In a collection made of Holy Grails, How do you find the rarest of them all?

When I was in College, toys to life started to take off, and as a young video game development student, I scoffed. Skylanders was never my thing, and at the time, I did not want to spend the time, or money hunting down figures. It took Nintendo busting out the Super Smash Brothers line of Amiibo to make me care about collecting figures. Half a bookshelf and far too much money later, it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

But the life of an Amiibo hunter is not one of peaceful trips to your local Best Buy or Walmart to buy Luncina with her floppy sword. It is a mad dash of canceled pre-orders, store exclusives, and shattered dreams, as all collecting is. Nintendo has a history of not providing enough stock for stores (Gemr has talked about this before), and having rather poor communication with both the audience of consumers, and retailers. Although they improved drastically by the end of the Amiibo storm, it lead to many people never seeing their favorite characters land safely in their collections.

With the entire Smash line getting reprinted in honor of Smash Ultimate, we’re going to show you the rarest Amiibo in the entire set of figures. Not just Smash, nor Mario, but every Amiibo line.

10. Solaire of Astora

via Bandaii

PRAISE THE SUN! This one brings me significant joy to write about. Solaire is possibly one of my favorite characters in video games. Solaire is a wonderful character, like a magnificent father. He is so grossly incandescent, even if he does not realize it. I am not the only one to feel this way about everybody’s favorite Sunbro, as within minutes of his announcement on the Nintendo Direct, Solaire was just gone. Pre-orders sold out almost instantly. People bought the Dark Souls character with ferocity unmatched for everybody’s favorite sunlight spear slinging Warrior of Sunlight. If you want to commit some form of heresy and sell your perfect amiibo, it can get you anywhere from $60-$80– but don’t sell him. Please.

9. Animal Crossing Cards

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These cards were released alongside Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, these cards would allow villagers to show up to the homes you designed! While the game itself sold quite well, the cards sold even better. In a break out hit that nobody saw coming, the over 400 amiibo cards sold with such fervor and ferocity that they have yet to be restocked. These cards were initially used for Happy Home Designer, but went on to be the only way to select playable characters in Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, and then went on to Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo. We do not talk about Amiibo Festival, choosing to treat it like M.Night Shyamalan’s “Avatar the last Airbender”. But, the inclusion of the cards in Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo (ACNLWA– these acronyms are getting out of control) was a welcome addition. It allowed you to see villagers out in your campsite, enjoying some well earned R&R, and allowed them to play in mini games like Island Escape. These cards vary wildly in price across all the sets (based on who you want to buy), but in my research, I have seen full box sets going for well over $100.

I put this at 9th on the list because a full box set is over 300 cards. Which kind of justifies the price tag– but it means no individual card has anywhere near that value.

8. Mega Knitted Yarn Yoshi

I am in awe at the size of this lad. What an absolute unit. Given the size, scale and fluffiness of this large friend, it was only natural that the demand would outweigh supply (mainly because he’s stuffed and weighs hardly nothing). I remember my brother frantically hunting like mad to find one for sale. Although he was successful in his own huggable Amiibo yoshi, many were not. Much like other oversized Amiibo, restocks were few and far between, thus making it nearly impossible to find one of these big boys out in the wild. I mean it was also a Toys ‘R Us exclusive so, it may actually be impossible to find one of them in the wild– given Toys ‘R Us doesn’t exist anymore. As such, this kaiju of an amiibo could net you about $90.

7. Yarn Poochy

Stupid dog! You made me look bad! Everybody’s favorite powermoon hiding, Yoshi finding, goodest boy of a bloodhound has found his way into the Yarn Yoshi line. Although the entire line is plush, posh, and adorable, this little bugger seems to have gotten the short stick in the supply stream (and he would fetch that short stick for you if you asked). The time trial mode in Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World was locked behind the Amiibo, and for completionists, that is a fate worse than death. I hope they’re ready to fork over potentially $90 to complete the game, and the line.

