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While digging through the Gemr basement, we unearthed some amazing relics. Bionicles — which were a fantastic build with amazing articulation. We miss this LEGO spin-off, even if the reboot didn’t go as well as we hoped. Still, we got to wondering, as we do with all collectibles…what is the most valuable Bionicle out there? So we talked to our resident LEGO addict (an AFOL), who helped us with the details. 

Bionicles were a must-have toy when they launched, and they burned bright for about a decade before they were dropped by LEGO. That doesn’t make Bionicle any less impressive, it just means — like Masters of the Universe and other legends — their memory is kept alive by fans. Like other legendary collectibles, some Bionicles have gained value over the years. They may be out of production, but they are here to stay. Here are the 10 most valuable Bionicles. 

Valuable Bionicles Roodaka

Warriors Roodaka

Roodaka is the only female Bionicle who made our list, and one of the only G1 female Bionicles! She’s totally earned her spot on the list, not just as one of the most valuable Bionicles but as one of the best. Her design is fantastic and complex enough to keep even seasoned builders happy. She has a really unique head and great posability. The set wasn’t a limited release or an exclusive, but it wasn’t as popular as some of the others when it first released — which can surprise collectors, given how well-loved it is now. 

Roodaka’s value has fluctuated a lot, but as many people who did pick her up didn’t keep her in box, she’s gained quite a bit of value. If you don’t care about the box, you can pick her up for about $40, but if you want her mint in box, she can fetch as much as $200.

Valuable Bionicles Brutaka


Another set which wasn’t often kept in box. Most of the time, this Titan is sold loose. At 193 pieces, finding a complete set can be tricky. As always, the articulation is excellent, and we consider Brutaka one of the best Bionicle Titans released. The pearled gold of his armor wasn’t a common choice and made him stand out on a shelf. If you were looking for parts, he offered some less common options, especially with the gold color. 

He originally sold for about $20, but you’d be hard-pressed to find him for so little now. If you want him loose, you can expect to pay about $60, but if you want him mint in box? You could be looking at as much as $245.

Valuable Bionicles Skopio XV-1
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Skopio XV-1

This giant set is worth the cost. The Skopio XV-1 has an abundance of uncommon parts, from yellow armor to treads, which are great if you’re a building collector. Telluris is one of the only Iron Tribe Bionicles ever made, which makes it a pretty unique set. The transformation aspect from walker to tank and the thornax launcher make it stand out in a collection. Telluris himself is a fully posable Bionicle, and the Skopio fits most 2008 Bionicles — just not the warriors. The set originally retailed for about $90, but it has only gone up from there. Now, if you want one, expect to spend as much as $250 to get it new in box or around $115 to find a complete used set. 

Valuable Bionicles Nocturn

Walmart Exclusive Nocturn

This Walmart exclusive has become a rare and hard to find treasure for any Bionicle collector. He had a few interesting things (outside of being an exclusive), which made him stand out — namely, four arms and pieces that glow in the dark. These two things combined to make him a rather unique looking character. His swords look awesome, and his green and blue color scheme is striking. While he has some cool gimmicks, he doesn’t have many unique parts that make him less desirable for builders. But he was made for outright awesome posing. This set is a perfect fit for any Bionicle collector. The squid launcher doesn’t actually work, though it looks like it should, so keep that in mind when considering picking him up. If you want one new in box, you could pay as much as $295; if you want one loose, it’s usually closer to $40.

Valuable Bionicles White Metal Krana-Kal Xa Mask
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White Metal Krana-Kal Xa Mask 1/5000

The Krana-Kal Masks were a part of the Bohrok-Kal sets. As a promotion, they released 5000 white metal Xa masks and 72 of the much rarer sterling silver Xa masks. The white metal mask came in a velvet pouch with a card that showed authenticity. While the rarer sterling silver variety was numbered, the white metal ones were not. Outside of the card they came with, there is no way to know if every single one was found. Due to their limited nature, they are tough to find, and unlike many valuable Bionicles, the set that came with it isn’t important. 

Most of the time, when the White Metal Krana-Kal Mask goes up for sale, it’s going to be just the mask and its authentication card. If you want to add one to your collection, you should expect to pay as much as $300. We haven’t seen the Sterling Silber mask go up in a long, long time, so we have no idea how much one of the rarer pieces might sell for were it to hit the market today. 

