We can’t stress this enough! The WWE Superstars are not your typical fashion dolls!

This fierce action-figure-like collection features dolls that are muscular, tall, and have MANY articulated joints. You don’t have to be a WWE fan to appreciate these dolls — just a fan of awesomeness! To be a successful WWE Superstar, each wrestler must have not only great wrestling ability, but also charisma and personality in order to make it in the ring and on the shelf. We think this incredible line of dolls has nailed it, and we’ve compiled our list of the Top 5 WWE Superstars Collection dolls! How did we accomplish this superhuman feat? A top secret algorithm guarded by the women themselves! Read on below, and you will see that strong truly is beautiful.

5. Bayley

She’s friendly! She’s a hugger! And Bayley kicks off our list of top WWE Superstars dolls! All the dolls in this series are about 12 inches tall, but Bayley’s stands alone with her non-threatening, kid-friendly colors. However, don’t let that sweet smile fool you! This superstar is all about empowerment as part of the WWE’s Women’s Revolution. The aptly nicknamed Everyone’s Favorite Hugger inspires both inside the ring and outside as her adorable doll.

I want Bayley!

4. Sasha Banks

There’s no one quite like Sasha Banks, and her doll is one of a kind! Don’t let her short stature distract you — she’s actually the youngest Raw Women’s Champion at 24 years old! The Legit Boss’s doll highlights her trademark pink hair and signature ringside look, but she’s also classy (and sassy) in an included blue dress. Sasha exemplifies that you can be feminine and athletic while appealing to both WWE fans and doll collectors alike. We appreciate her ability to perfectly execute a “bank statement” in the ring, and as her stunning doll.

I want Sasha Banks

3. Charlotte Flair

The Queen has arrived! Charlotte Flair is the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in WWE history, and now you can be a part of it! Charlotte’s doll can be perfectly positioned in athletic poses to totally dominate any other doll in your collection. This muscular doll solidifies the legacy wrestler’s place as her own girl, and not just Ric Flair’s daughter. Even non-WWE fans will appreciate the doll’s multiple movable joints and potential for limitless play. She may be blonde like Barbie with a pretty smile, but she can execute a “figure-eight” like no one else!

I want Charlotte Flair

2. Naomi

This former cheerleader turned Superstar may have a total rave girl vibe, but she’ll totally kick your butt! Naomi’s doll will make you Feel The Glow with two B-R-I-G-H-T, totally on-point outfits that reflect her ring style. This WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal winner stands on her own two feet — literally and figuratively! All dolls in the Superstars line can stand alone with their shoes on. In Naomi’s case, she rocks some pretty legit looking black boots. Naomi is fearless inside the ring, and her doll allows you lay the SmackDown.

I want Naomi!

2.Becky Lynch

She was the inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion in 2016 AND she’s number one on our inaugural list of top WWE Superstars Dolls! The self proclaimed Irish Lass Kicker is known for her strength and agility and her Superstars Doll does not disappoint! With multiple points of articulation, she can strike a fierce pose and recreate your favorite stances. Featuring the signature muscle tone seen in the all the Superstars dolls, Becky Lynch’s doll stands out with her fiery orange hair and trademark Steampunk style. Hey, she wasn’t nicknamed Straight Fire for nothing! Who will YOUR Becky Lynch challenge in the ring today?

I want Becky Lynch!


Written by Gemr
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