Godzilla smashing an Oil Plant

Get Ready To Smash Your Expectations With Some Great Kaiju Gifts

Fans of giant monsters are in heaven about now. With Pacific Rim Uprising coming out and Rampage on the way, it’s shaping up to be a great year, not to mention Godzilla: King of Monsters looming in the distance. It’s prime time to be a Kaiju fan. With all these glorious monster movies to stomp into, we are betting any self-respecting Kaiju fan is ready for some great new giant monster stuff to fill your lair.

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Everyone knows S.H.Monstarts is a great figure line, but we wanted to think outside the box (since a lot of fans wouldn’t take them out of the box anyways). Here are our top ten choices (that aren’t action figures) that are sure to get your favorite kaiju fan to roar with delight.

Godzilla King of Monsters Tee-Shirt

King of Monsters Shirt

We know that if you’re like us, when you watch a Godzilla movie, you’re totally rooting for Godzilla, not the humans. No one will dare question whose team you’re on again when you show up in this monster-ific shirt. We’re pretty sure you’ll roar with delight when you unwrap this shirt.

Get it for $15

Stuffed Animal Kitty Kaiju Gift

Cuddly Kitty Kaiju

Maybe you just need a kaiju to cuddle. We know we do. Well, luckily for us, there is a whole line of adorably snuggable kitty kaiju you can gift. This one is our favorite. They call this one Kokomori.

Get it for $24

A great Kaiju Gift: Godzilla Humidifier

Godzilla Humidifier

The king of monsters has been reimagined as a tiny smoke-spewing water vapor monster instead of a plasma spitting giant. You’ll feel safe from monsters, and a dry throat, with this little guy blowing smoke over you.

Get it for $58

A Godzilla bank stealing a coin

Godzilla Bank

Instead of destroying buildings, Godzilla has taken up a new job…building savings! Smash the button to have Godzilla steal your change. You will love it so much, you’ll have saved enough to buy more monsters before you know it.

Get it for $26

Image of book cover: Kaiju Rising Age of Monsters

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters

Not enough new Kaiju movies coming out for your liking? We get it, there can never be enough giant monsters. How about a book full of stories about a world full of giant monsters? Some of the best monster authors around came together to write about the massive beasts we adore, and it’s just as awesome as it sounds.

Get it for $15

King Ghidorah TY Stuffed Toy

King Ghidorah TY Plush

You might not know this but Ty (yes, the company that made Beanie Babies) released three Godzilla-themed plush toys. Why haven’t you heard of this? Well, probably because they only released them in Japan –which we think is a tragedy, because every kaiju fan should have this golden king in their collection. (They also released Godzilla and Mothra, but Ghidorah is our favorite.)

Get it for $38

Godzilla chasing a stick figure family car window decal

Car Decal

Are you a Kaiju fan who wants to smash a window whenever you see a stick figure family on a car? Well we have a solution for your rage that doesn’t involve vandalism (or the cops). This decal lets Godzilla do the smashing for you! Watch this stick figure family flee in terror from the king of monsters.

Get it for $8

Image of DVD Box for Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014 two pack

Godzilla (2014)/Pacific Rim Double Feature

There is one thing we know here at Gemr: more kaiju always equals more fun. So why not give yourself double the giant monster for double the fun? Godzilla (2014) and Pacific Rim come together for a monster movie showdown like none other. There is only one fight left… which one to watch first.

Get it for $10

Image of Authentic Godzilla mask

Japanese Imported Godzilla Mask

Now YOU can be the King of Monsters! This mask, imported straight from Godzilla’s home in Japan, will let you be the monster himself. Let your inner Kaiju free with this incredible mask.

Get it for $37

Image of adult sized Godzilla inflatable costume

Adult Inflatable Godzilla Costume

Is a mask not enough for you, Kaiju-crazed friend? Let’s take it a step farther. Sure, those T-Rex costumes are all over the internet, but you will be a showstopper when you turn up in a giant inflatable Godzilla costume! You’re pretty much guaranteed to smash through every party and convention you encounter with ease!

Get it for $50


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