We’ve Found the Best Lisa Frank Items 13-Year-Old You Would Fight For

We’ve like, totally got a list of awesome Lisa Frank stuff you like, need to spend your big girl paycheck on like, yesterday. Lisa Frank may have hit peak popularity and color saturation in the 90’s, but we’re definitely still here for it today. With considerably deeper pockets than our pre-teen selves, we’ve created a wish list of rad Lisa Frank items we can — and let’s face it, deserve to — own. Read on for a rundown of the top five items that can take our money please.

Dolphins Leggings

Grrrl, yes! We would have proudly strutted through the school hallways in this neon cacophony! What’s not to love now that our middle school selves wouldn’t have gone absolutely bananas over? The aptly named Dolphins Leggings, available at RageOn.com, feature multi-hued dolphins, rainbows, and even a friendly penguin. Don’t expect to pay Target prices for these trophy leggings, though, oh no. Fork over $42 (that’s the SALE price) if you want to make these dolphin leggings yours.

Pocket Purse

What would we pay for a like-new condition Lisa Frank pocket purse? Well, let’s give some context first. THIS pocket purse features a pattern of Lisa’s (we’re on a first name basis) signature groovy aliens cruising in a VW Bug. The original tag is still attached and the bag is in pristine multi-hued condition. And BONUS! The bag comes with four assorted keychains. If you guessed we’d shell out $250 for this bag on Etsy, you’d be correct!

Tri-Fold Binder Set

You know what we need to really get our life together? No, not another face mask. A vintage 1990’s three-ring binder that’s been…what’s the nice way to say “color vomited”?….well, color vomited on. And we mean that in the best possible way. If we can’t get it together with a neon kitty sticker set and two pocket portfolios, then there’s no hope for us. That wide-eyed kitten is pulling for us — don’t let her down! We found this sweet binder set on Etsy for a pocket busting $250, BUT it is in original condition. And we’ll happily pay for that. Because our parents sure as heck didn’t buy it for us in middle school.

A Lot of Sweet Sweet Desk/Locker Supplies

Shut up. Just shut up and take our money. Go ahead and just take all our money because our desire for an entire lot of Lisa Frank goodness far outweighs our desire to responsibly spend our paychecks (and/or life savings). The picture may be a little hazy, but this Poshmark seller sees right through to our very souls and knows we want the sticker sets, assorted notebooks, giant mega neon bumblebee three-ring binder, and journal with a lock. Yes, this seller sees us and knows we’ll happily fork over $888. Yes, $888.

Vintage 1986 Tiger Sleeping Bag

There’s an obvious and very bright reason Lisa Frank Inc., brought in over $60 million a year during their peak in the 90’s. A lot of those $60 million smackeroos came from our parents, but now we’ll happily fork over $3,100 of our own hard earned cash to purchase a vintage 1986 sleeping bag on eBay. We may have never actually made it through an entire sleepover without crying in middle school (that’s a whole different article), but we must have this very specific sleeping bag! Featuring a riotously colored psychedelic tiger, this sleeping bag is what dreams are made of. We’re going to totally ignore that it’s already been slept in by who knows how many LF fans, and the fact that it has several rips. We literally couldn’t care less. We want it, and we want it now!

Written by Gemr
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