$200,000 Apple I Computer Found at Recycling Center

A recycling center in Silicon Valley turned one woman’s trash to treasure. After an anonymous woman cleaned out her garage, she dropped off boxes of old electronics to the recycling center. Employees sorted the contents of the boxes, and were shocked to find an Apple I computer that later sold for $200,000.

The woman did not want a tax receipt for the donation, and did not leave contact information at the recycling center. The only details that the woman provided the recycling center were that her husband had recently passed away, and that she decided to clean out the garage.

The recycling center hopes to identify this woman in order to provide her with 50 percent of the profits from her Apple I. This original Apple computer is one of about 200 first generation systems assembled in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne. The recycling company sold this rare computer to a private collection for $200,000 earlier this week. The company’s policy is to give 50 percent of all sales back to the original owner. The vice president of Clean Bay Area, Victor Gichun, says that they center is still attempting to identify this mystery woman. The center is hoping to be able to provide the mystery woman with her half of the $200,000 pay out. Gichun claims that he remembers what the woman looks like, and that he is hoping she identifies her self and claims her $100,000 check.