Valuable Bionicles Toa Terrain Crawler

Toa Terrain Crawler

Unlike many sets on our list, this one wasn’t a limited release. The Toa Terrain Crawler was a massive set at the time — and had a rather hefty price tag to go with it. At 603 pieces, you can understand an increased price tag, though. You got the crawler, all of its parts, and 10 minifigures. Many people did not pick it up, and it quickly became a hard to find collectible. Many of the sets are open, as is the case with many Bionicles. Finding a set with all its pieces can be tricky. Incomplete or open sets go for about $120, but if you want to get this underwater Rahi in your collection mint in sealed box? Expect to pay as much as $300.

Valuable Bionicles Exclusive Takutanuva
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Toys-R-Us Exclusive Takutanuva 

Okay, so we tried our hardest to avoid fusion sets, as they are more than one set packaged as one — but the Toys-R-Us Exclusive Takutanuva came with a Limited Edition Mask — which is what makes it so valuable. With Toys-R-Us and Bionicle both gone, there won’t be another chance to snag one of these, which has caused the value to continue to rise. You could build Takutanuva with his requisite parts (Takanuva and Teridax), but in doing so, you wouldn’t have the LE mask — which is the most intriguing part of the whole set. That one mask, and the rarity of the set, make this Titan run as much as $350 if you want it mint in box. If you’re okay with getting an out of box model, you’re still looking at around $150.

Valuable Bionicles Inside Tour Gali Mask
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LEGO Inside Tour Gali Mask 1/200

We’ve talked about the Inside Tour before, but in case you’re not in the know, you can tour the LEGO design studio for about $1,500 per person. There is a lottery to see who gets to go, and on average, only 200 people get invited a year. At these tours, they give away a LEGO set, which will never be distributed, and those sets often go four thousands of dollars later on down the line. You can usually make enough on an Inside Tour set to pay back the price of admission. 

So it shouldn’t surprise you that the Inside Tour Gali Mask (of which only 200 were ever made) can sell for an astonishing $1,795. It’s nearly impossible to find this mask for sale, and if you do, you better be willing to pay for such a rare treasure.

Valuable Bionicles 14k Gold Kanohi
via. Reddit User Medfam727

14K Gold Kanohi Hau Mask 1/5

The Gold Kanohi Hau mask is even rarer than an Inside Tour piece, and that takes some doing. The mask was released as a promotion, and it’s rumored that only 13 were made. Of those 13, only 5 were distributed to the public. We’re not sure where the other 8 ended up, or if they will ever resurface. With the Bionicle line canceled (for now) — we can only wonder. 

The 14K Gold Kanohi Hau Mask only differed from the typical Hau mask slightly: two holes are placed on the top of the mask for a necklace chain, so it could be worn like a trophy (but why would you?). The last time we heard of one selling was to Mask Collector — one of the most famous Bionicle collectors out there. We know he spent over $3,000 for the honor, but he won’t say exactly how much. 

Valuable Bionicles Platinum Avohkii

Cartoon Network Toonami Sweepstakes One of a Kind Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light

This is Bionicle history right here. Back in 2003, in the early days of Bionicle, Cartoon Network’s Toonami hosted a Bionicle Sweepstakes. They gave away a giant prize pack of Bionicle toys, Bionicle Nikes, shirts, you name it. But the thing that made this giveaway special was a 3oz Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light. It is one of a kind, and for a long time, it was lost to collectors. The winner chucked it under his bed, played with the toys, and forgot about it. That is until 2014, when the winner found it as he was getting ready to go to college. He decided to sell it — and almost melted it down for scrap. But he saw a LEGO store with a sign saying they buy LEGOs. The winner sold it, and it changed hands for about $4,000, making it the most valuable Bionicle piece ever sold. But that’s not the end of the story.

The new owner went about checking to see if anyone wanted to buy it. Such a rare treasure belonged in the hands of a true collector. He got in touch with Mask Collector — yes, the same collector who bought the Golden Hau — and they negotiated. They road-tripped out and met each other to make the exchange. In a parking lot, Mask Collector handed over $15,000 cash to own this piece of Bionicle history. It was his childhood dream, and he lived it. He set out to own his grail — and unlike many of us, he succeeded. We’re positive that this one of a kind mask won’t be going anywhere for a long time. We are so glad it’s in the hands of a true fan, in a place of honor it deserves. 

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