Finding Dory Collectible

Mine, mine, mine. That’s what you’ll be saying after checking out all of these awesome Finding Dory collectibles. Everyone’s favorite little blue fish is back this summer and the items on this list are definitely worthy of making it to your collections!

1. Dory Ornament

We may be far from the holidays, however it’s never too early to get the best ornaments on the shelf. Not only does this one have Dory swimming through the seaweed, but you can hear her too! Sounds like the perfect addition to any collection. Check it out at Hallmark!Finding Dory Collectible

2. Finding Dory “Blind Bags”

You’re going to have to “just keep swimming” through all these blind bags until you collect them all! There are eight of these awesome figures for you to collect including: Marlin, Becky, Hank, Dory, Hermit Crab, Pearl, Sea Otter, and Crush!

Finding Dory Collectibles

 3. Finding Dory Pez Dispensers

Who doesn’t love a good set of Pez dispensers? With this unique set here you receive the three in a fish bowl. The best part? You can use the fish bowl after for a new swimming friend! The set includes Nemo, Dory and a new character Bailey the White Beluga Whale. These seem like an absolute necessity for your collection!

Finding Dory Collectibles

4. Finding Dory Pins

“’Cause we were like, “woaaaah.”, and I was like, “woaaaah.” and you were like, “woaaahh…” we need this set of six pins from Finding Dory. This set includes all our favorite characters new and old. You can get them in 1-inch or 1.75-inches, either way they will be a great addition to any collection or perhaps a great start to a new one.

Finding Dory Collectibles

 5. Dory Plush Tsum Tsum

This may just be the most adorable item on the list. We shall call this Dory Tsum Tsum Squishy, and she shall be our Squishy. Check out this user from Gemr who already has all of the characters and see which one is your favorite!

Finding Dory Collectible

 6. Dory and Hank Snow Globe

Time to shake things up a bit. Here is a Dory and Hank snow globe that you can find at the Disney store.

Finding Dory Collectible

 7. Dory Swimming Action Figure

Check out this awesome Dory action figure that speaks right to you. The figure has nine different phrases to impress you with. If that doesn’t impress you, she also swims when you put her in water! Find more of Dory’s friends to swim with her too.

Finding Dory Collectible

 8. Finding Dory Deluxe Figure Play Set

This play set is amazing with all the different characters included. Let yourself go wild with the full set here!

Finding Dory Collectible

9.  Finding Dory iPhone 6 Case

This iPhone case is no ordinary case; it has liquid in the back so Dory can float around freely. Make sure to grab this one of a kind treasure to add to your special collection.

Finding Dory Collectible

 10. Finding Dory Funko

Finally, this Dory Funko Pop! is a staple for everyone. Check out this Gemr user who already added it to their collection!

Finding Dory Collectible




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