model of an antique car: Why Should You Cherish Your Antiques

We’ve all taken for granted that antiques are valuable commodities in this day and age, but have you ever asked yourself why that is? Have you ever wondered why you should cherish your antiques?

After all, we often hear stories of some rare artifact that sold for thousands of dollars in an auction, but not every old chair or aged table is worth gratuitous amounts of money. In fact, the majority of antiques are never sold at all! Collectors around the world enjoy the rush of finding every item that relates to their niche, but owning even a single antique item is an experience that cannot be matched elsewhere. Even if you have never been interested in collecting anything before, understanding the importance of antiques can shine a new light on those old items hiding in your attic.

With all this in mind, we’ve compiled these ten reasons why your antiques are more valuable than you may give them credit for.

10: There’s a good chance your antique is one-of-a-kind

It’s sad to say, but nothing lasts forever.

Even if a product was common during the 1930s, there’s no guarantee that it would still be readily available today. In other words, if you do get your hands on an item that’s aged 100 years or older, it’s likely you own a relic of the past that literally cannot be replaced.


9: The thrill of antique hunting adds sentimental value to your discoveries.

The best part of antique hunting is how unpredictable it can be.

For instance, you may go to a yard sale just to see what you can pick up for cheap, but then you find a rustic clock that you never knew you wanted until that moment. It’s one thing to spontaneously buy something from a store, but the uncertainty of when and where an antique will show up gives a unique memory to anything you find.


8: Antique items are fantastic icebreakers

A vase filled with flowers can make a decorative set-piece, but a unique antique can start a conversation in a way no other item can. Give it a try sometime!


7: Genuine antiques don’t go out of style

Antique collecting has been around since at least the 18th century, yet the popularity of the hobby is still rising to this day.

As home furnishing becomes more “perfect” with mass-produced items, the demand for “imperfect” items has only increased. Antiques add a flavor to home decor that’s specifically outside the style of any given time period, and history has proven that this will not change anytime soon.


6: Antiques can bring in the money

Okay, we may have argued that antiques aren’t just valuable commodities, but we can’t deny that there’s some serious money to be made in the hobby.

On shows like Antiques Roadshow, guests have brought in items that range anywhere from $20,000 to $1.5 million in value. Naturally, the allure of finding an item worth upwards of a million dollars can make the discovery of any antique exhilarating. Even if you never intend to sell your priceless possessions, owning such a valuable item can add a regal touch to even the most humble of homes.


5: Certain antiques are passed down for generations

Not all antiques are ancient tables and chairs. In fact, many antiques are family heirlooms.

In other words, even if you find something in a closet that seemingly can’t be explained, make sure to ask family members before throwing it in the trash. As it turns out, some items hit closer to home than you may realize.


4: Collecting antiques is plain old fun

This one’s kind of a no brainer, but it stands to be mentioned regardless.

Even if you aren’t into home decor or treasure hunting, finding a cool antique can just be fun all on its own. Imagine that!


3: Older items show off your unique tastes

As we’ve alluded to above, there’s a ton of stuff that falls under the umbrella of “antiques.”

One person’s antique collection could be dolls and toys, and another person’s collection could consist entirely of watches. It’s one thing to simply be an antique collector, but its the specific antiques you pursue that say the most about you.


2: Owning an antique sparks curiosity

History is a vast and mysterious thing. While information about the past has been easier to find thanks to the internet, knowing what to study in the first place is another matter.

In many cases, finding an unusual antique can be the impetus to discover a part of history you may have never thought of before. Just as the characters of Pawn Stars call in experts to appraise items they’re unfamiliar with, even the casual collector can uncover fascinating facts while researching a strange item.


1: Every item has a story

It’s one thing to research what a specific item is, but the journey that item took to still be around today is a whole other story.

As mentioned above, certain antiques are passed down from generation to generation, but other antiques could be a keepsake of a loved one or just a lucky charm from years past. Yet no matter what the story of any given antique item is, you actually become a part of that story the moment you set your hands on it. It’s one thing to look into history to get a taste of what things were like in the past, but actually owning and becoming a part of that history is truly why antique hunting continues to fascinate collectors and hobbyists to this day.

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Written by TimM
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