4 Awesome Superhero Movie Sequels That Will Never Happen

The current philosophy when it comes to comic book movies seems to be: at the slightest sign of trouble, reboot. Superman Returns racked up “only” $391 million at the box office? Reboot. Spider-Man 3 had terrible dance scenes? Reboot.

How about another “r” word: Redemption.

Maybe sequels have a bad rap.  Usually it’s thought that 9 times out of 10, sequels just get worse.  And if the original wasn’t good in the first place?  Forget it.  But what if a sequel could fix a previously forgettable movie experience?  Do fans lose loyalty so easily that a great comic can’t be redeemed after one flop of a movie?  Cracked checks out 4 sequel redemption opportunities that Hollywood is completely missing out on.

Swamp Thing.  Jonah Hex.  Green Lantern.  Daredevil.  You’ve probably heard of all of these movies, but you also probably forgot about them immediately.  Cracked reveals how Hollywood producers could make a redeeming sequel and make comics proud.  Hint — it involves a lot more killing, zombies (more killing), and superheroes turning evil (and, of course, more killing).  

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