Don’t Keep Them in Boxes! Try These Storage Tricks!

We love collecting stuffed animals at Gemr. Nothing is better than something soft to hug now and then! The only problem? They take up a lot of space… soooo much space. Let’s face it: your bed can only accommodate so many before your collection begins to look more like an invasion. Stuffing them in a box is an option (see what we did there?), but then you can’t show them off.

So what do you do? Well, we have a couple of crafty solutions to help you store your collection in a way that takes up less bed space, but still keeps your plush toys on display!

The Toy Hammock

Let your plush pals relax away their troubles (do stuffed animals have troubles?) in a place where they are well out of the way. Toy hammocks are really easy to install in the corner of a room — heck, put up four if you have a big enough collection! It’s a fun and playful way to show off your stuffed toys.

The Hanging Bench

Maybe the hammock is a little too relaxed for your squishy friends. Maybe a hanging bench suits your collection better. The three-tiered one pictured above is guaranteed to give them a wonderfully whimsical look. If your collection is larger, maybe pair this solution with another for even more fun!

The Top Of The Room Shelf

Let your collection reign over your room from on high. If you don’t need quick access to your toys or want to show off more than you usually can fit in your room, a top of the room shelf is a great idea. If you need even more storage space, add another shelf below it!

The Planter

This is a delightful way to show off your toys that adds a different flavor to your room! These mounted planters have been converted from storage of all things green and leafy to the perfect place to house your cotton-filled comrades. The best part? You can hang as many as you need in different sizes for all your stuffed toy needs!

The Toy Zoo

There are dozens of do-it-yourself toy zoo tutorials online. It creates a fun way to display part (or all) of your collection. The “bars” are made of rope for easy access to your favorite toys, so don’t fear–your little guys aren’t really trapped. The best part? You can call it whatever you want. Collect Pokemon plush? How about the Safari Zone! Are you into Disney stuffed toys? We recommend naming it the Magic Kingdom! Whatever you name it, we love this idea.

Written by Gemr
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