The Best 90’s Snacks for an extreme decade!

We’ve had 90’s mania over here at Gemr, and reminiscing about all of our favorite Nick 90’s shows reminded us of the snacks we greedily chowed down on every afternoon. No after school viewing session would have been complete without the iconic snacks of the world’s raddest decade. We promise our list tastes like memories! Now that we’re hungry and super nostalgic, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the 10 best snacks of the 90’s!


There was no more visceral snacking experience in the 90’s than slam dunking a kangaroo cookie into a pool of frosting. We spent so many afternoons watching Nick (sooooo many) and wishing we had more — much more — than one teeny inch of frosting per pack. But then again, the small amount never stopped us from eating the frosting straight from the container with our fingers. We aren’t quite sure if Stick Stickly would approve, though!

Fruit by the Foot

Curiously enough, the three-foot-long snack was introduced the same year as Clarissa Explains It All! Coincidence? Probably, but the “fruit” snack (and we use that term lightly because the strawberry flavor doesn’t contain anything even resembling fruit) was perfect for munching on while watching our favorite SNICK shows. Often confused with the (plebeian by comparison) fruit roll-ups, don’t accept any substitutions. If you want to be catapulted back to the 90’s, you need this three-foot-long strip of fruity sticky goodness!


Lunchables are a little too small for a meal, in our opinion. But they were the perfect after-school snack! In 1997, Lunchables came under fire for having a high saturated fat content, leading some parents to question this snack choice for their kids. Personally, we think high-fat content in a children’s snack would be perfect for a segment on Nick News!


Introduced in the very beginning of the 90’s, Gushers became a breakout hit! You could trade almost anything for Gushers in the school cafeteria! Who could resist the thick, sweet liquid G-U-S-H-I-N-G out with every bite! Or maybe it was the totally rad commercial featuring kids’ heads turning into fruit that made the snack so irresistible. Now we’re going to have to track down a pack to nosh on while watching the Double Dare reboot!


Were you really a child of 90’s if you never used Bugles to make claw hands? This corn chip snack was almost too good! We may have, um, accidentally eaten an entire bag while watching Wild Thornberrys…more than once. Can you blame us? They’re the perfect cone shape for slipping onto your fingertips and snack, snack, snacking away!


The 90’s were an extreme time. And extreme times call for extreme candy…like Warheads! Oh wow, do we remember the mouth puckering explosion of extreme sour goodness! Even we’re surprised we’ve survived the competitions over who could eat the largest number of Warheads at once. It probably would have been easier to take on the Aggro Crag on Guts!

Teddy Grahams

Who could resist those deliciously tiny teddy-shaped graham cracker cookies? Well, not many people, because Teddy Grahams became the third best selling cookie of the 90’s! Everyone had their favorite Teddy Graham flavor: honey, cinnamon, fruit punch (?!), or chocolate. Mmmmm…chocolate Teddy Grahams. Now that’s something we remember chowing down on while bingeing cartoons.

Bagel Bites

“Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evenin’, pizza at suppertime! When pizza’s on a bagel,
You can eat pizza anytime!” Everyone remembers the jingle, and probably sang it relentlessly to remind the grown-ups in the house to purchase lots of them. We also sang it while cooking them — it was important.

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks are truly (and literally) a blast from the past! No one could resist the candy that popped in your mouth. Even though that dark urban legend promised instant death to anyone who ate Pop Rocks and drank Coca-Cola, we all still ate wayyyy too much of the stuff. Today, if we were “double dared” to eat a handful while swigging soda, we totally would — well, maybe. We’re adults now and we still get nervous thinking about the combo. But hey, YOLO…right?


Okay, this snack barely made it onto our list since it was released in 1999, but this convenient squeeze tube of yogurt totally made our day! We could take our yogurt on the go — or right to the TV. Just don’t squeeze too hard while laughing or you might end up with yogurt everywhere (can you tell this happened to us?). Still available today, you can enjoy Go-GURT and super nostalgic reruns on Nick and relive some totally tubular (get it?) memories!

BONUS: Capri Sun

You’ll need something to wash down all of these nostalgic snacks — may we recommend a Capri Sun? The iconic pouch made it an instant star…even if getting the straw in was an almost impossible task. Show of hands — how many had parents that just cut the top off the pouch and poured the juice into a glass? No one? Just us? Pro tip: turn it upside down and stab through the bottom instead of the provided hole. It makes life SO much easier.

Written by Gemr
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