Can’t Get Enough Disney Park Exclusives? Neither Can We!

Visiting a Disney theme park is the stuff of dreams! There’s so much to experience and enjoy, we don’t even know where to begin. Make your memories last a lifetime with these unique Disney Park exclusives. You can use your FastPass to skip lines for rides, but we bet you’ll be willing to queue up to purchase these unique finds. Our list contains the classics, the niche, and maybe our most favorite of all, the free. Pack your suitcases and grab your Mickey ears, because we’re about to dive into the works of Disney resort collectibles — we consider this a must read for anyone visiting the parks! Show off your favorite Disney Park souvenEAR (that was bad, but we’re not sorry) in the Disney Club!

15. Popcorn Buckets

Festive themed popcorn buckets are regularly released and when they’re gone….that’s it, they’re gone forever! Wait, did we say bucket? We meant a super fun themed one-of-a-kind souvenir. Lines to purchase a popcorn bucket often rival those for actual rides! For around $15, this may just be one of the more affordable souvenirs exclusive to the Parks.

14. Disney Park Exclusive Pins

Disney pins might as well be a gateway drug to park-exclusive collecting! They’re whimsical, uber portable, AND they’re a great way to commemorate life events experienced at resorts. If you trade pins with a cast member (they never say no!), the pins are even free. And you won’t find this often at Disney, but we know of a few free exclusives you will want to snag — read on to find them.

13. Premium Rey Lightsaber

Star Wars and Disney are both iconic staples and they’ve joined forces (see what we did there?) to release a highly collectible lightsaber only available in Disney parks. The lightsaber will set you back almost $150, but it comes with two AA batteries and makes cool sounds and light effects. Perfect for the woman (or man) seeking to restart the Jedi Order. May the Force be with you!

12. Gelatoni

We’d love to get our hands on this adorable cat! No longer just a Tokyo Disney exclusive, you can find him a teeny bit closer to the US at the Aulani resort in Hawaii. Specific to Aulani is this vacation-attired Gelatoni. He is Duffy the Disney Bear’s friend — and now he can be yours, too! Just stare into those button eyes and try not to fall in love!

11. ShellieMay

Add another huggable Disney plushie to your collection with an exclusive version of ShellieMay! She was handcrafted with love by Minnie Mouse to be a bear-y good friend, to Duffy and she’d love to be your best friend, too! Exclusive versions of this pink girl-bear can be found at Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Aulani and Shanghai Disneyland. Get your passports ready!

10. Resort/Park Specific Clothing

WARNING: Legitimate clothing distinct to each location can ONLY be purchased directly from the resort. Sure, there are knockoffs and shirts of questionable provenance more widely available, but you want the real deal! Make sure your souvenir from Animal Kingdom is legit by purchasing it directly from the park itself. You can thank us later.

9. Be Our Guest Souvenir Goblet

We hear there’s only one place to meet the Beast AND pick up a magical goblet! While Disney-rific, souvenir cups are not included on the DDP (that’s Disney Dining Plan for the uninitiated), so plan ahead to spend almost $20 on this fabulous cup. Enjoy a magical meal “as the dining room proudly presents… your dinner!” at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland.

8. Christmas Ornaments from Epcot Germany

It’s always Christmas at Epcot Germany! Even in extreme summer heat, you can browse beautiful yuletide decorations and get ahead on your holiday shopping at the World Showcase at Epcot. When picking up your traditional German pickle ornament, don’t forget to stuff your stockings with handcrafted blown glass Mickey ornaments. Just don’t forget where you stored them before the holidays!

7. Penny Press

At only 51 cents, a pressed penny is one of the most affordable exclusive souvenirs you can find at Disney resorts! (Not THE most affordable, but we’ll get to that soon). Place a pretty penny in the press, pay two quarters, and viola! You’ve got yourself an easy, fun and most importantly, inexpensive magical keepsake. Each machine features a unique design and Disney character and conveniently packs away for easy transportation home.

6. Frozen Cruise Cooler

Keep your beverages and food cool with Olaf and be the envy of your Disney fanatic friends with a Frozen-themed cooler. Why will they be so jealous? Because unless they ordered a Frozen Celebrations Package onboard a Disney Cruise Line, they won’t be able to purchase the cooler in any store. Okay…so this isn’t a “park exclusive” per se, but we consider the Disney Cruises a floating theme park, soooo… anyways, excuse the pun, but you’ll never want to “let it go.”

5. Pandora Jewelry Charms

No trip to Orlando would be complete without a quick stop – or really a leisurely stroll– through Disney Springs. Enjoy outdoor Disney-themed retail without a pesky park pass and scoop up Pandora charms not available at any other Pandora store. New charms are released every year and are the perfect excuse to return and stock up on Mickey and Minnie pieces, as well as more Park related beads.

4. Star Wars Clothing

Porg t-shirts and BB-8 baseball caps? No way! What you need is Star Wars merch as one-of-a-kind as the Millennium Falcon! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge clothing and accessories are now available, but some special pieces are only available at select Disney locations, including WDW Resort. You have less than twelve parsecs to get to Tatooine Traders at Hollywood Studios and claim your own exclusive Star Wars gear!

3. You Are Here Mugs at Starbucks

Not only do Disney Starbucks stores accept DDP snack credits, they also stock the infamous You Are Here Mugs! The mugs’ colorful designs feature iconic Disney architecture like Cinderella’s Castle and Spaceship Earth. Pick them up as soon as you see them because Epcot and Magic Kingdom themed mugs are only available at those locations. Golly gee, they’re not even available at Disney Springs!!

2. Figment Funko POP!

We all know, love, and adore the classic Disney mascot, the iconic Mickey Mouse, but now you can show a little love to Epcot’s Imagination Pavillion mascot. Meet Figment, the small purple dragon meant to literally be the personification of the phrase “figment of your imagination.” Bring home a little magic of the parks with this extremely rare Funko POP! #293.

1. Mr. Potato Head Parts

Is it just us, or does everyone hear Don Rickle’s voice when they see a Mr. Potato Head toy? While the original filling station featuring Disney exclusive Mr. Potato Head parts has been missing, we’ve heard encouraging rumors. There is speculation that good things await fans when Toy Story Land opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Until then, Disney and tater fanatics will have to be content to purchase Mickey-themed Mr. Potato Heads in a box off the shelf. We’ll just have to wait and see….and keep hounding Cast Members for answers!


3. Commemorative Badge

Need a little adventure on your vacation? Then step right up to Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple at Disney World! Learn to wield your lightsaber from a Jedi Master and earn a super cool badge. Sure, you might be able to find one on an auction site, but there’s no greater thrill than earning your own! The only question left: will you use your newly-honed powers for good, or will the dark side claim you?

2. Resort Hotel Soap

What’s better than a free souvenir? We bet you might have already been collecting the soaps from Disney resorts without even realizing you’re picking up an endangered resource. Disney has quietly been swapping out the orange scented Mickey soap for wall dispensers, so be quick, and stockpile while you can!

1. Character Autographs

Get your pens ready, because the ONLY place you can get an iconic Disney character signature is at one of the Disney properties. Seasoned guests to the parks advise bringing your own Sharpie and autograph books from home. Now these are truly memories that will last a lifetime!

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