Every Pi fan has a love for an irrational number– and that makes them irrational.

Alright, alright…that was a bit hyperbolic. Not every Pi lover is irrational, just their choice in numbers — and we get it. We can totally understand being fascinated with things that never end. For example, we love The Neverending Story, The Song that Never Ends, and other things that keep going on and on. People who love math are rare, so support your favorite Pi lover’s obsession with some Pi themed gifts for Pi Day!

A Clever Way to Measure Circumference

Does your Pi lover often forget how far Pi goes? Maybe they need an easy way to check that 30th digit. This does all of that and more! Let them measure your affection with this neat little gadget.

Get it for $5

A Mug to Remind Them Not to Overdo Their Pi

We all get a little excited about Pi. Especially on Pi Day. But friends don’t let friends overdo it. There are plenty of calculations that don’t have Pi in the recipe (but all the best ones do!)

Get it for $10

A Cold Pi-nt

Nothing is better than sharing an irrational number of drinks with some friends…well, maybe keep it more of a rational number (or at least have a DD). These glasses will help keep the party going forever — or just until everyone passes out.

Get them for $15

A New Nickname

Is your Pi lover a bit irrational? Do they just go on and on and on sometimes? Well, this shirt can give them the most fitting nickname of all. Let them own their best traits with a rad new shirt.

Get it for $19

A Spoonful of Pi

A cute reminder that a spoonful of Pi can fix just about everything. This cheeky little play on words turns a spoon from an eyebrow raiser to an awesome gift.

Get it for $13

A Delicious Mug

If you can read this, you might be a math nerd! Okay, jokes aside, any math lover will…well, love this! It’s a fun way to include more math in their lives (without actually doing any math). We like that last part the best.

Get it for $12

Proof They Can’t Be Stopped

No one can stop a Pi lover. This shirt gets to the bottom of the issue while showing off the love of a concept as unstoppable as you are.

Get it for $18

A Scarf as Unending as Their Favorite Number

This scarf goes on and on and on. Okay, really it’s just a loop, but this infinity scarf is just as infinite as the number that’s printed on it. There are an endless number of ways to wear it — and that means it’s the perfect gift!

Get it for $22

An Imaginary Argument

Sometimes an imaginary little thing becomes a huge irrational argument, and that is exactly what’s happened in this mathematical tee. Please use caution with imaginary arguments, however — they can go on forever.

Get it for $20

A Pi Pan

This is pretty much the best visual pun we’ve ever seen. We could go on about it all day, but it would be irrational and circle back a lot.

Get it for $25

An Irrational Place To Sit

This teak bench is about the coolest math themed seating we’ve ever seen — okay, it’s the only math themed seating we’ve ever seen. But, if your Pi lover is also a lover of sitting down (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), this is the perfect gift that they will talk about forever.

Get it for $250


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