Most Bootlegs Can’t Live Up To The Original

We all know that every franchise with a giant fandom gets bootlegs, and Pokemon is no exception. Lots of people who don’t have any claim to the creatures want to cash in on that sweet, sweet Pokemon cash. Not all bootlegs quite hit that mark, though. Some are hilarious, while others will haunt our nightmares for years to come. And guess what? We’re introducing you to both today. The way we see it, if we had to look at them, it’s only fair that you do, too.

So head down to that weird little shop that sells everything, and get ready to find some of those strange, cheap knockoffs that prove people will try to sell…well, pretty much anything.


Who’s that Pokemon? To be fair, that blue one in the middle is actually kinda cool, but the rest? Send them back to whatever dark void they came from.

Politic Pat

Everyone’s favorite hero of the hit show…Politic? Hmm…something’s not quite right here. Anyways, Politic Pat and his pals Matty and Broke will be saving the world with an assortment of not terrible, but certainly not great bootleg Pokemon! You know they’re quality pieces because they’re magnetic, right?

Jamaica No Problem

The tiny mouth tells us he knows he’s a bootleg Pokemon (excuse us, Pokyman) and he just doesn’t care. Apparently his stomach also refers to copyright laws.

Cartoon Fairy Ball

There is just so much going on here. They glued sailor moon’s head to Ash’s body (they thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did. Oh boy, we did). Does that Pikachu have a duck bill? Also, is that a W ball? We don’t remember getting one of those in any of the games.

Pocket Monica: Jump-Jupm Chess

We’re pretty sure from the packaging that this is a board game. We aren’t sure if this Pokemon is a Pikachu or a Monica… maybe its name is Monica? There are so many questions here. Just don’t get caught or youbeen kick out.

Flying-petal Monster

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen some janky bootleg Pokemon cards, but man, this holographic one really gets us. Maybe it’s the fact it’s a Soft-grass Magic Baby. No. It has to be the attack: Sleey Powder. Just remember: on heads, opponent magic baby is in coma.

A Very Happy Legend

How can this guy have too many teeth and not enough teeth at the same time? Somehow Rayquaza pulled it off. It went from having a mouth full of sharp chompers… to whatever this is.

Fun Game Predigy Pat

Oh hey it’s our favorite hero Pat again, only this time we’re featuring his enemies. We’re pretty sure the R stands for “rejected.”


She’s seen some stuff. We don’t know what, and we hope to never find out. Also, what is going on with her mouth? Wait, don’t answer that.


A Fun Kiddy Ride!

We think this thing inspires more tears than fun. We can’t imagine any child willingly climbing onto this hell beast. We call him Nightmare-chu and we’re about 90% sure he heralds the apocalypse…for only 25 cents. What a deal!

Written by Gemr
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