Get Something Perfect for Your Player 2

Sometimes dating a gamer can be tough. It’s good fun when you can play together, but sometimes they seem a little lost in their own world. Well, break them away from the screen with one of these five perfect video game gifts.

A New Way To Enjoy Video Games

If their hands always seem to be on a controller, don’t fight it. Embrace it. This controller isn’t for gaming though, it’s for eating! Which we think is almost as good. It’s at least twice as delicious!

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Make Them A Master of Their Domain

Gamers know that the true source of power is the Master Sword. At least in the world of Hyrule. Nothing will stop your Hero of Time as they open their mail with this letter opener — not even Ganon.

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Give Them a Sign For When They Need A Little Quiet Time

A little quiet can go a long way for concentration. Give your gamer a pillowcase that tells everyone when they need a little peace and quiet. Plus, it gives you a place to cuddle up when you grab your own controller and become Player 2.

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The Gift of Choice

Most gamers are versatile. They know you need the right tool for each job — or each exclusive title. This shirt shows that you know they have choices. Let them bring their whole arsonal to battle.

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Some Time For Gaming

Making time is hard…but buying clocks is easy! This one pays homage to one of the oldest and biggest stars in retro gaming — Pac-Man! It’s the perfect gift for the gamer who likes to kick it old school!

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Written by Gemr
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