Fido doesn’t want to miss out on the Halloween fun!

People shouldn’t be the only ones having fun on Halloween. Sometimes your pets want to get involved. If costumes make them nervous, perhaps skip it in favor of a cute collar or bowtie (everyone loves a cute bowtie). But if they don’t mind a little bit of dress up, we have ten paw-fect pup costumes to make your fluffy friend the star of your Halloween party! Here are our top picks in no particular order.


Ghostbusters pet costume

Slap the world’s smallest proton pack on Fluffy and send them out to deal with all the things that go bump in the night. With all the ghastly ghosts running around on Halloween they are sure to keep busy! The is the one time the Ghostbuster might be the one doing the sliming — with all of those happy puppy kisses!

My pup ain’t afraid of no ghosts


DC Robin Pet Costume

Every hero needs a sidekick! Nothing says dynamic duo like turning your best friend into Robin –and we don’t mean your human one! No one will get in the way of your crime fighting when you have Rover at your heel! There is no better companion in the DC Universe, even if he IS a little too bright eyed and bushy tailed. Everyone will be in love with your canine crime-fighting sidekick!

I’m seeking a sidekick


Tuscan Raider riding Bantha pet costume

Getting a good mount can be a little harder on Earth than in a galaxy far, far away. Get your Tusken Raider a new mount by transforming the family dog! You get the perfect hat, complete with Bantha horns, and a tiny Tusken Raider to ride your pooch around all night. No would-be Jedis will get past Fido’s defenses! It’s the perfect costume for any Star Wars loving pup. They might be sad they can’t be Luke or Han, but with a little work, you can convince them this is even better!

Transport me to Tatooine


Spock pet costume

Bark long and prosper! This is the perfect costume for the Trek loving pooch in your life! If your dog has sat loyally by and watched every episode of Star Trek with you, it’s time you let them show their love of TOS by dressing up in the most logical manner in the universe — As Spock! Let all your friends be amazed as Spock transforms from half Vulcan and half Human to half Vulcan half Dog! Don’t stop there. Get your own Trek costume and invite your friends. You can create the entire bridge crew!

It’s the only logical costume


Stormtrooper riding dewback pet costume

So we said that the Bantha was the best costume for any Star Wars loving pup…well, we might have exaggerated a little — because this one might just be even better! Turn your fuzzy friend into a reptilian monster as they carry a Stormtrooper into battle! Or into the party. Most likely the party. All your friends will coo as this imperial mount charges through the house in search of droids and Jedi! This is the costume you’re looking for!

The Empire needs mounts

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger pet costume

Is all this sci-fi and comic stuff a little too happy for you? How about transforming your dog into your worst nightmare! Your precious pup can become Freddy Krueger for one night. With a striped vest, clawed hand, and tiny hat, your friends might wonder if they’ve ended up on Elm Street. Just don’t go to sleep until you take the costume off — waking up to that might cause unwanted screaming in horror.

One, two, my dog is coming for you

The Mystery Machine

Scooby-Doo mystery machine pet costume

Did you assemble the whole Scooby gang for Halloween? Well, the only thing missing is the Mystery Machine! Screw turning your dog into Scooby-Doo! That’s too easy. Turn your dog into the famous van that has a nasty habit of breaking down at the worst possible moment. The costume is sure to get laughs as your pup bounces through the party. Just remember, dogs are terrible drivers — and dog cars aren’t any better.

Jinkies! I need that costume!

One of the Incredibles

incredibles pet costume

If your pup is super, the only real answer is to make them a superhero. This Incredibles costume even makes them look beefier with fake muscles in the arms. It’s okay Fluffy, not all of us can be ripped like Mr. Incredible! We can’t promise it was made by Edna Mode but with style like this, people will assume! Your pup will be saving the party in this adorable and incredible get up.

Get me that incredible costume

Wonder Woman

wonder woman pet costume

Not all heroes are men! It’s time for the ladies to get a spot on this list! Wonder Woman is the perfect costume for any pup who wants to show off her feminine side while still kicking butt. With the bright red shirt and iconic blue skirt, this look is sure to stop bad guys in their tracks — so they can pet her! Give your party a real hero this year and get her on your team.

What a wonderful costume!


Wizard of Oz Dorothy pet costume

In a weird twist of fate, Toto is now Dorothy. What a fun twist on a classic! When your friends see your pup running around in this blue gingham gown, they will know they aren’t in Kansas anymore! No tornado needed to find Oz, just slip your puppy into this cute little dress and skip off to see the Wizard (you did invite a wizard to your party, right?).

Who needs Toto when you could have Dorothy!


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