If you ever Pull One of The Rarest Magic: The Gathering Cards– You’d be Rich!

Our weekly Magic battles at the Gemr offices have been getting out of hand. See, we play different styles every week, and last week our friendly debate got a little out of control as we discussed the most powerful cards in the game. Of course, the Power Nine came up (how could they not), but after agreeing to table that discussion (we crack ourselves up) — we turned to the most valuable cards, which is an objectively easier thing to classify.

Magic has been around since 1993, which means it has a loooonnnggg history of being one of the best card games around. There are enough unique cards in the game that you could probably bury yourself and die happily under the weight of your Magic addiction (but please don’t). Whether you’re a casual Planeswalker or a more dedicated competitor, Magic has something to offer — but these valuable cards are probably off the table (it’s just too easy). If you’re lucky enough to have any of these cards, you could be looking at one heck of a payday. To be fair, we excluded misprints, test cards, and Richard Garfield’s vanity cards — but trust us. This list doesn’t need them.

10. Mishra’s Workshop

Mishra’s Workshop is one of those cards that is sometimes considered loosely as a “Power 10” card. While many players don’t ascribe to this notion — the Power Nine are set in stone — it’s an incredibly powerful card when used in an artifact deck. Given the rarity of the card and the ability to add 3 colorless mana to use for casting artifacts, it’s a powerful boost early in the game. It could completely shift the tide of battle. Getting your hands on this card isn’t going to be cheap or easy, however. Mishra’s Workshop sells for as much as $3,000 in near mint condition.

9. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

This Legends card hits hard by creating an upkeep of 1 for every creature in play. This can cripple a deck if employed at the correct moment. If your opponent has to use all their mana to keep their army alive, they won’t be able to cast any new spells. However, if used poorly, you could cripple yourself. Most competitive players know when the optimum time to play The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and covet the card. In near mint condition, this card can sell for as much as $3000 due to the high demand!

8. Timetwister

We have finally arrived at the first Power Nine card on our list. The Power Nine cards are known to be so powerful they have been banned or heavily restricted in most tournaments to promote fairness. Of course, this makes these overpowered cards even more coveted by collectors. Timetwister causes both players to shuffle their hand and graveyard into their library and then all players draw a new hand of seven cards. It’s basically a reset of everything except the board. This can change the entire flow of the game depending on your build. If you want this rare, highly restricted card, expect to pay as much as $4000 for a near mint Beta.

7. Time Vault

While one of the Power Nine shares the time theme, Time Vault did not make it into the set. This card allows a player to control the entire flow of the match. By allowing the player to untap the card to skip a turn, and tap it to take a second one, the card is a powerful way to adjust the game to your liking. Due to its powerful nature, this card has become highly collectible. If you want to get your hands on one in good condition, expect to pay as much as $3500.

6. Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria has two purposes: it adds a single colorless mana to your pool, or it allows you to draw a card if you have seven cards in your hand. While this might not seem like a huge advantage, in the right deck this card can be the catalyst to victory. Due to its potential, collectors have sought this card out and increased its rarity. If you want to pick one up in perfect condition, expect to pay as much as $4,000.

5. Tropical Island

Dual lands have always been in high demand. Tropical Island came out with the original run (the same set that debuted the Power Nine). The value of this set has been rapidly increasing, and Tropical Island is at the forefront of that list. While it only really applies to green and blue decks, the dual nature makes Tropical Island in high demand. A highly graded card can sell for as much as $6,500!

4. Time Walk

While similar to Time Vault, Time Walk has no restriction that makes you skip a turn to take an extra. You simply pay the mana cost and take an extra turn. This means you can attack twice without worrying about immediate retaliation, or have your creatures untapped before your opponent’s next action. You also can cast additional damage spells, play another land — all sorts of things that can change everything about the flow of the game. If this sounds awesome, well, it is. But this Power Nine card will cost you. If you want a practically mint card, you may hope you had more time to save. An Alpha 9.5 graded Time Walk sold for $21,000 in May of 2018. If that’s a little too rich for your blood, you could settle for a Beta and pay as much as $4,400 instead — which seems downright reasonable by comparison.

3. Ancestral Recall

The simple appearance of Ancestral Recall beguiles a dangerous card. While “draw three” might seem like a basic card to consider a Power Nine, the fact it only costs one blue mana is insane. This card was totally superpowered and allowed a player to refill an empty hand quickly. This Power Nine card is incredibly popular, and getting your hands on one is going to be costly. An Alpha Ancestral Recall graded 9.5 sold for $28,000 in July of 2018, and Beta versions sell for as much as $9000 in near-mint condition.

2. “Moxen”

The Moxen are a set of five jewelry themed cards that play pretty much identically. The color of the jewel represents the color of mana they add. Mox Jet adds black, Mox Sapphire adds blue, and so on. All five of these cards are considered part of the Power Nine as they can be played for 0 mana and are an artifact instead of a land. Conceivably, a player could have two mana on the first turn, allowing them to play stronger cards than their opponent. While there are many benefits to running a Mox, purchasing one will cost you. An Alpha Mox Jet can sell for as much as $65,000 in near mint condition, and even a decent Alpha Mox Sapphire sells for as much as $4,750! Even the Beta versions of the Moxen can sell for $3,500!

1. Black Lotus

As the most infamous of Magic cards, trading card fans shouldn’t be surprised to see this on the list. The card’s legacy is enough to turn a simple unboxing video into a viral sensation (it’s been viewed six million times), and those who know its history should not be surprised. Zvi Mowshowitz, a professional Magic player, went so far as to say that every deck is better with a Black Lotus in it (we hope he’s exaggerating — no one’s that rich).

Wizards of the Coast went on to release a balanced variant of the card known as the “Lotus Petal,” which lets you add one mana instead of three. Even in vintage tournaments where the Black Lotus is allowed, only one card is allowed per deck. Oh, and if you want to own one, you might be in for a bit of a shock. They sell for more than you might imagine. An Alpha Black Lotus with a 9.5 rating sold for $87,000 in July of 2018. If that’s a little rich for your blood, you could pick up a Beta version for around $10,000!

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