Exploring Barbie’s Plastic, Fantastic World

Barbie is a lady who enjoys the finer things in life and by goodness, Mattel has delivered everything a girl could ever want! She can be anything and go anywhere and that’s as true today as it was in 1962 when the first Dream House debuted.

Sit back and relax, preferably in a bright pink sparkly chair, and let us give you a tour of our favorite Barbie playsets over the decades. Some are new, some are classics but all are terrific and provide hours of fun. But don’t forget — dolls and batteries not included! Let’s get started, shall we?

10. Dream House 1962

Bab’s mid-century modern Dream House is just swell! You’ll have a ball with this self-assembled cardboard set. By golly, it even comes in a carry case for fun on the go! Mattel has re-released the mod playset so you too can get your greedy little hands on this yellow and pink plaid beauty. It even comes complete with a console TV and Hi-Fi stereo so Barbie can get her groove on.

9. Kelly Kiddie Coaster Playset

Hey! Save some fun for Barbie’s kid sister, Kelly! She may be an ankle biter, but she wants to have a good time, too! Introducing the Kelly Kiddie Coaster Playset! Phew, try saying that three times fast. Since 2001, Kelly and her friends have had a blast riding the Ferris Wheel and roller coaster. There’s even a full snack stand with Nestle Crunch bars and popcorn! Snacks and TWO rides? What more can you ask for?

8. Victorian Dream House with Elevator

Not to be confused with any other Dream House, THIS one comes with an elevator! You can’t expect Barbie to climb to the top of the stairs when she can ride a motorized elevator in style now can you?! This is one of the rare playsets that already comes fully assembled. As promised, the two-story beauty is a special world for Barbie — and you! The 90’s era purple and pink house is highly coveted and only available on auction sites IF you want to spend a pretty penny!

7. Boutique

Lights! Sounds! Fashion! The hottest fashion boutique EVAH opened its pink musical doors in 1995. That’s right! Barbie’s Boutique has been serving up the hottest fashions for over two decades now, and comes jam-packed with knick-knacks like make-up bottles, nail polish, and a roll of stickers for decorating. Don’t forget the super important hangers, mannequins, and two bonus trendy fashions. Is this musical boutique too good to be true? Only if you forget batteries aren’t included!

6. Dream House 1979

Barbie’s Dream House of 1979 is an absolute dreamy confection of yellow and white, pleasantly topped with a red roof. This is one Barbie Dreamhouse that won’t burn your retinas with searing pink and purple. The giant house (and we mean giant at over four feet long and three feet high) came completely furnished with six rooms full of furniture. No detail was overlooked — even the windows work! It’s still possible to find the well built A-frame house on auction sites, but good luck finding one even partially furnished!

5. Pink Passport Cruise Ship Playset

Barbie’s Cruise Ship is so much more than it first appears! Open the carry case to reveal over three feet of seafaring fun! This is one girl who knows how to cruise in style! The Pink Passport Cruise Ship comes complete with sleeping quarters, a swimming pool with two bright pink slides, a dining area, and a patio. Additional furnishings include lounge chairs, place settings, and tropical bedroom linens so Barbie can truly have all her creature comforts. Barbie can go anywhere on vacation, but good luck finding this playset still in stock!

4. So Much To Do Supermarket

The 1990’s were a glorious time to be a Barbie! So Much To Do Supermarket was released and dare we say, made grocery shopping almost glamorous. If a playset is judged by the number of accessories it comes with, well, we might just have a winner! Sure, the supermarket comes with the standard foods like fruits and veggies and soda and cereal, but there’s even an entire freezer section of yummy foods! Not to be outdone, the checkout area is also well stocked. Barbie can purchase magazines and Kodak film(!) on her visit. The best part? The scanner permanently displays $30.62 so you’ll never break the bank, no matter how much Babs purchases.

3. Pet Care Center

So stinking cute! You’ll be squealing at the cuteness overload in the Pet Care Center because it comes with not one, not two, but FOUR pets! Enjoy this well-appointed playset with the included puppy, cat, kitten, and hamster! Doctor Barbie can care for her animals in four distinct play spaces including an X-ray station and grooming area. No detail is left unnoticed — even the hamster wheel spins! The playset folds up neat and tidy for travel with the coolest dog shaped carrying handle.

2. Bath to Beauty Bathroom Set

Now Barbie can truly have everything! A large bright pink soaking tub, purple vanity, and errmm…a potty. Did we miss anything? Wait, where’s the sink? A ladylike Barbie appreciates her creature comforts, but she still needs a place to wash her hands! Even though this set doesn’t actually fit into a Barbie house, we had to include it simply for existing. The tub/vanity comes complete with tiniest bottles of lotions and potions so Barbie can primp in style. We won’t mention the teeny roll of toilet paper (oops, too late!).

1. Jeans Boutique

Girl! Get your fashion on in the 1990’s Jeans Boutique! Only the coolest of denim fashions are available in this stand out boutique! And don’t forget the accessories! Barbie has stocked her boutique with 15 pieces including a denim dress, denim jacket, the always popular beret, and boots, gloves, and sunglasses. This is your one-stop shopping spot for totally rocking denim looks (or as we like to say… Jooks). The only thing left to do is crimp your hair and let the fun begin! As always, some assembly required and no dolls included.

Written by Gemr
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