If you’re a true sneakerhead then you’ve probably gotten crazy reactions when talking to someone who doesn’t share your appreciation for shoes. Here are some of the things that we know only people like us get:

1) Planning your entire life around release dates – A true sneakerhead isn’t worried about weddings and holidays, they’re thinking about release dates for the newest sneakers. After all, they are the most important days of the year!

2) A three-hour online argument about which J’s are the best – Which are the best Jordan’s, the 1’s or the 6’s? A true sneakerhead will spend hours debating online about every intricate detail. It’s not something that’s to be taken lightly, and if you’re going to debate, you better know your stuff!

3) Not enough closet space for all of your kicks- You’re really not a true sneakerhead until your closet, under your bed, and all cabinet space is covered by meticulously maintained boxes of sneakers. Everyone has to start somewhere, but until you have to ask your roommates to use their closet space for the rest of your stuff, you’re not a true sneakerhead.

4) Silica gel – If you know what this is, you’re a true sneakerhead. If you don’t know what this is, you’re not a true sneakerhead. It’s really as simple as that.

5) Coordinating the right kicks for the right occasion – A real sneakerhead can’t leave the house just wearing the first thing that he (or she) finds. It’s important to coordinate everything for the right occasion, the right outfit, and the right audience.

6) Explaining to the lawyer why your will is composed of only sneakers – Estate planning is important, and even sneakerheads need to meet with an attorney to plan things out in the event of unforeseen circumstances. But if you have to explain to your lawyer that your entire net worth is tied up in sneakers, you’re a true sneakerhead!

7) Changing shoes if there’s any chance at all of getting them dirty – A true sneakerhead doesn’t just leave the house without thinking through exactly what kind of conditions they’re about to encounter. If it’s raining, snowing, muddy, windy, dirty, or even a light breeze, the “beater” shoes get worn instead.

8) When anyone says the word “retro” you immediately think of kicks – If you’re at a throwback diner on a Thursday night at 11 pm, enjoying a nice omelet and minding your business, and the couple next to you starts discussing the “retro feel of the place,” and all you can think of are the Air Jordan Retro Sport.

9) Buying a pair that’s not even close to your size because it’s the only one available – Regular people buy shoes that fit their feet. Sneakerhead buy shoes that are new, rare, or just plain amazing. A true sneakerhead will buy shoes that are way too big, or way too small just to add them to their collection!

10) You turn into the Hulk if anyone steps on your kicks – A true sneakerhead may be even-tempered and calm when it comes to most things, but if anyone steps on their shiny kicks, the calm demeanor will quickly disappear. People don’t really understand how much people value their collection, unless they’re a collector themselves. A sneakerhead takes their collection seriously, as they should!

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Written by Gemr
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