Barbie has had over 150 careers in her lengthy lifespan (she doesn’t look a day older; it’s incredible!), and she shows no signs of slowing down. But not all of her dolls — or her friends — have been perfect. There are some weird, some wacky, and some downright uncomfortable Barbies out there. 

While some are a product of their time, others have no such excuse. With that said, we’re counting down the 10 weirdest Barbies. Which one is your number one?  

10. George Washington Barbie

George Washington Barbie in her pink coat is one of the weirdest barbies

Okay, so this is definitely going a little too far! We love the founding fathers as much as the next American but… George Washington Barbie? Really? Form her pink tailcoat to her white powder wig, we don’t think she quite pulls it off. It could also be the tinsel on the shoulders — it doesn’t exactly scream “the founding of the US government” to us. 

9. Kissing Barbie

This Barbie had a cute concept, but poor execution — which is how it ended up on on our weirdest Barbies list. Perhaps it was the somewhat sheer pink dress covered in kiss marks, or the permanently puckered lips that gave her a (more than) slightly unsettling vibe. But we think the biggest offender is the way her head lurches forward like a striking snake when you push the button on her back. It was meant to create the feeling of our favorite doll icon leaning in to give a kiss, but Mattel sort of missed the mark. Points for effort, but they didn’t quite stick the landing.

8. Barbie Babysits (1963)

We think babysitting is an excellent way to learn responsibility and gain some job experience while you’re young. Being responsible enough to take care of kids, either your siblings or someone else’s children, is a big deal! But this Barbie came with some… off-putting accessories. One of her possessions is a book called “How to Lose Weight” with a back cover that reads “Don’t eat.” Yikes!

7. Slumber Party Barbie

Another wholesome activity! What girl doesn’t love a slumber party? While the doll itself isn’t bad, much like Babysitter Barbie, the accessories are where she gets into trouble. One of Barbie’s “must pack” items is a scale — that permanently reads 110! That’s more than 30lbs underweight for a woman of Barbie’s height. Good thing modern Barbies have worked on this image, and Mattel now makes dolls with multiple realistic body types. 

6. Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie

There was some outrage over the heavily tattooed limited edition Tokidoki Barbie — and it echoed when Mattel released the much more widely available Totally Tattoo Barbie. She came with a bunch of temporary tattoos  (the kind kids put all over themselves), but parents worried she might cause kids to crave real tattoos. She also came with a tribal lower back tattoo — which is often called by a different name (hint: rhymes with “camp lamp”). Parents were pretty surprised by this new look Barbie was rocking — and it gave this Barbie a bit of a reputation. 

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5. Teen Talk Barbie

Weirdest barbies teen talk barbie

You think hearing Barbie speak would be a window into her soul, but unfortunately, Barbie’s soul is both materialistic (like we didn’t see that coming) and doesn’t like math. While we may not like math, having a toy made for little girls that says “Math is tough” might not be the best way to create interest in the subject. She also said phrases like “Will we ever have enough clothes?” and “I love shopping!” to round out her personality. Thankfully the American Association for University Women took issue with Barbie’s math aversion, and Mattel had the phrase removed. The inclusion was frustrating to so many women that The Simpsons even parodied the doll!

4. Computer Engineer Barbie

We thought Mattel had recovered from their “Math is Tough!” misstep by the time they released a Computer Engineer Barbie who specialized in Game Design. This seems like a great way to show girls that programming can be fun! But (Mattel is excellent at these buts), while the doll was awesome, her companion book might have painted a…poor picture of Barbie’s skills.

Pages from the companion book for Computer Engineer Barbie

Throughout the book, she constantly needs the help of her male coworkers Brian and Steve to turn her work into “a real game.” Before the end, she infects her computer with a virus and has to call on the men to save her! This sure sounds like something out of the ’70s, but sadly it was released in 2010. Mattel quickly pulled the book from shelves after the backlash — but not before clever folks on the internet rewrote it, so Barbie came out looking like an incredible hacker! 

3. Barbie Forever with Tanner the Dog 

Barbie Forever with Tanner the Dog is one of the weirdest Barbies

This Barbie is known as Pooper Scooper Barbie, so you can probably guess where this is going. Tanner is an adorable companion for Barbie’s short foray into dog walking! This retriever is cute as anything, plays with toys, and eats treats! But everyone knows what happens when dogs eat and walk. That’s right! Doggy doo-doo! And this puppy poops. Barbie can pick up the little brown nuggets with her magnetic pooper scooper — making her a good dog owner. But good ownership aside, this is one of the weirdest Barbie dolls ever. 

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2. Growing up Skipper

Image of Growing up Skipper in her packaging.

We know Skipper isn’t Barbie, but she is her little sister so she deserves to be on the list. Puberty is confusing for everyone — the kids going through it, and the parents trying to navigate the hormone-filled emotions. Why wouldn’t Barbie try to help girls through this confusing transition? So they made Growing up Skipper — who literally grew up (and…out?). When you spun her arm, she got taller and …ahem… developed. This change was obviously a bit of a surprise for parents who got this doll for their kids. It’s easy to see why this is considered one of the weirdest Barbies.

1. Midge and Baby

weirdest barbie midge and baby

We all know kids want to know where babies come from, but this might not have been the best way to explain the miracle of birth. Midge is one of Barbie’s lesser-known friends, and it’s no surprise why after this doll came out. Midge came with a removable belly, which contained a baby. Once you took the baby out, she had a flat stomach and a new baby to love. There are a lot of reasons this doll received the side-eye — but chief among them was the complaint that Midge was too young and would encourage teenage pregnancy. The unsettling magnetic belly, and overall odd vibes made this a shoe-in for the top spot in our weirdest Barbies list.

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