48 Star D-day Flag to be Auctioned in June

71 years after the D-Day landings, Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions is auctioning off a rare 48 star WWII flag this month. The antique flag was present during the D-Day landings during WWII in 1944. This historic piece has been in storage for the last 70 years, under the ownership of the family of a late WWII US Navy Signalman Third Class.

There are many additional items from the Naval man that are joining the flag in auction. Items in this group auction include many personal photographs, as well as the first hand accounts of the events that lead up to the invasion in England, accounts of the invasion itself, and account of the termination of the war. The Signalman’s USN issued flare gun that was used during the invasion is also part of the group. Each of these additional items complement the 48 star flag, helping to create a well rounded collection of WWII artifacts. Though, central piece of the auction – the flag, is described in detail by the auction house:

“The ships 48 star American flag which was flown at the D-day landing on June 06, 1944. As the signalman for this LST 139 this veteran was responsible for the flags and other signaling devices for this ship. He obtained this flag on May, 06 1944 while preparations for the invasion were being made in England. Originally the Normandy invasion was to take place in May, but the weather was constantly bad, and the invasion did not take place until the first week of June. The flag is approx. 42″ X 31″ and shows heavy wear along the edge from use. It is also stained and shows soiling from age a use. The hoist edge has the Signalman’s name, rate and date, which he obtained the flag written along the edge in ink.”

This commemorated flag and other artifacts has the potential to bring in six figures. Glenn Beck, a radio personality, purchased a similar 48 star flag at auction for $350,000 in June of 2014.

This is an absolutely incredible opportunity to be able to own a piece of American history during a truly pivotal time in the world. The auction is online only, and will continue throughout the next 15 days.