If you’ve managed to collect even one of these valuable Transformers toys, you could be sitting on a plastic fortune!

Transformers have been…well, transforming our collections since the ’80s. And with all the movies, comics, and shows, we are excited to say they won’t be going away anytime soon! If you’re like most of us, the moment you got your Transformers, you ripped them out of the box and proceeded to slam them into each other (yes, we know we are killing some of you right now). However, if you were forward-thinking and resisted the urge to transform the box into trash, you could be in possession of a plastic fortune!

Now the first thing to remember about toy collecting is: loose figures are always worth less. Sure they hold some value, especially if you kept all of the parts — but if you want a big payday, in box is way better. Second, you should get your figure graded by the Action Figure Authority. The AFA grades action figures and toys on multiple criteria, seals them in a package to prevent damage and marks them with their respective grades. These grades make a HUGE difference in price, and in some cases can mean thousands of dollars in difference. Alright — our sensors are telling us it’s time to get on with revealing the top 10 most valuable Transformers!

G1 Devastator Gift Set

Valuable Transformers G1 Devastator
via TFMatrix

The first of several gift sets on our list, these sets contained six individual bots who could be transformed into one giant combiner, like Devastator. This bad bot is made up of six smaller Constructicons: Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster, and Scavenger. Like all the gift sets, you could buy the Constructicons individually, but the set brings them all together and increases the value. The G1 toys are all pretty pricey, but a Devastator Gift Set (mint in box) recently sold for $2,100!

G1 Jetfire

Valuable Transformer G1 Jetfire
via Transformerland

Getting Jetfire in your collection isn’t an exact science (get it?). This Transformer has a lot of value to fans which makes him hard to find. For a G1 toy, he had a LOT of articulation. His value is in part because he had a lot of removable pieces that are hard to come by. A lot of people lost the detachable pieces, especially the little black clip which attaches his rifle in all his forms. Finding a Jetfire mint in box is about the only way to assure you get every piece without careful discussion with the seller of a used toy. However, if you have one mint in box and get it graded, you could be looking at as much as $2,500 — IF you are willing to part with it, that is.

G1 Hot Rod

valuable transformers G1 Hot Rod
via eBay

Hot Rod was the first toy in the line that was designed just for Transformers and not a rebranded import. This makes him, in our opinion, the first true Transformer toy. He also had one of the coolest transformations (outside of maybe Megatron, but we’ll get there later) — he turned into a sports car. Well, like most hot rods he keeps getting better with age. Finding one in mint condition isn’t easy. A graded version in near perfect condition recently sold for almost $3,000!

G1 Superion Gift Set

valuable Transformers G1 Superion
via TFSource

Superion is the second gift set to make our list. He is the only combiner on this list known to work with the Autobots. This set of five Aerialbots combine into one awesome robot! The Aerialbots that make up the original G1 Superion (it changes across generations and mediums) are Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, and Slingshot. Like Devastator, you could buy the bots separately, but none of the individuals can top the gift set in value. One graded set, mint in box (of course) recently sold for $3,200!

G1 Predaking Gift Set

G1 Predaking
via Transformerland

Yet another gift set! This time the Predacons form together to make the Prediking. The Predacons are animal-themed bots and are comprised of Razorclaw the lion, Divebomb the eagle, Rampage the tiger, Headstrong the rhino, and Tantrum the bull. All five form together into the Predaking. Of the Combiners, he’s our favorite — mainly for the awesome lion themed chest piece. This big bot has a lot of value to collectors mint in box — a set recently sold for $3,100!

G1 Soundwave

G1 Soundwave
via eBay

Soundwave was one of those figures everyone wanted. He was insanely popular in the main toy line, and his production went on longer than most of the G1 figures. The ability to take the cassette out and transform it was a massive bonus for a lot of fans. This Decepticon had an awesome then (but outdated now) transformation into a cassette player. Like many old G1 Transformers, the small pieces often went missing and getting one with all its parts is hard. Mint in box with a high grade, he can sell for as much as $3,700!

G1 Optimus Prime PepsiCo Mail-Away Variant

G1 Optimus Prime Pepsi
via Transformerland

Who would have thought Optimus Prime would be a fan of product placement? Well, if you’re a dedicated Transformers collector, you’ve known all along. The PepsiCo variant was a mail-away promotion done by none other than PepsiCo (who would have guessed?). While it uses the Optimus Prime body, it had one key, rather noticeable difference — Pepsi themed decals on his trailer. Okay, this Autobot is feeling a little too corporate for us so let’s get to the exciting part. If you got your hands on this soda-fueled Transformer back in the day, you could have quite the thirst-quenching payday. A graded, mint in box Pepsi variant recently sold for $3,700!

G1 Optimus Prime

The original Optimus Prime is one of those toys every kid wanted. He was the leader of the Autobots, and no collection was complete without him. Despite that, he didn’t have as long a run as some of his fellow Autobots– which makes him rarer than he should be. Due to his high demand and lesser availability, getting one in excellent condition is hard — especially with the price tag. A high-grade Optimus Prime recently sold for about $5000! Michael Mercy does a really great job expressing why this toy means so much to so many people — and gives a fantastic review which we’ve showcased above.

G1 Megatron

G1 Megatron
via eBay

Megatron was one of the most controversial toys of the ’80s. This Decepticon wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near kids these days because he transformed into an uncomfortably realistic gun. As in, at a glance, you might mistake it for an actual pistol. He also had a scope and silencer that took him back into the realm of a toy, but even so, many parents gave this Decepticon the side-eye. That didn’t keep every kid from wanting a Megatron to do battle with their Optimus Prime! Now Megatron is hard to come by — especially with all his parts. Finding one mint in box is the best way to guarantee you get it all. If you want to get one in mint condition, expect to pay a hefty sum. A Megatron with an unusually high grade recently sold for almost $10,000!!!

G1 Fortress Maximus

G1 Fortress Maximus
via Instagram

This was the Transformer everyone wanted, but few of us got. At two feet tall, Fortress Maximus really delivers on his namesake. Not only was he giant, but he also transformed into a literal fortress. At an incredible $100 back in the eighties, he was a toy most kids never got their eager little hands on. That means there aren’t many to go around — and it also means if you have one, you’re sitting on the most valuable Transformer that currently exists. A graded 1987 Fortress Maximus recently sold for $30,000! Now that kind of money could transform your life!

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