Each season the anime lineup changes, but the holiday season is the same every year. Finding a gift for the anime fan in your life can be tricky! What’s in? What’s hot? What’s going to get them excited? Well, we hunted down the biggest, the newest, and even a few timeless anime gifts that will please even the choosiest fan! These five gifts are so powerful it will leave them wondering if you reached your final form!

Naruto Bi-Fold Wallet

Is this the coolest Naruto gift? Believe it! Naruto might be over, but he’s still the greatest ninja in our hearts. This wallet will remind them that they can do anything they put their minds to and can overcome all odds. Sure they might have a jacket, and the headband, and even the weird toeless shoes, but this wallet is cool enough they will forget all that and keep Naruto in their pockets!

This is the perfect gift! Believe it!

My Hero Academia Shirt

The thing about being a hero is… it takes a lot of effort. Not everyone is born with power, but with this shirt, you can remind your friends to fight for what they want! Let them rep their favorite rising heroes in style with this awesome t-shirt!

Help them be a hero with this shirt!

Pokémon – Red Figma

Which starter will you choose? Why not all of them? This Figma comes with all three of the gen one starters for your favorite Pokémon fan (or you) to pose! This trio can’t be stopped and needs to be recognized. The Good Smile Company always outdoes themselves, and this Figma is perfect for any Pokémon collection. Start them on their journey (or help them along) to be the greatest collector that ever was!

Make them a Master Pokémon Trainer!

Cowboy Bebop – Ein Shirt

There are very few shows that have endured like Cowboy Bebop. Sure it’s been over for a long, long while, but with the announcement of the live action movie on Netflix, your anime fan friends are probably getting reboot fever! Show them you respect their love of bounty hunting and the hyper-intelligent corgi Ein with this awesome shirt! If you give them this gift, they will have no reason to say “See ya, space cowboy.”

You don’t have to be Einstein to know they’ll love this shirt!

All Seven Dragon Balls

One gift that will always win them over is presenting them with their wish come true. This set of all seven dragon balls may not actually summon the dragon, but they will look great on a shelf! It’s almost as good as actually getting a wish. It will be hard to find a gift that tops this if they are a true Dragon Ball Z fan!

Give them their wish!


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