We’re Rocking Out to the Stars of the Grammys

We love music. Period. We love to rock out to the oldies, and jam to the newies (we’re pretending that’s a word — just go with it). With the Grammys nearly upon us, we decided to take a take a dance down memory lane and look back on some of the incredible winners from past years. So here are five of the coolest things on Gemr from Grammy winning artists. Are you ready? Let’s rock!

Owned by Gemr user @laughingboy

Paul McCartney: The Music and Animation Collection

In 2004, Paul McCartney released Paul McCartney: The Music and Animation Collection. Now it’s hard to beat someone who’s been in The Beatles — the guy has history — not to mention all of the incredible work he’s done in his solo career. This DVD compilation was something new and unexpected from the superstar, however, as it contained three short animated films with original music by McCartney himself: Tropical Island Hum, Tuesday, and Ruppert and the Frog Song. The shorts celebrate nature and the imaginative innocence of childhood, and we feel younger just watching them.

owned by Gemr user @robertborges

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Limited Edition Pop-up

You can still find this little treasure here or there, but you’re going to have to pay a Dangerous sum for it. Released in 1991, this limited collector’s edition commemorates Dangerous in an amazing and unusual way: by bringing the themes of the album to life and popping them in your face! The gold disc may fill you with temptation to pull it out of the elegant black box it comes in, but serious collectors know better. As for us, we just want to stare a while and get lost in the details!

Owned by Gemr user @texanpanda88

Star Wars Ultimate Soundtrack Collection – John Williams

Anyone who knows us knows we love Star Wars, so the chance to highlight one of our favorite composers fills us with giddy, geeky glee. John Williams has composed the scores for more blockbusters then we can name. He’s the undisputed king of nerd music, and we love him for it. This ultimate soundtrack collection highlights some of the most recognizable works of our harmonious hero. He’s received 6 Grammy wins for Star Wars alone, making this a great way to enjoy some of his best work. It includes six vinyl records spanning the original trilogy and the prequels.

Owned by Gemr user @jlantistoys

Lady Gaga Album Collection

Gathering the full discography of an artist takes time and sometimes a lot of patience, but getting an entire collection in limited edition or deluxe edition takes even more commitment. This Lady Gaga collection includes deluxe editions from around the world, and has us saying “Gaga Ooh La La!” Everyone can see through our poker face, because we’re really envious of this discography.

Owned by Gemr user @jokersheadphones

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars Original Vinyl

This album, pressed onto vinyl in 1972, is a flashback to the past. Just like anything well-loved, it’s worn around the edges, a little used, and has probably been listened to hundreds of times. Nonetheless, it’s a centerpiece for a collector, and something worth bragging about. Bowie was one of the greatest minds of his time, and whenever we think of him we can’t help but whisper “shine on you crazy diamond.”

Written by Gemr
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