Lego was founded in 1932 and continues to inspire play and creativity for all generations. Here are ten interesting things you never knew about Lego.

1. The Lego name was derived from the Danish phrase “Leg godt.”
Meaning “play well.”


2. One of the most expensive lego bricks is valued at $14,500.
From 1979-1981, Lego used to give a 14k solid gold lego brick to employees that had 25 years of employment.


3. One of the most expensive Lego sets currently selling at the Lego Shop is priced at $754.99. It is a Lego Serious Play Connections Kit.


4. One of the most expensive Lego Minifigures is valued for $10,000-$15,000.
In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Star Wars, Lego had a contest and only 5 winners received a 14K Gold C-3PO minifigure making them the rarest minifigure.


5. The Guinness World Record for most completed Lego sets in a private collection is 1,091 Lego sets.
Kyle Ugone, a marine, from Yuma, Arizona, USA holds the record as of July 23, 2011.


6. One of the most expensive Lego sets is valued at $2,000.
The discontinued Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon went from retail price at $499 in 2007 to $2,000 for a sealed model today.


7. There are over 4 billion Lego Minifigures around the world.
Twelve minifigures are produced every second.


8. One of the most expensive Lego Pieces ever sold was $15,000. Andre Hurley paid $15,000 for a Platinum Avohkii Mask of Light from the discontinued Lego Bionicle line.


9. The world record for the tallest Lego tower is 115 feet.
In Milan, Italy it took 580,000 bricks, five days, and help from thousands of children to create the world’s tallest Lego tower.


10. It took 3.3 million Lego bricks to build a life-size house.
In 2009, James May built this house with a working toilet, shower, and bed.

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