You Don’t Need to Fight the Angry Pickle to Get Cool Monster Hunter Stuff

It’s just about time to start our new addiction: Monster Hunter: World. It’s upon us, so we thought we’d spend a little time talking about all the awesome monster hunter stuff you can buy to go with your newfound addiction.

So take a pause on scratching that gaming itch and check out all this hunter-worthy stuff for your shelves!

Funko Pops

Funko has finally answered our prayers. They are releasing four Monster Hunter Pops! We’re getting two fan favorite monsters, Rathalos and Zinogre, along with a Male Hunter and a Felyne. We are sad to say they won’t be available until February 2018 to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter: World, but we’re sharpening our weapons with readiness to fight to the front of the line for the whole set.

Mini Mascots

So small, so soft, but boy can they put up a fight. Capcom makes an awesome line of plush monsters to collect, but sometimes you need something a little smaller so you can take it everywhere (you know, to loudly announce your allegiance to Monster Hunter of course). To fill this need: enter the Mini Mascots line. They make an unbelievable number of monsters to hang off your 3DS, your phone, or wherever your heart desires. Go ahead, put a Brachydios on your backpack, we’re (pretty) sure it won’t blow up in your face.

Revoltech Zinogre

Everyone needs a poseable zap puppy, right? Nothing lets you relive a fight like putting an action figure into your favorite charged-up pose. Revoltech makes a good figure and we can’t recommend it enough. They make a few other monsters, too, so if you’re not a fan of Zinogre (that flip is pretty brutal), a quick search might find someone you like better.

Icon Sticker Packs

Take your favorite monsters everywhere. Put them on your water bottle, your binder, your laptop, or your brother (we won’t tell). These will make your life just a bit more dangerous. Warn people that you are a G-rank mission if they catch you on a bad day.

Basically Any Figure Builder Plus Model

They are incredibly detailed for their size. They have basically every major monster. We would fill an entire bookshelf with these things if we could part with the space. How can you not love love just how dynamic each figure is? We love how easy they are to put together, and every time they put out a new set, we rip out our wallets to buy the whole lot.

Figure Builder Creator’s Model Rathalos

Everyone’s favorite fire flinging wyvern, Rathalos, got the expert treatment in this model. This statue makes us sigh with delight. They cover most of the major monsters in this line, but Rathalos is such a staple of the series, we thought it was only right to highlight him. Each scale is lovingly sculpted and we can practically hear his roar.

Nendoroid Hunter: Male Swordsman – Lagia X Edition

The brilliant minds at Good Smile Company made the hunter just as cute as a Palico. We adore this tiny little hunter in his bright blue armor. They have made a few other Monster Hunter Nendoroids, but this one is our favorite for obvious reasons (namely, the “squeee” factor).

Monster Hunter: Stories Amiibo Set

Are Amiibos going out of style? Maybe. Do we want these anyways? Absolutely. Sure Stories is a spinoff turn-based game. Sure it doesn’t produce the same amount of awe as the standard games, but we love the idea of riding a monster into battle. These Amiibos are adorable and fiesty. Their poses are interesting and their designs really fitting to the style of the game. Even if it’s not one of the core games, we need to have them.

Monster Hunter: Cross New Nintendo 3DS

This sick New Nintendo 3DS is so sweet, we can almost taste it. Too bad it was never released in America. There are a couple Monster Hunter themed 3DS you can get in the US, but not this one. They never did (and have no plan to) release Monster Hunter: Cross stateside, so you will never get one of these puppies from a store here…well, legally. It doesn’t matter how many monsters you down or how quick you do it — this game is a pipe dream for most of us. You could import one, but they were limited edition so it’s going to cost a pretty hefty sum.

Monster Hunter: World

We’ve assembled our team of friends and we’re ready to hunt! Now we just need it to pick up our copy. Are you ready to play the latest installment? We are doubly excited that Capcom decided to release this beautiful game onto PC. You just have to wait a little longer until they are ready to do so. For the rest of us, however, let’s go explore the world!

Written by Gemr
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