This is a can’t miss episode; not just for how good it is, but also the nineties nostalgia it brings in spades.

The Mega Diaper Babies

With superhero movies currently in their heyday, this episode fits right into our current cultural lexicon. We are huge superhero fans as well as Rugrats fans here at Gemr, so when Angelica stole the babies’ action figures, we knew it was on. The babies have to become superheroes to get them back — and honestly, we would feel the same if someone laid a hand on our collections! This episode is a wonderful adventure with heroes, babies, and doing what’s right.

Moving Away

Moving is one of those really hard facts of life. It’s such a big thing for kids, Disney Pixar made a whole movie all about it. But Rugrats did it first. When Angelica finds out she’s going to move away, Tommy tells the babies how they first met. It’s heartfelt, even if Angelica is the same pain in the neck she always is. Even though she doesn’t actually end up moving (Darn it, Jonathan!), the episode shows why Tommy considers his somewhat terrible cousin a friend.

The Turkey Who Came to Dinner

Making friends with food is never a good idea, but when Tommy befriends his Thanksgiving turkey, he sets out to save him from becoming dinner. With turkey on the menu and not much time, he and the other kids set out to save this lucky bird’s life. This episode is touchingly sweet and full of all the intrigue you could possibly want. It’s one of our personal favorites and we recommend watching it as a tradition every Thanksgiving.

Home Movies

Sometimes parents do things that are more than a little boring. When Stu puts on home movies of the family trip to the Grand Canyon, the babies and Angelica sneak off to make their own instead. By drawing on the back of Drew’s reports, they create their own stories. The best part about this is they animate the children’s drawings, so it feels like a kid actually drew it. The whole thing is delightfully whimsical and is a perfect episode to watch when you want something a little different.

Kid TV

Sometimes adults do stupid things, like break the TV in a fit of rage. Okay, so that’s a bit more aggressive than we condone here at Gemr — but it gave us this great episode, so we’ll let it slide this time. This episode feels very Calvin and Hobbes as the kids create their own TV with a cardboard box. All the shows they imagine are fantastic, and it’s an enjoyable romp with the Rugrats.

Little Dude

Didi brings Tommy to school and as usual, he wanders off. He makes friend with a rebellious biker and becomes the “little dude.” This episode featured only Tommy, and he quickly became the coolest baby in the world. We love this episode for its quirky teenagers…and the baby in sunglasses.

Written by Gemr
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