Don’t let your holiday season be as dead as the Walkers!

Well, the first half of Season 8 is behind us, and there doesn’t seem to be much holiday cheer in Alexandria…or the Hilltop…or the Kingdom…or the Sanctuary. However, that doesn’t mean that WE can’t celebrate the gutsiest show on cable (see what we did there?) with a few fantastic gifts for the zombie hunters in your life.

Some of these aren’t for the faint of heart (or the sensitive of stomach), but they’re all fantastic options for your favorite TWD fan, and they’re (mostly) useful, to boot! And if there’s one thing we’ve all learned from the past 7 years of Rick Grimes & company, it’s that if you’re going to keep something around through the zombie apocalypse, it darn well better serve a purpose (Carl’s pudding aside).

“Loyalty Makes You Family” Wooden Wall Sign

One of the prevailing themes in The Walking Dead is “family first,” and this rustic wooden sign is a good reminder of this. There are very few blood relatives who have survived the walker apocalypse together, but family is a choice, not a genetic connection.

Buy it now for $11.29

Old School VHS Lamp

We’re suckers for nostalgia, and there’s something that just feels right about a TWD video cassette. The world is a strange and new place now, and while DVD’s could definitely double as weapons, VHS tapes might be the best form of entertainment for the citizens of Alexandria. Plus, it just looks super cool.

Buy it now for $16.99

A cast of characters on a Cutting Board

Practice your knife skills under the watchful gaze of our favorite survivors. Whether you’re working on your temple stabs or just prepping a holiday crudité platter, every slice of the knife will feel a heck of a lot cooler with Daryl Dixon’s silhouetted stamp of approval on it.

Buy it for $20.00-$30.00 depending on size

Walker Car Shade

Want to keep the inside of your car cool while also scaring the heck out of anyone who happens to walk by? Boy oh boy, do we have the car shade for you! This wonderfully wicked walker shade is the perfect addition to any old-school RV, and it’s way cheaper than mounting a piece of corrugated metal to the side of your car. Bonus points if you put it up at night – talk about pee-pee pants city for passers-by!

Buy it for $23.99

Daryl’s Crossbow for Your Coffee

Ever find yourself sitting at the breakfast table thinking, “Man, I wish I could shoot something right now”? Wait, don’t answer that. But hey, if you or someone you know could benefit from a little morning badassery, this crossbow coffee mug is right up your alley! Just watch where you aim it.

Buy it for $23.99

The Coolest Clock Ever

Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re suckers for vinyl record wall clocks, and this TWD-inspired one is one of the coolest we’ve seen in a long “time”! Terrible puns aside, the attention to detail on this thing is really impressive, and if you hang it on your wall, you’re sure to never be late for an episode!

Buy it for $24.00

The Ultimate Survival Cookbook

Whether you’re gearing up for a walker takeover, or just want to know how to make Carol’s acorn and beet cookies for your next PTA meeting, this cookbook has a little something for everyone. Half recipes inspired by the comic and show, half life-saving survivalist tips, it’s a book any walker stalker should have in their kitchen!

Buy it for $29.95

LED Neon Sign That Screams Super-Fan

Afraid that your Walking Dead obsession isn’t visible enough? Need a glowing bloody reminder in your man cave (or wo-man cave) of the best show on television? Well, look no further than this LED sign. Available in several colors, it serves as an awesome night light – and a walker attractor, so light it up with caution!

Buy it for $27.97

Stackable Prison Cells

Feeling nostalgic for Season 3? Don’t worry, you can build your own prison and reenact it yourself! Buy a few cells and create your own miniature set pieces – this is your opportunity to rewrite history and save Lori (and Herschel’s leg)! Well, at least save Herschel’s leg.

Buy it for $29.99

An Iconic Doormat

Holiday visitors getting on your nerves? Fend them off in style with this “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” doormat! While it might not repel the most aggressive Christmas carolers or pushy in-laws, we think you’re allowed to bite anyone who chooses not to heed the warning. (Just kidding, please don’t bite your houseguests unless they’re into it).

Buy it for $30.00

Protect Their Books with Handmade Bookends

Trying to find the perfect gift for the ultimate TWD fan who already owns all of the graphic novels? How about the ultimate way to show them off? These silhouette bookends are the perfect way to display your collection of The Walking Dead literature, and they’re classy enough to fit into even the least walker-friendly homes.

Buy it for $39.00

The Perfect Bat: Lucille

Whether you’re a Negan in training or just really like playing Eeny Meeny Miny Moe, this (safe) version of Lucille is a surefire way to let your extended family know when it’s time to go home. Bonus points if you pair it with a leather jacket!

Buy it for $42.95

A Letter Opener That All Walkers Should Fear

Admit it: we’ve all wished we were Michonne at one time or another. Sure, she has awesome hair, the scariest pets, and a pretty cute boyfriend — but it’s her samurai sword that really makes us swoon. Get your own miniature version with this letter opener and play pretend for a while. It’s even more fun to put away than it is to use!

Buy it for $48.88

A Bag Fit For A Sheriff

Looking for the best way to store your stuff…and things? Us too, which is why this unisex Rick Grimes inspired messenger bag is a great gift for the sheriff on the go. Use it to store your six shooter, baby food, and anything else you’ll need in case you have to make a quick getaway this holiday season.

Buy it for $49.99

A Hoodie To Die For

Ahhh…ugly Christmas sweaters. Once a present as dreaded as fruitcake, these holiday apparel staples are finally in on the joke, and are now as in-demand as…well, whatever’s the opposite of a fruitcake. This awesome holiday hoodie features Santa’s sleigh being pulled by a herd of walkers, which seems like something that’s bound to create just the right amount of awkward dinner conversation to truly make your holidays memorable.

Buy it for $50.63

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