There are Some Things Only a Pokemon Master Will Get

The gotta catch ’em all lifestyle is one that is hard to explain to outsiders. Regardless of whether you’ve been playing since Gen one or only since Sun and Moon, you know that it’s an obsession that runs deep.

We spend a lot of time scratching the Pokemon itch here at Gemr, and we know you do too. We know all too well about those satisfying (and heartbreaking) things that happen when you play these games a little too much. So turn your hat backwards and get ready to nod in agreement with the 10 things only Pokemon lovers (like us) will get.

10. Assembling Your Dream Team

Low hanging fruit here, but we feel it’s about as important as it gets–so we’re getting it out of the way first. Not every team is perfectly balanced, and that’s fine. Getting the Pokemon you want is way more important. If you want a team of all dog pokemon, do it. Want to be king of the skies with bird Pokemon? Just as good. Maybe you love fire types: make it happen (only in the game, we don’t condone pyromania here at Gemr). The best part of any Pokemon game is building a team you love. Live your weird niche dream and become an oddly specific trainer who only has bugs. We won’t judge you here. Just remember to cover your weaknesses and you’re set!

9. Are You a Boy or a Girl

Okay this one seems silly to newer players, but the original Red and Blue (or Green if you were in Japan at the time) didn’t let you be a girl. The gender binary aside, getting to choose your sex was a huge thing. Not to mention our excitement when customization came onto the scene! Now you can choose the color of your skin, hair, eyes and even your outfit! They keep getting better and better and we can’t wait until we can do even more with our character. Pokemon costumes maybe?

8. Finally Getting Merch of your Favorite Pokemon

This still hasn’t happened for some of us, but we hold out hope! The starters always get so much love, and you could make a house out of all the Pikachu stuff there is, but some of the less popular Pokemon are really hard to find. Sometimes the Pokemon Center releases that rare and coveted treasure–your fave. Just make sure to buy it quick, because they retire stuff all the time. For those of you who never got the chance, we recommend looking in Artist’s Alley at local cons. You might just get lucky!

7. Catching a Legendary With Your Last Poke Ball

Catching a Legendary is no joke and given that you only get one Master Ball per game, you have to be choosy where you throw it. Not all Legendary’s are created equal, and seeing as Game Freak likes to give us at least four a game (the main, a trio of related mons, and any others they throw in just to be cruel), you have to pick your battles. But when push comes to shove and you’ve been throwing Pokeballs and resetting so many times, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as catching one with your very last ball. If the battle is going a long time, we always reach for our timer balls last.

6. The Joy and the Frustration of the Pokewalker

The Pokewalker was a great idea…in theory. It really was the seed that became Pokemon Go, but by Arceus was it a frustrating device! You carried that little thing everywhere, and over time your Pokemon would level up, and then you had to remember to put your Pokemon back into the game. It was a cool idea, but so many of those tiny bits of plastic went missing and lost our treasured Pokemon (one Gemr staffer’s dog ate her Pokewalker — she likes to believe her Flaffy is still in there somewhere). We’re glad Pokemon Go came and (sort of) saved the day on this concept.

5. The First Time You Beat The Elite Four

It’s always a struggle. No matter how many times you climb victory road or how many regions you beat, the first time tastes the sweetest. When you first beat down the strongest people in the region and flatten the champion, you feel unstoppable. Start up “We Are The Champions” and cut the cake because you’re now the Pokemon Master.

4. Beating the Crud Out Of Your Friends

Let’s face it: the only thing better than beating the Elite Four is beating the snot out of your closest friends. This gives you way more bragging rights then beating characters in a video game. Your friends think for themselves, they swap Pokemon to hit your weak points (the revolving door can be a little exhausting sometimes). Beat all your friends and you get bragging rights for months. If they try to tease you, you have the ultimate comeback: “That might be, but I am the true Pokemon Master.” Go ahead, rub it in their faces a little, you earned it!

3. Completing Your Pokedex

This moving target is exhausting. Every gen makes it harder. Back in the day (insert whippersnapper joke here, we’re too old for this crap), there were only 151 to catch. Now if you want to complete the Dex, you’re looking for 802 different Pokemon, and that’s if you don’t include Alolan forms or Mega Evolutions (since they’re temporary, they only kinda count). In short, it takes a lot more dedication then it used to. For those of you who’ve done it, who have caught all 800+, you really are the very best, like no one ever was. You passed the test and we assume you trained some of them–it was your cause after all. You caught them all. We’re proud of you.

2. Wishing That You Could Still Have A Pokemon Follow You

Why the heck did Nintendo give us what we’ve always wanted and then take it away? We saw the possibility in Yellow way back in the day (some of you younger trainers might not have played it, but Pikachu would follow you and it was glorious, okay?), and then in Heartgold and Soulsilver they actualized it. The first Pokemon in your party followed you everywhere. It was the Best. Thing. Ever. And then after that? They took it away again. All we want is to have our favorite buddy follow us around. Is that really too much to ask?

1. Using Pokemon Bank to Bring Your Favorite Pokemon Through The Generations

You used to have to use a link cable to bring your Pokemon up a generation or two. It was tricky and took effort (and two different games–so also friends), and then there was a break between systems where your Pokemon ran the risk of being lost into the void of outdated tech. We were so excited when Nintendo finally fixed this problem. Now you can tell everyone: You don’t leave your favorite Pokemon behind. You just don’t. The Pokemon Bank might cost a little bit of money, but it’s totally worth it to reunite with your favorite Pokemon. There is nothing better than getting to beat the Elite Four with a longstanding pal at your side.

Written by Gemr
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