Admired Items, eBay Integration, more!

Greetings Gemr users! It’s been a month full of hard work here at the Gemr headquarters, and we’re finally ready to share some exciting new features and fixes we’re rolling out for the new version of the website. Get the full scoop by reading below!

For Sale Items In Clubs

If you’re looking for new items to add to a collection, we’ve made your search easier than ever.
By clicking on the “For Sale” tab in any of our clubs, you’ll filter all results down to items that are, well, for sale!


eBay Affiliation

Get ready to streamline your collectible shopping, because Gemr has joined the eBay affiliate program. By clicking on the “For Sale” tab in your favorite clubs, you’ll now be able to peruse new items and collectibles tailored to your interests. If you don’t feel like making any purchases, you can still comment on and favorite items that catch your eye to increase their visibility for fellow Gemr users. Doing this helps Gemr grow, so we hope you’ll enjoy this brand new way to interact with the community!



Admired Items

Have you ever caught a glimpse of an item that you don’t necessarily want, but you’d still like to share? If so, you’ll love our new “Admired items” feature! This specialized list is dedicated to anything and everything you enjoy stumbling upon, even if you have no immediate plans to collect it. Curate collectibles that inspire you alongside your collection and build the ultimate showcase of your tastes and interests!

How to use it

You can choose the “Admired”
option when uploading an item.


Faster Than Ever

We plan to keep adding great new features to Gemr, and we want you to experience them all as fast as possible. We’ve significantly improved loading times across all areas of the site, and image uploading is now more reliable. Firefox users should find the site more optimized as well. Performance is very important to us, and we have more enhancements we’re working on for the next release.

Stay tuned!



We Want To Hear From You!

Gemr would be nothing without the enthusiastic and amazing users we have today, and we want to hear from you to make the site even bigger and better. If there’s a feature you’d like to see or a fix we need to work on, send us a message by clicking the button below! Our community means everything to us, and we’ll be working diligently to provide the best experience possible.