The yearly Ugly Sweater Parties are here, and we don’t want you to show up empty-handed. Plenty of people are going to show up in some hideous tree, or a present that actually opens, or some other assortment of terrible life choices. But we want you to be able to show up and represent your favorite fandom — and still have something hideous enough to win with.

We dug around the internet, and eventually, we found our ten favorites — completely hideous sweaters to show off your love of your favorite film or show, and still maintain the theme. So join us as we wrap up the holidays and find sweaters worthy of busting out long after the decorations come down.

Bob Ross

Happy trees have a place in your home even after the holidays. No one will question your love of the most supportive painter who ever lived. No time is a bad time for Bob Ross. Bob has a special place in our hearts, and we won’t judge you if you give him a special place on your chest. Turn yourself into a masterpiece and wear it every day of the week to remind you that we’re all a work in progress.

Rick and Morty

We know from spending time with our families that the holidays don’t have to be appropriate (and often get out of hand). This Rick and Morty sweater represents all of that and more. We wish that when we hit the nog too hard that this rainbow was the result. Sadly, we’re not that magical — but this sweater is! So grab one and show off your love for the most nihilistic show on tv! Nothing says warm winter wear like Morty vomiting a rainbow and himself!


You won’t need to summon the goblin king for people to know he has no power over you. A sweater goes a long way in showing how hard you’ve fought to find the things you care about — like a Labyrinth sweater! Sarah had the strength to make her ways through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, beyond the goblin city– and you have the strength to put on this ugly sweater and proudly declare your love of Jim Henson! Perhaps it will help you make some new friends along the way. Don’t fall to pieces with excitement. Just pick one up.

Stranger Things

We hear the Upside Down is cold– or at least it looks it. We bet the Demogorgon wishes it had a sweater this cool. Warm it up here or in the upside down with a sweater showing off all things right — and wrong– with Hawkins! Sure, it says Merry Christmas, but who cares? Wear this Stranger Things sweater all year and keep nice and toasty warm. We don’t know if it protects against Demodogs, but we’re willing to find out!


Smash expectations with this incredible sweater! People expect ugly sweaters to show their favorite holiday things…well, sometimes your favorite things are giant monsters crushing cities (we know ours are). Not everyone is happy with trees and candles, especially when they would rather be spending the holidays curled up and watching their favorite Kaiju destroy anything he wants. Nothing makes us happier than the king of monsters, and we know you will be so glad to wear him too.

Freddy Krueger

Perhaps your taste in ugly sweaters is a little spookier. We found something for that too! Sure we could get away with lights or bows, but this will keep your friends and coworkers up at night. Santa isn’t the only one waiting for you to go to sleep. Tug on this ugly horror sweater and bring yourself a little more holiday cheer as you deal with the nightmare of navigating the holidays.

The Walking Dead

Do you ever feel like people turn into walkers around the holidays? That slow trudge through shops and traffic just makes you feel like you’re losing your humanity. Well, remember, you can be a survivor instead of joining the ranks of the undead. Pull on a Walking Dead sweater and show the mindless holiday ranks that you aren’t going to go down without a fight! It comes complete with a lot of tiny crossbows — too bad they’re made of yarn.

Star Trek

It’s time to Trek the halls with a Federation Starship — and all your favorite TOS things! Getting yourself a Star Trek sweater is only logical, after all. Even a Vulcan would agree. There is no five-year mission to find one either. There are plenty out there, but this one is our favorite. But be careful: we find that Star Trek sweaters are like Tribbles…once you have one, you tend to end up with more.


There are plenty of great ugly Marvel sweaters out there, themed to every character and movie. But we have to say, this Spider-Man sweater is our favorite. Not only is Spider-Man swinging into the holiday spirit, but he can also light up the party. Literally. The lights he has thwipped actually light up. Be dazzling all winter long and rep the most iconic Marvel hero ever!

Star Wars Chewbacca

It’s just about Life Day and — nope, we’re sorry. We can’t even joke about Life Day. We’re still deeply scarred by the Star Wars Holiday Special. Why didn’t they add subtitles to all that Wookie? Why are Wookie cooking shows performed in English? Why did Malla need to be taught to make her traditional Life Day dinner by an alien? Who the heck names their kid Lumpy? We have so many questions, and we don’t even want the answers. Look. Let’s just forget about Life Day and enjoy this festive Chewbacca sweater as he struggles with the lights. It’s a classic that you can wear year after year.

Written by Gemr
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