We Love All the NECA Predator Figures, But There are Some That are Worthy of the Shelf of Honor

We couldn’t be happier with NECA and their drive to release every single Predator possible over the years (thanks, Randy). Their dedication to the perfect Predator has been almost as focused as — well, a Predator. In preparation for the release of The Predator (TODAY), we’ve been examining all of our favorite figures and watching endless toy reviews. So to break it down, we compiled our top five NECA Predators that every collector needs. Some of these have gotten pretty expensive over the years, but trust us — they’re worth it.

We have a few rules for this list. First off, no Dutch. He’s a human, and he’s as badass as they come. That means including him isn’t fair to the other figures — so he’s off the list. Secondly, this list is NECA only. It says so in the title. so you should have expected that. We also know that our toy reviews will never match what some of the greats can do, so we’re going to shout out a few of our favorites so you can discover their videos — or be reminded of how much you love them.


Okay, so this isn’t a Predator — not really. We can’t include it in our list because of that, but it deserves an honorable mention. It’s like saying Jonesy is your favorite character in Alien (which is fair — but not the point of this list). The sculpt is awesome, and the articulation is even better. The Predator Hound is a MUST HAVE to go along with the Tracker Predator — And you must have two to display it, just like Predators. TheReviewSpot gives a better review than we ever could, so we’re letting him give you all the best points!

5. Nightstorm Predator

NECA did something really freaking cool — they used the old Kenner models for some of their lines. Now, not all of these came out as cool as we had hoped (sorry, Randy), but most of them are top notch. One of those that really sets itself apart is the Nightstorm Predator. Its coloring alone makes it a killer shelf piece (get it?). The black body, like the original Kenner, has a light blue dry brushing that really stands out from many Predator designs. Then there is the armor — we LOVE this armor. The golden coloring with the rusty and greened weathering is just phenomenal. And of course the beetle-like golden mask that is removable (we don’t get this a lot from NECA, so we’re all about it). One of our favorite parts of this figure is the open mouth sculpt. But we can’t do all the talking — PixelDan has one of the best reviews of this figure anywhere!

4. Elder Predator

The Elder Predator is one of the few figures from the AVP line we really fell in love with. He has amazing details that leave us impressed, and the red cloak is really striking. We love how this NECA Predator looks on our shelf, and it is one of the few that won’t get rotated out when we run out of space. ULCFilm does a great job talking about all the things that make this figure awesome, so we’re going to let him tell you the finer points!

3. Lava Planet Predator

Another Kenner based figure and we are so glad we got this one. The translucent orange body practically glows when you put a light behind it — and that extends to its eyes! We love the cracked lava paint job and the really unique mask sculpt for this figure. It’s unlike any other figure in the Predator lineup and totally worth displaying. TheReviewSpot strikes again with some of the best Predator reviews around, and he shows off all the best parts of this figure!

2. Shaman Predator

The Shaman Predator has some features that set it apart from every other figure you can buy. First off, he has no weapons — that’s right, none. He only comes with a staff, from which dangle trophies or mystical items. He also wears minimal armor, which really sells him as unique. We only saw the Shaman Predator for a few moments at the end of Predator 2 when the lost tribe appears, but he hints at deeper lore to the hunt that was never fully explored in the films. We have to give another shout out to ULCFilm for his great filming and reviews. His Shaman Predator review does this amazing figure so much justice.

1. Battle Armor Lost Predator

So this is the second Lost Predator to be released by NECA, and we are monstrously glad we got this version. The original figure was in series 6 and was unmasked, but this series 11 model gives us the hunter in all his glory. His armor feels extremely high tech and looks super menacing. The sculpt is one of the most detailed we have seen on a NECA Predator, and we adore all of the little details they included. The accessories also make this figure — from his giant light blade to the disk he can grip, he just looks like he could take on anyone and anything. We cannot recommend this figure enough. ShartimusPrime is a reviewer we can’t get enough of, and this was his first Predator review, but as always — he kills it.

Written by Gemr
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