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We’ve searched the universe through time and space and found the most brilliant Doctor Who collectibles money can buy. There’s a little something for everyone on our list; whether you collect the large, the small or the obscure, we’ve got something for you…..if your corduroy pockets are deep enough.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will wish your wallet was protected by Dalekanium! Step inside the Tardis for a list only a madman in a box could come up with.

Lego Assembly Kit #21304

Try your hand at trans-dimensional engineering and construct a Tardis with a control room. This set even includes mini-figs so you can regenerate the Tenth Doctor into the Eleventh Doctor. Don’t worry, even the Impossible Girl will be on hand to help defeat Weeping Angels and Daleks. Yell “Geronimo!” and pick one up for $91 today!

Tom Baker Signed Doctor Who Silhouette Poster

Would you like a jelly baby? You won’t have to travel to Galiffrey to get the Fourth Doctor’s signature. Arguably the most iconic Doctor with his long scarf and manic grin, we’ve got him safely stable behind glass and not at all wibbly wobbly. Getting your hands on this poster won’t be easy; expect to pay at least $150 for the honor.

The Tenth Doctor Tardis Statue

You’d be shouting Allons-y too if you got your hands on David Tennant’s Tardis! It may be only 20 inches tall on the outside, but the inside holds infinite possibilities. Don’t lose the key to this Tardis, because it does cost a pretty penny. The good news is you can still find it for $355.

First Doctor Action Figure

We would fight an army of Daleks to be able to hold a piece of history like this in our hands! Put down your vortex manipulator because the initial incarnation of Doctor Who is upon us. We may never know his name, but we will have all his iconic accessories, like cane, monocle and pipe. Now this is a Time Lord — and for only $370 you can take him home!

Twelfth Doctor Funko POP!, San Diego Comic Con 2015 Exclusive

This Doctor surely has two hearts and a soft spot for River Song. You’d have to search a long time to come across this extremely rare POP! How long? About as long as a night on Darillium. Don’t worry though, we found one for you for only $400.

Doctor Who Gift Set

Get with the programme! If you’re a fan of the newest regenerations, then we’ve got you covered with this set. Immerse yourself in the Whovian universe with a 70-hour long marathon you won’t forget featuring Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. Not enough to convince you to take on the Silence? The set also includes the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. Buy it now for $700, before it disappears through time and space.

Al Hirschfeld’s Limited Edition First Seven Doctors, Hand Signed

Calling all Time Lords and beloved companions! If you’re a fan of the classic Doctors, we’ve got quite a the treat for you — and you won’t need a sonic screwdriver to open it! The iconic first seven doctors are depicted by Al Hirschfeld in a stylized line drawing. Personally signed by the artist, only 150 were ever produced. If you can find one, grab it while you can and run like you’re being chased by Judoons. We haven’t seen one sell for less than $1,500.

Doctor Who: The Lost Episodes: Collection Two: 1965-1966 (Soundtrack Recordings)

What happens when Daleks steal the Time Destructor and the Doctor steals the taranium core? We’ve traveled through timey wimey to bring you the answer! Disastrously lost to the television archives, the soundtrack recordings alone have been preserved and remastered. What happened to the video recordings? SPOILERS! Just kidding, you can find out here. This rare artifact can be yours for an astounding $2,100.

Lungbarrow Written by Marc Platt, Autographed by Sylvester McCoy

The Doctor is no stranger to mystery, intrigue and controversy — much like this novelization by Marc Platt. The somber genius and Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, has even signed this copy. Sadly the only known copy in the universe isn’t in the library (the Vashta Nerada would have it then); it just went for $2,200 at auction.

1992 Pinball Machine

Hold on to your fez, because this is going to blow you away! You normally might not invite the nemesis of The Doctor into your house, but you will when it’s Daleks masquerading as stoppers in a pinball machine! Every race in the known universe would try to get their hands on it if they knew how much it was worth. If you want to bash Daleks with a pinball, get ready to spend the big bucks. You would need $4,000 to get one in your collection.


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