6. Navirou Nabiru the Palico

Your cute, monster riding Palico from the shockingly good Monster Hunter Stories has made it somewhere other than the backseat of your Barrioth. Coming in at number six is everybody’s favorite pun machine Navirou. What do you mean he’s not your favorite? Do you mean to tell me you never played the fabled Monster Hunter RPG spin off? That’s okay, according to Capcom, the game was a commercial failure (which is rude if you ask me– anyone who played it will tell you differently). Which may be why a large number of the Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo are actually quite rare and expensive. Navirou is the most expensive, and most vanilla of the line, as every other Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo features interchangeable riders, which can go on any monster. For some reason, Navi gets no mount. Navi has the chance to net you up to $120 if you want to ditch him, and ride in nice, quiet, peace.

5. Qbby

Abby Amiibo Rarest Amiibo

I have no lore or quips for this one. I have no idea what this thing even is. I did some digging into it and discovered that it’s Cuby from the game Boxboy. It must be a bigger deal in Japan than America, as I cannot find a single image of this little goober with english text. I mean he’s cute, sure, has that nice modern aesthetic. But I am honestly in awe at the shape of this Amiibo. When I started this list, I came in with a rough idea of who would be on it, with the expectation of what would be on it even if I was wrong. For the life of me I didn’t expect a box with eyes to rank this high on the list. Qbby could go for $130 bucks if you have the game bundle, or $100 without.

4. Golden Mega Man

Golden Mega Man Amiibo Rarest Amiibo

Or Golden Rockman if you really want to get into regional semantics. What makes this Amiibo particularly rare? Well if you’re an Out of Box collector, not a lot, because he was a package deal with the Mega Man Legacy Collection. A lot of people got the game, and sold the amiibo as they had no wish to join in the amiibo fever. However, if you’re a New in Box collector, things get a bit dicier. If you didn’t get a copy of the collection with the Amiibo, then you were basically completely out of luck. You would have to go online and hope to whatever deity or to the machinations of fate that they were being sold. Given that its a collectors item, there are of course resellers, if you don’t mind paying a hilariously depressing mark up. Golden Megaman with his game, new in box, is going for about $130 on Ebay, so if you want to get rid of yours, that’s what you could potentially get from the transaction.

3.The Champions of Hyrule

Champions of Hyrule Rarest Amiibo

Here you were thinking I was done listing off bundles. The Breath of the Wild line of Amiibo are a bit of a mixed bag as far as rarity goes, with Zelda being completely impossible for stores to get rid of, but the Champions are a completely different story. When we got the pack of them in off the truck at my store that fateful night, a huge majority were already preordered, and the rest left the door that night. We never saw more of this blessed four pack. They all went to loving homes, and are now sitting proudly on a shelf with the rest of the Breath of the Wild line. Although that line of thinking is probably wrong, as they’re selling on Ebay for an average of $150, so that could be where a majority of them ended up.

2. The Squid Sisters

The Squid Sisters Rarest Amiibo

Callie and Marie, the former idols of Inkopolis, facilitators of Splatfests, and secret agents supreme pull into the second slot on this list. Although individually quite rare, finding the two pack of these monochromatic cuties is akin to finding a unicorn singing show tunes in the middle of a crowded karaoke bar. Off the Hook would come in roughly the same spot as the Squid Sisters, as they had a similar problem. You could rake in about $150 for the Duo.

1. Gold and Silver Mario

Gold and Silver Mario Rarest Amiibo

The penultimate in Amiibo Holy Grails, the legendary and mythical Gold and Silver Mario from the Mario Line. Although these are two separate Amiibo, I felt it would cheapen the experience to say that the first two Amiibo on the list were in essence, the exact same Amiibo. Golden Mario was a Walmart exclusive, and Silver Mario was a Target exclusive, and both came in incredibly low amounts. If you were blessed enough to have a location near you that actually got a shipment of these limited lustrous brothers of Luigi, you’d have to have been lining up at the store four days before the announcement of stock.

Each store got at the very most, five per location. Some people like myself got lucky, as I was working retail at the time, I simply asked to go next door to pick something up, walked into Target the moment they opened, grabbed a Silver Mario, and walked back to work. Others, however, showed up, only to be turned away due to low stock. There is no news on these two ever getting reprinted, and I do not think we’re going to see them reach store shelves ever again. There’s a chance you could luck out and find one on eBay though. Expect to pay about $76 for a golden Mario, and $40 for Silver Mario. While they don’t sell for the most money– among collectors, they are considered the holy grail.