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Finding the perfect gift for a DC Comics fan can be as impossible as figuring out who’s faster: Superman or The Flash. Don’t worry, DC fans! We’re determined to make your holidays a whole lot easier. Here are the 15 ultimate gifts to impress even the most bitter Darkseid on your list.

USB 16GB “Flash” Drive

If The Flash had pockets in his uniform he’d surely have one of these. He’s sworn to protect Central City ,and now he can protect your data! The perfect gift for all those on your list who love not only computer accessories but also witty puns.

Buy for 9.98

DC Funko POP! Movies Aquaman Vinyl Figure [Patina Version]

This ain’t your grandpa’s Aquaman. The burly King of Atlantis is resplendent in a patinaed version of his leather uniform. At just four inches tall, this founding member of the Justice League can be the founding member of a stellar collection.

Buy for $14.97

Green Lantern Pet Costume

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape his sight! Equip their (or heck, your) dog with the gear he needs to defend this section of the galaxy from Sinestro – and the mailman. Power Ring not included.

Buy for $16.44

Batman Optical Illusion Desk Lamp

This lamp is fit for anyone who calls themselves a Bat-fan. With a cool 3D illusion effect, the Dark Knight comes to life where he is most at home–in the dark. You won’t want to keep this hidden away in a Batcave!

Buy for $19.99

Cyborg Exclusive Action Figure

Hold onto your Mother Boxes–we’ve got a bionic idea for you! Our list only includes one action figure because if you’re going to purchase one for a DC fan, it has to be this one. Since Cyborg wouldn’t be who he is without a Mother Box, Mattel even included halves of the three Mother Boxes to make him look incredible – in, or out, of the box.

Buy for $24.99


Help your DC superfan rock an iconic Flash lightning bolt without the muss and fuss of getting struck by lighting and splashed with chemicals. They’ll be running laps around the globe in this fashionable snapback.

Buy for $24.99

DC Comics Villain Wanted Poster T-Shirt

Sometimes the Bat is just a little too broody, the Martian a little too distant, and the King of Atlantis too…sodden. It’s time to rep the Supervillains with this rad shirt depicting the infamous Joker, legendary Lex Luthor, daring Darkseid and sinister Sinestro. Sometimes you just need to embrace your inner villain.

Buy for $27.95

DC Comics Retro Cast 3000pc Puzzle

Superheroes and supervillains, assemble! Are you as clever as our Justice League friends? As diabolical as our beloved supervillains? Put your skills to the test with this otherworldly puzzle. The universe of DC Comics is represented in this ginormous retro-style 3000 piece puzzle.

Buy for $29.99

Justice League Vinyl Record Wall Clock

We found the Justice League and they’re all in–this awesome wall clock! Keep track of the time with a vinyl record expertly carved into the founding members of the League.

Buy for $33.50

Alex and Ani Wonder Woman Wrap Ring

Help your favorite superhero channel their inner Wonder Woman with her equally classic double W logo. The ring may seem dainty, but it’s as powerful as Diana herself.

Buy for $38.00

20 DC Comics Collector’s Pack

No DC collection would be complete without a comic, but a starter pack of TWENTY DC comics will have you turning pages for quite a while. All the major names in the DCEU are represented in (mostly) sealed packaging. Get your hands on this stack before it falls into the wrong hands!

Buy for $59.99

Superman Shield Cufflinks

As subtle as Clark Kent donning glasses, these cufflinks won’t give away your identity as a Superman fan. The classic silver S shield is a much better way to show your affinity towards the Man of Steel than wearing a costume under your suit.

Buy for $62.00

DC Comics Supervillains Poker Set

Why so serious? Put a smile on someone’s face for game night with the Legion of Doom. You’ll be ready to roll the dice and cause some mayhem with this poker set!

Buy for $76.32

Superman Minimalist String Art Made

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Superman as interpreted by string and nails! Superman can bend steel with bare hands, but you’ll want to keep this unique piece in perfect condition. Any Son of Krypton would be proud to display this in their Fortress of Solitude.

Buy for $100.00

Ultimate RC Batmobile

Let the Bat-fan in your life speed around Gotham in the ultimate remote control vehicle (boasting four missiles AND “jump mode”). The included highly-detailed figure fits comfortably behind the wheel for a truly Bat-tacular experience.

Buy for $188.69

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