Binge Watching in a Barbie World

We don’t know about you, but around here, the best way to spend a weekend of terrible weather is to binge watch terrific movies! We snuggle up, grab some snacks, and check out the multitude of movies Netflix has to offer. Today we’re diving into Barbie movies because — after all — it’s her world and we’re just living in it! Let’s get down to business and highlight our top 5 picks available on Netflix.

5. Barbie: Star Light Adventure

Barbie may have started out as a mod sensation, but she’s totally modern now — and even hoverboards! She’s a got a mystery and an adventure on her hands that’s out of this world. Of course, this saccharine sweet tale wouldn’t be complete without a “follow your heart” moment, but it gets major points for including a cool pet named Pupcorn (we reiterate — PUPCORN), fun new friends, and colorful mystical creatures (we always want more mystical creatures). Oh — and really cool formal wear! Will our girl save all the stars in the galaxy? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

4. Barbie: Dolphin Magic

The movie may be animated, but this once in a lifetime adventure certainly feels real! If you love tropical locations, dolphins, and mermaids (who doesn’t love mermaids?), you’ll love this movie. Join Barbie and her new friend Isla on a mission to rescue a very special gemstone dolphin. Haven’t heard the myth of the gemstone dolphin? Well then, join Barbie, her sisters, and Ken for an epic adventure to find out all about these magical creatures! But please take note: this particular Barbie movie is ONLY available on Netflix for your binge watching pleasure!

3. Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar

Warning! Don’t confuse this movie with the similarly titled Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper! Popstar may have come out on DVD first, but it’s now available on Netflix for your streaming pleasure. Even though Barbie doesn’t actually appear in the movie, she does portray Princess Victoria Bethany Evangeline Renee and Popstar Keira. Set in the magical kingdom of Meribella, the Princess and the Popstar magically switch places, and fun hijinx involving the cutest fairies you’ve ever seen ensues. Enjoy a confection of pink dresses, bubbly songs, and magic. Popstar is perfect for getting anyone out of a bad weather funk. Heck, there’s even a bonus free music video available on YouTube! There’s a super sweet message to this Barbie movie too: It’s always better to be yourself!

2. Barbie: Princess Charm School

Get ready, because school is in session! Available on DVD since 2011, Netflix now conveniently streams this ‘charming’ title. Barbie stars as the clumsy but lovable Blair Willows in a story full of tea parties, sprites, crowns, new friends, and you guessed it….magic and intrigue! The kingdom of Gardania has experienced a great tragedy, but will Blair be able to solve the mystery? And who is Princess Sophia? Immerse yourself in this delightful movie and discover YOUR princess potential. Don’t be late for class — watch now!

1. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

Released in 2010, Barbie in a Mermaid Tale is considered to be the first modern Barbie movie. For many, it is the standard all future Barbie movies are compared against. Actually, this movie is so good, it got a sequel in 2012! Barbie stars as avid surfer Merliah Summers who — you’ll never believe this — is actually a magical mermaid princess! Merliah embarks on an epic quest to collect three items to overthrow the evil queen of Oceana and save the kingdom. Along the way you’ll meet Zuma the sparkly pink dolphin and Kayla and Xylie, super stylish mermaids, because no Barbie movie would be complete without fun friends and a helpful sidekick! Come join Barbie and her friends for a tale (tail?) that makes a big splash and has a sweet sentiment. Merliah learns that what makes you different might just be your greatest strength. We can get behind that!

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