Don’t Hulk Out! We Will Help You Find the Perfect Gift!

All true believers know that it can be hard to find the perfect gift for the Marvel fans in your life. Obviously the latest Marvel Legends Figure is a safe bet, but why not do something no one else will think of? Why not find something as unique as they are?


We at Gemr have some ideas that will keep them from turning green and angry over yet another pair of socks this holiday season.

Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck Lunchbox

This lunchbox will bring it’s recipient the best Mexican in town! Okay, maybe not, but it will hold their lunch and show off their love of the merc with a mouth. Deadpool knows how to keep your wallet happy, too! The coolest lunch box in the world — no the universe — won’t force you to break open your piggy bank.

Get it for $11.39

Thor Mjolnir Mug

Prove your gift-giving worth and make your Marvel fan’s morning cup the mightiest in the nine realms! No one will doubt their power as they sip from Mjolnir (just ask that they don’t smash it when they want a refill).

Get it for $19.99

Tiny Hydra Charm

Have a friend or two who belong on the naughty list this year? Help them subtly show where their true loyalties lie. This little charm is discrete, but a true believer will know it when they see it. Let them whisper their faction to all who will listen: Hail Hydra!

Get it for $24.99

Marvel Comics Tie

Sometimes your favorite fan will need to be as dapper as Tony Stark. No need to give up their nerdiness when you can get the best of both worlds. Class it up with this Comic Book tie!

Get it for $25.00

Stone Comic Coasters

At some point every Marvel fan gets sick of rings on their tables (or if they don’t, this is a great hint that they should). These coasters are heavy duty and show off fan favorite characters. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Get it for $28.00

A Marvel-ous Dog Collar

Some of our favorite Marvel fans are of the canine variety. The Gemr pups (oh yeah, we have dogs here) watch all the MCU movies with us, so we figured maybe you knew some Marvel obsessed pooches too!

Get it for $16-$30 based on size

Secret Marvel Wallet

Some fans love to be sneaky about their obsessions – they don’t want to wear it on their sleeve (literally). For the secret Marvel fan, this wallet really fits the bill. You see, it hides a secret identity. The outside is crisp black leather, but the interior is pure Marvel geekery. Show us the money!

Get it for $31.00

Captain America Stainless Steel Watch

Okay it’s not made from vibranium (sadly), but it is really cool. This watch lets us all feel a little more heroic, it reminds us to embody the ideals of Captain America, and it’s stylish to boot!

Get it for $34.49

Captain America Waffle Maker

Nothing says patriotism like waffles, are we right? Make every morning a little more super with Captain America waffles. This secret breakfast weapon lets your waffles come out looking like Cap’s shield. Get one today, and take a bite out of crime.

Get it for $39.99

Iron Man Gaming Mouse

Some fans love their gadgets, and we’re totally on board with that. For them, we recommend this Iron Man gaming mouse. A good mouse will help any superhero save this and every other world – in whatever universe they choose.

Get it for $39.99

Wearable Infinity Gauntlet

If you give this to your friends, please make them promise not to use it to wipe out half the life in the universe — we don’t care how much they love Mistress Death. Look, we get it, relationships are complicated…but you don’t need that on your conscience.

Get it for $43.99

Retro Trolley Case

Traveling can be a chore, but with this carryon, your super traveler will be the coolest fan in the airport. Plus, packing is way more fun when you get to look at your favorite heroes.

Get it for $48.83

Black Panther Vinyl Record Clock

We can pretty much guarantee that your favorite Marvel fan won’t have something like this. This clock is made from a 12″ vinyl record and makes the king of Wakanda look pretty intense. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost as much as obtaining Wakandan Vibranium!

Get it for $51.30

Captain America Shield Backpack

Let your favorite Marvel fan look like the hero you always knew they were. This backpack lets you wear the Cap’s shield right on your back like he does. Throwing not recommended – your hero gear inside probably isn’t built to be weaponized.

Get it for $59.99

Spider-Gwen Backpack

We don’t know what’s cooler, the fact that Spider-Gwen is this popular, or that we can buy this awesome backpack. It’s sure to thwip it’s way into any Spider-Gwen lover’s heart (and over their shoulders).

Get it for $60.00

Her Universe Black Widow Belted Jacket

Sometimes you want to feel B.A.–Bad Avenger. This jacket will make any Marvel fan feel B.A. We’ve already ordered five.

Get it for $66.00

Marvel Figure 20 Piece Set

Okay, okay — we said everyone would be gifting Marvel Legends, but this is so much more than that. While others may gift a figure or two, no one can top a 20 piece Avengers set. This set has it all: heroes, villains, and even characters who haven’t made their cinematic debut yet!

Get it for $99.00

Spider-man Neon Sign

Make any fan’s Marvel den complete — even when the lights go out. This neon sign screams “Spider-Fan” in bright glorious color! Swing it into their collection before it’s too late!

Get it for $124.99

Marvel: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen

This is basically the only anthology a true believer would ever need. This book contains the history of Marvel, and we’re swooning just looking at it. If you get it for anyone, maybe pick us up a copy?

Get it for $138.79

Marvel Collector Corps Subscription

This gift ends our list because it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving — namely, 4-6 incredible Marvel items every other month! Depending on how much you love your favorite Marvel fan, you can get them a month — or, if you’re feeling like a superhero, get them a whole year! This bi-monthly box by Funko is filled with a Marvel-ous array of surprises, including something to wear and an amazing assortment of awesome things to fit the theme of the box.

Get it for $25.00 a box

Written by Gemr
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