Some Fans Will Buy Just About Anything

…and we mean anything. Sports fans have a reputation for getting a little out of control, leaping at the chance to own something that their hero has touched. We get it. We love our teams too, and we would fight for something signed by one of our favorites. Not all memorabilia is something you really want to take home, though. Some of the stuff that people have spent money (and we don’t mean pocket change) on is…well, just plain strange. These are the top ten weirdest pieces of sports memorabilia to ever sell.

Andre Agassi’s Ponytail

There are two things Andre Agassi is known for: winning 8 Grand Slams, and his beautiful locks. He had one of the most incredible mullets to ever have been on the court — any court. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when he finally cut it off, the CEO of Planet Hollywood leapt at the chance to buy it. It was put on display in one of their restaurants, although why anyone would want to look at a chunk of hair while they eat is beyond us.

Ty Cobb’s Teeth

Ty Cobb is still known as one of the best baseball players to ever have been involved in the game. He still holds MLB records to this day, including the highest ever career batting average (.366). So, knowing this, you probably won’t be surprised to know that anything he touched is worth a heck of a lot of money. Even his teeth. That’s right, teeth. Someone bought the famous baseball player’s dentures for an amazing $6,500, which is pretty darn gross. We just hope they don’t wear them around.

Bozo The Clown Baseball Card

Yep. It’s official. This collector’s piece is basically the most horrifying trading card we’ve ever laid eyes on (and we love trading cards). It was a WGN-TV 9 Promo card and to us, it whispers “murder.” Whoever thought it was a good idea to give a clown a bat and send it out to the masses was insane.

Mike Piazza’s Broken World Series Bat

This is a fun bit of sports memorabilia, but still pretty strange. During the 2000 World Series between the Mets and the Yankees, tensions were…really high. In Game 2, Roger Clemens was pitching to Mike Piazza. The bat shattered on the pitch and a large chunk flew towards Clemens on the mound. This normally wouldn’t have been a big deal, but this was the World Series we’re talking about, so adrenaline got the best of the Yankees pitcher. Clemens snatched up the splintered piece and threw it back towards Piazza, telling him that he believed Piazza had thrown the bat intentionally. It was ridiculous and awesome, and the chunk of bat ended up selling for $47,800 at auction a few years later. Now that’s one bit of wood with a lot of history.

Curt Schilling’s Bloody Sock

It was Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS between the Red Sox and the Yankees and the Sox were down 3-0. Curt Schilling had recently undergone a highly experimental (we’ll spare you the details) ankle surgery and required shots to reduce the pain and swelling. That was a compelling story on its own, but the entire time he pitched, his ankle seeped blood onto his sock. The cameras caught wind of this and it became one of the focal points of the game. Eventually, Shilling auctioned off the shock for an incredible $92,613. It’s quite the story, but having a bloody sock in a case might seem a little strange to the neighbors — unless you live in Boston, of course, where you’d probably become a local celebrity.

David Ortiz’s Beard

Ortiz was the MVP from the 2013 World Series winning Boston Red Sox. He did not shave off his beard until after the final game, and when he did, he decided to sell it… for charity. Sold for $10,877, all facial hair related profits went to Movember. For those who are unaware, Movember raises money to raise awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. The money went to a great cause, but someone has a bag of famous beard clippings that cost as much as a car, and that weirds us out a little.

Mickey Mantle’s Signed Death Threat

Let’s face it: anything from the MLB 7-time World Champion and 16-time All Star sells for a lot of money. It’s a given people will snatch it up the moment it goes to auction. Normally you’ll see things like gloves and jerseys, but this particular piece is a little…different. At one point in his career, Mickey Mantle received a death threat by mail. Instead of taking it seriously, he signed it and sold it off — a fitting (and badass) way to get rid of a nasty threat. Can you imagine how mad the threatener must have been to find out Mantle made a profit off of their rage? Luckily, not mad enough to follow through!

Luis Gonzalez’s Used Chewing Gum

Most of the sports memorabilia on this list is pretty cringeworthy, but this is one of the grossest. The Arizona Diamondback chooses to chew gum over tobacco, which is a good move in our mind. Now most people just throw away old gum, but if you’re a celebrity, that wad of tasteless trash could be worth a fortune. Someone bought a piece of Gonzalez’s used Bazooka Bubblegum for a disgusting(ly expensive) $10,000.

Nolan Ryan’s Game Worn Jockstrap

Sometimes you have to shift your attention below the belt to get a piece of memorabilia that is truly remarkable. The pitcher, who in 1991 set a MLB record when he pitched his 7th no-hitter, has a lot of valuable memorabilia — including this game-worn jockstrap. Someone spent $25,000 for the honor of holding something that once held his…something. We hope it’s on display in their living room: it sure would be the ultimate cod-versation piece.

A Urinal Signed by Barry Sanders

We heard about this story a while ago, and it was so bizarre, we had to do a bit more digging to make sure it was real. Spoiler alert: it is. Only (and this is even more bizarre) it wasn’t signed by Barry Sanders when it was first bought. The urinal was purchased from the Detroit Silverdome in 2013 for $23 in the hopes that Sanders had used it while he played there. Then this potty-loving superfan took it to a signing session by Sanders at a local mall, and presumably told the running back this exact insane story–and Saunders still signed it, turning it into one of the weirdest pieces of sports memorabilia ever. What’s even weirder is that the owner eventually sold the urinal to ANOTHER fan for $3,000. Well, we guess there are worse ways to piss away money, right?

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