If you can’t win the Millennium Falcon in a poker game, at least you can buy it!

If there is one thing you can count on when it comes to collecting Star Wars, it’s that your Millennium Falcon will be worth more in a few years (or less than 12 parsecs if you’re lucky — and yes, we know it’s a measure of distance, but just go with us here). Especially if it’s made by LEGO. But it turns out LEGO isn’t the only toy company on the block who could make you rich. We traveled to a galaxy far, far away to find out which version of the Falcon is the most valuable. So strap in and turn on your hyperdrive, because this is the fastest ship in the galaxy, and this list doesn’t slow down for nobody.

10. LEGO Solo: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon – 75212 (2018)

We’re starting at the bottom, and we want you to know, this is a LEGO set you can actually buy! Anyone who knows anything about Millennium Falcon collecting knows that it’s the LEGO sets that’ll really set you back (see what we did there?). This one is brand spanking new and features the Kessel Run version of the Millennium Falcon.

We don’t know how we feel about it missing the traditional pincers, or how clean it looks — but we do know we want it… because it’s the Millennium Falcon, and we love that old (new?) hunk of junk. It’s an easy 1,414 pieces and if history is to be believed, all LEGO Falcons go up in price. If you want to buy it before the price goes through the roof, get your LEGO Solo Millenium Falcon here for $179!

9. Bandai Millennium Falcon Perfect Grade 1/72

Not all Millenium Falcons come pre-assembled. This Perfect Grade Model kit is worth the effort, however. It is incredibly detailed, and once you finish it, breathtaking to look at. This thing is HUGE. Like HUGE HUGE. It’s a studio model sized kit and if you can bring yourself to pull it out of the box and put it together, you will be looking at 1.7 meters of incredible. It lights up, including the hyperdrive Dejarik table and the cockpit. This thing is so detailed that every speck of dust is accounted for. Even the holes have extra detail, adding life to this ship that many models lack. Mint in box it will set you back $570, but for something this big, and this detailed? That’s a steal worthy of a scoundrel.

8. Hasbro Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon (2012)

We all know Hasbro absorbed Kenner the way a Sarlacc absorbs it’s latest meal (slowly, painfully, and probably with a lot of screaming) — but occasionally Hasbro gives us something really, really great. Like the vintage collection. We like this collection because the box makes us feel nostalgic — like original trilogy nostalgic, not prequel nostalgic (it’s a very different feeling). The box was designed to look a lot like the early Kenner boxes, and it makes for a great addition to any collection. If you don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on a Kenner Star Wars set, you can get this vintage style Falcon to save a bit of cash. You still better have a bit saved up for this vintage style ship, because it could set you back as much as $700.

7. Hasbro Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon 2.5 ft long (2008)

One of the most detailed Hasbro models to ever come out, this ship is a whopping 2.5 feet long, offers a missile launcher, and lights up! But we know most collectors will never take it out of the box. We like that it comes with Han and Chewy. They go together with the Millennium Falcon like peanut butter and jelly — or whatever the Star Wars equivalent is. This ship is incredibly detailed and is considered a great addition to any collection by most collectors. Get your wallet ready, though, because you could be shelling out as much as $750 for one that’s mint in box.

6. Kenner Die Cast Millennium Falcon (1979)

If you weren’t around in the ’70s (by no fault of your own, some of us weren’t born yet) you might be saying, “Kenner made diecast ships?” to which we would reply, “Yes. Of course, they did.” Most people know the bigger ships designed for the figures, but the diecast line is sort of forgotten by history. Kenner eventually ended the line to focus on those bigger ships, but we are huge fans of the much smaller, metal ones too! The Millennium Falcon was part of the second wave of ships, but it’s number one in our collections. If you want one of these rare, often forgotten Kenner Star Wars ships mint in box, it will set you back as much as $795.

5. LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – 75192 (2017)

If you missed our earlier comments, LEGO Millennium Falcons pretty much always go up in value. This is the single largest pre-packaged set to ever be released. The thing had 7,500 pieces — enough to make even the most dedicated set builder do a double take. This colossal Falcon comes with two crews, the traditional young Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and C3P0, and the new crew, old Han Solo, Rey, and Finn. We will give you some good news (a new hope if you will): you can still get this set through LEGO for an incredible $800, but if you want a first edition set mint in box, expect to pay as much as $1,500.

4. Kenner Millennium Falcon (1979)

Ahh, the Kenner Falcon fans know and love. This was the first Kenner ship released, and there were a few faults with it. For instance, it was released to be used with the 3.75” toys, but it was quite a bit too small for them. This didn’t stop us from wanting it really, really badly. Okay, fan stuff aside, this is the original big Millennium Falcon. You would have had to be crazy not to want it in your Star Wars collection. It’s pretty easy to find them in poor condition on eBay, if you don’t mind missing pieces, yellowed coloring, and scuffs. But if you’re like us, you want it mint in box, and that will set you back as much as $3,000.

3. Kenner Return of the Jedi Millennium Falcon (1983)

Of course, there is a Kenner ship in the top 3. You knew it was going to be here, we knew it was going to be here. The Return of the Jedi ship came at the end of the series, which meant after the movie had its initial run, a lot of the popularity died down. Because of that, there weren’t as many of this ship sold as the others. What is most interesting: this ship is exactly the same as the A New Hope Falcon above. The only difference? The box art. The difference in box could set you back a massive chunk of change, however. Not just any scruffy-looking nerf herder will have one of these in their collection. This version sells for as much as $4,500!

2. LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon – 10179 (2007)

This is the big one, folks. As far as LEGO Millennium Falcon sets go, they don’t get rarer or more valuable than the 2007 10179. Owning one of these bad boys gives you legendary status in our books. This set was the biggest set ever produced at the time of its creation, sporting 5,195 pieces. It was the first ship of the collector’s series made at scale with the minifigures, making it HUGE by all accounts.

The only LEGO Falcon bigger is the newest 2017 version we talked about above (and we think LEGO was just trying to outdo themselves). This set came with the original crew: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia, and Obi-wan Kenobi. Building this thing means it’s no longer in box, and that drops the value — but if you somehow resisted the urge to open yours for the last 11 years, and the box is still mint? Well, you could be holding as much as $6,000 in cold hard cash!

1. Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Studio Scale Signature Edition

Alright, this ship is epic. Master Replicas decided to produce some Millenium Falcons in studio scale and every fan wept tears of delight. This Falcon is a thing of beauty. Every detail is so carefully crafted that there isn’t an angle we don’t like looking at. Master Replicas produced two varieties. The first one was the Limited Edition which got a run of 1500. The second edition — the one we are talking about here — had only 500. The weathering on this giant replica is delightful, and the sculpt is unbeatable.

We don’t know how they did it, but in some places, it looks even better than the original. What sets the signature edition apart is that it came with a signature from Harrison Ford and a certificate to prove authenticity. Sadly, the time to buy this beautiful Star Wars ship for a more “reasonable” amount has passed, and you’d have better luck trying to win one in a poker game than buying one online. If you are lucky enough to find one — and you would have to be lucky — expect to pay as much as $9,500.

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