Fresh Look, More Speed, Content Filters, more!

Greetings Gemr users!  Hot off the heels of our last Product Update, we’ve prepared a slew of new features and improvements that we’re very excited to share with you. Get all the latest details by reading below!

User Experience

Many of the improvements in this release were focused on providing a less cluttered, more consistent user experience as well as further improving the overall performance and responsiveness of the site. We have a number of additional enhancements planned for releases in the coming weeks that will continue to build on these areas.

Landing Page

First time visitors and existing Gemr users who are not signed in to their account will be greeted with a new landing page. We designed this improved page to introduce Gemr in a more succinct and user-friendly way.


“What’s New” Notification

With the new What’s New notification, users will receive an alert if the Gemr platform has been updated since they last logged in. We want you to try out the site’s new features as soon as we make them available, so we’re bringing the news straight to you!

Navigation Bar

Returning visitors will likely notice the dramatically changed top level navigation bar.

The remaining elements along the top right of the screen have not changed in function or appearance,
we’ve simply reduced their profile to provide a cleaner experience and more logical arrangement.

Item Tiles

Item Tiles are easier to read now, displaying more information than they did before. In addition, if you have an item you need help identifying or want more information about, a “Needs Help” banner will be placed across the top right corner of the tile. The banner is meant to alert community members that you are looking for their help with an item. This feature makes it easier for you to share your expertise with others as well!




Interest Focused Activity Feed

The Activity Feed on your home page now displays activity from the Gemr clubs that you’ve joined and the users that you’ve followed. Your Recommended Items Feed is now filtered by the Clubs that you’ve joined.

Content Filters

Profile and Club content filters now feature refined consistency and usability. Different item types are color coded, and multiple filters can be selected at once to display the specific item types you want to view in one feed!



Settings Page

The settings page is much cleaner and more logically laid out, getting you back to sharing and browsing collections as fast as possible.

Speeds & Feeds

The Gemr team is working extremely hard to deliver the best performance possible. With each release and with everything we do to the site moving forward, performance will be a feature, not an afterthought.

In the last release, we made a number of performance improvements that polish page load times and responsiveness throughout the site.

In this release, we’ve added even more in the way of performance improvements, many of which result in a faster and smoother item browsing experience. We’ve also deployed global caching technology that will result in faster and more stable performance for users regardless of their location around the world.

We’ll continue to enhance the site’s performance with each update, so stay tuned and contact us with any ideas or fixes you think would improve Gemr!

In order to provide you with an experience that is more aligned with your interests, we’ve taken a major first step toward ensuring that you see exactly what you’re interested in when you visit Gemr.  More work is planned to help you further refine and define your experience, but we think you’ll enjoy the benefits of this first round of changes.

Making Gemr Better

The Gemr team is in the process of moving to a two week release cycle. This streamlined release cycle means we will be delivering more great features and improvements to you faster as we work to make Gemr the premiere social and online marketplace for collectors on the web.

We Want To Hear From You!

Gemr would be nothing without the enthusiastic and amazing users we have today, and we want to hear from you to make the site even bigger and better. If there’s a feature you’d like to see or a fix we need to work on, send us a message by clicking the button below! Our community means everything to us, and we’ll be working diligently to provide the best experience possible.