These Valuable LEGO Sets could build your savings account!

The price of LEGO sets has been climbing for years. When we were kids (insert “back in our day” and cane shake here) you could buy many LEGO sets for about $15 and the big ones for about $50 at most. Now, well…it’s ballooned exponentially. Now you can buy collector sets for hundreds of dollars, and that’s just the new ones. If you want to get a “vintage” kit, you are looking at a pretty serious price tag. Not every retired set explodes in cost, but some do — and that makes collecting LEGO really interesting.

We are going to define one thing we talk about a couple of times in this article right now to get it out of the way. For those not super familiar with LEGO, or those who only collect store available kits, this is probably going to be new information. Every year, LEGO hosts something called Inside Tours. You get to stay at the Legoland hotel, get to visit LEGO House, AND get a super limited edition LEGO set that will never hit shelves.

The price tag for such an honor? About $2,500 — and not everyone who applies will get to go. It’s super selective and super exclusive. Many of these sets only have about 50 ever made. So if you see “LEGO Inside Tour” on the set, we’re talking about a super rare, extremely limited edition set — so you can probably understand why they have such a high value.

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LLCA Ambassador Pass Exclusive Han Solo on Tauntaun – Miniland scale – LLCA53

This Hoth themed set was given exclusively to holders of the Legoland California Ambassador Pass. This is a lifetime membership to Legoland CA that used to cost a small fortune, but they stopped selling the pass in 2016. Which sadly means none of us will ever be Ambassadors to Legoland (excuse us while we shed a single brick shaped tear). This set is so rare that it once sold for $3,158. However, it has since lost value (rare collectibles go up and down in price all the time). A set is currently for sale at $1,432, but it remains to be seen if there are any buyers who will pay that much.

Death Star II – 10143

The Death Star II is, you guessed it, the second Death Star you see in the original Star Wars trilogy. It features the half-finished exterior, which really makes this version. Most models of the Death Star focus on the interior (for easier play), but the Death Star II took a different approach. This model allows fans to recreate the exterior of the Death Star and to enjoy the moon — wait, that’s no moon! — er, ship, as they saw it in the original trilogy. One set recently sold for $1,994 on eBay and we 100% feel it’s worth that price tag!

LEGO Inside Tour 2014 Exclusive, The Legoland Train – 4000014


This is the first of our Inside Tour kits and definitely not the last. LEGO has produced a couple of kits to make the Legoland train. However, this edition was made only for the Inside Tour back in 2014. It’s rare enough that we couldn’t find one for sale ANYWHERE online right now. This means we have to rely on what it has historically sold for. This incredibly rare train once sold for $2,700, and we can only assume it has increased in value as time has passed.

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LEGO Inside Tour 2018 Exclusive, Ferguson Tractor – 4000025


The most recent Inside Tour exclusive on our list, this one is from last year! These sets are so rare and valuable that one year later they pay for the entire tour themselves. One of these incredibly rare sets sold for a stunning $2,999! If you intend to get your hands on one, you might not want to wait too long. The further from the year they were produced, the less likely you are to get one of these exceptionally exclusive sets!

Imperial Star Destroyer – 10030

The second Star Wars set to make our list (and also not the last)! There is something so iconic about Star Wars LEGO sets that makes them incredibly collectible. Perhaps it is because early sets were made in smaller runs than newer sets. Or maybe the new Star Wars movies have sparked a renewed love for the franchise. What we do know is that this Imperial Star Destroyer could pay off some serious debt. The Empire will be happy to know you can sell this set for as much as $3,000!

LEGO Inside Tour 2012 Exclusive, Piper Airplane – 4000012

The Piper Airplane is another Inside Tour set that made the list (and with that exclusivity, no one is super surprised). This Piper Airplane is a nice set, sure, but it’s the run size that really gets collectors excited. Only 53 were ever made. In the past, this set has sold for as much as $4,016, but it’s possible the price is going up. One is currently listed at a stunning $7,500 (#18 of 53), but its auction is still ongoing, so we’ll have to see if it actually holds that value.

And if your pockets are a little deeper, you can buy the original prototype, #1 of 53, for a jaw-dropping $15,000! We don’t know if it will sell, but who knows? Maybe a millionaire LEGO collector will snatch up this incredibly rare plane! We can’t give this stunning airplane the top spot, but that’s only because it hasn’t actually sold for that monumental price (yet) — it’s just been listed.

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NYCC 2012 Antonio’s Pizza-Rama Pizza Slice – comcon041

via. Turtlepedia

We knew there would be some wacky sets in this collection, but this one actually surprised us. It’s just a slice of pizza. A single slice of LEGO pepperoni pie. Back in 2012, comic conventions were on the rise and more fans than ever were looking join in on the fun and gather. At New York Comic Con in 2012, LEGO sold an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed pizza set. This slice is so rare that no one is currently selling it. Like with others, we have to go on historical prices, and this single slice of NY style pizza? Well, it could sell for as much as $4,276.

LEGO Inside Tour 2015 Exclusive H.C. Anderson’s “Clumsy Hans” – 4000020

Our last Inside Tour set, and one of our personal favorites. There is something undeniably fun about this recreation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale character. The kit even shows him carrying his iconic bird as he rides upon a goat. While many of the other Inside Tour kits depict real scenes, the whimsical nature of this set really sells it for us.

Clumsy Hans isn’t worth what he once was, though. This set once sold for a whopping $7,375, but it’s now selling for closer to $4,800. While it’s worth a bit less than it once was, close to $5,000 is nothing to sneeze at! Even with the price drop, it’s still the second most valuable LEGO set money can buy!

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Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – 10179

Finally, the Holy Grail of LEGO sets and Star Wars LEGO sets alike. The Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon is the most valuable set ever produced. With 5,179 pieces to assemble (or not assemble — in box is how this set is most valuable), it’s massive both in size and piece count. Getting ahold of one on release was hard enough, but getting your hands on one now? Well, that’s another story altogether.

On average it will run you about $2,413, but this sweet ride recently sold for almost $6,000! And in early 2018 we even saw a one go for nearly $10,000 MISB (mint in sealed box)! If (and that’s a big if) you would ever part with yours, you’re looking at a solid fistful of cash no matter what end of the spectrum you end up on.

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