In a Galaxy of Dangerous Star Wars Creatures, Some Rise to the Top

The world of Star Wars is full of critters of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are cute and cuddly (who wouldn’t want to hug a Porg?), while others are downright nasty. We’re huge Star Wars fans here at Gemr, and recently we got into a giant debate over the “best” Star Wars creatures. Eventually we came to a consensus (although we can’t promise it didn’t devolve into name calling before that) on the 10 best Star Wars creatures.

You might notice that this list contains mostly dangerous beasts, and we have a very good reason for that: we just think they’re cooler. We also excluded any sentient bipedal race (sorry Yoda) and droids (because they aren’t really creatures). So, with that in mind, get ready for some of the best creatures Star Wars has to offer.

Vulptex: The Last Jedi

Sure, these little creatures were more helpful than aggressive, but they are so cool they deserve a spot on this list. Big foxes covered in jagged crystals? Give us ten! These Star Wars creatures make the salt-filled hellscape of Crait feel a little more…alive.

Wampa: The Empire Strikes Back

The Wampa is such a quintessential monster in the Star Wars universe, did you really think you could get out of this article without seeing it? The thing nearly offed Luke Skywalker, something not even the Emperor could do, and therefore it has our mad respect. We recently found out that apparently Mark Hamill is still upset — 40 years later — that in the final cut Luke ends up dismembering the Wampa. Apparently he was told that he would just singe its fur. He felt that Luke wouldn’t believe in cruelty to animals…even ones that were trying to kill him.

Dionoga: A New Hope

The trash compactor monster is one of the most unsettling things to come out of A New Hope. Something that can live in that filth, and still eat you? We’ve got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. We don’t ever want to meet one (and we absolutely don’t want to smell one). After all, they are often referred to as “garbage squid.” Who knows how long that tentacled horror has been living in the trash of the Empire? And more importantly, do they come standard on all Imperial starships?

Opee Sea Killer: The Phantom Menace

The only thing scarier than this giant crab fish was how bad the dialogue was in this scene. We hesitated to put anything from The Phantom Menace on this list (we’ll save the debate for another time), but this thing was so creepy, we just had to include it. Between the prehensile tongue and the size, this thing filled us with dread — and filled our pants with…let’s just go with dread again. Some will try to tell you that the Sando Aqua Beast is better (it’s the bigger fish, after all), but in this case, size isn’t everything.

Nexu: Attack of the Clones

The Arena fight scene was one of the best parts about Attack of the Clones— there. We said it. The Nexu was a Star Wars monster that asked the question no one wanted the answer to: what happens when you hybridize a cat and a spider? Well, we have our answer and it has too many teeth — wayyyyyy too many teeth. Sure it’s a prequel monster, but that doesn’t make it bad. We think it makes it better — it came out of a pretty terrible place and still wound up awesome.

Space Slug: The Empire Strikes Back

This asteroid-dwelling mega slug is no friend to spaceships — not that many pilots are crazy enough to try to fly through one (though we all know a few scruffy looking nerf-herders who might try). This deep space giant is not a beast we want to encounter. We recommend leaving this monster well and truly alone.

Sarlacc: Return of the Jedi

The most dangerous hole in the ground you’ve ever seen! The Sarlacc is so treacherous that most people avoid it like… well, the Hutts. Who, coincidentally, are the same people who would introduce you to a Sarlacc pit in the first place. This giant monster is made even more dangerous by the horrifying notion that falling into one isn’t an immediate death sentence. It takes 1000 years to be digested, which is why Jabba liked to use it as a way to prolong the suffering of his enemies. Bonus points that this toothy hole took out Boba Fett (or not, it’s up for debate).

Rancor: Return of the Jedi

It doesn’t get bigger or badder than the Rancor when it comes to the category of  ‘hostile land monster.’ Another favorite of Jabba, this goliath murder beast’s squashed face and huge claws makes it easy to see why it’s on this list. Thankfully, the only one we know about was taken care of by Luke — but if there’s one, there are definitely others somewhere out there.

Rathtar: The Force Awakens

Only the second monster from the newest installments to make the list, the Rathtar had a very short appearance, but it made good use of that time to wreck some serious havoc. Even Han Solo admits he had a bigger crew before he took them onboard. They’re used as a distraction, but honestly, we don’t know how anyone would ever win a fight with these things. With so many tentacles and teeth, and so much speed, there is little doubt that this thing is an apex predator.

Acklay: Attack of the Clones

Another monster from the prequels — but we can’t help it; a great creature is a great creature, and this guy is about as creepy as they come. The story is that Lucas asked for something that was a cross between a praying mantis and a velociraptor, and the Acklay was the result. It scurries, it bites, it stabs. This thing checks all our boxes for maximum NOPE factor. Sure, it’s not the biggest of the Star Wars creatures, and it wouldn’t be the most painful death, but it’s still one of the most dangerous combinations we’ve ever encountered. We strongly advise avoiding an encounter at all costs.

Written by Gemr
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