“Things are only impossible until they’re not!”

Looking for gift ideas that are as bright as the light shining off Picard’s beautiful bald head? Do not boldly go to another list — here at Gemr we have five insightful gift ideas for any Captain Picard monomaniac. We’re ready to help you find a perfectly delightful Picard present to reduce the facepalms this holiday season.

Picard Facepalm Cookie Cutter

Everyone knows someone who’s all over the latest meme trends. Well, this trend never dies. The iconic Captain Picard facepalm has been perfectly captured in this plastic cookie cutter. It’s perfect for expressing exasperation and disappointment when rewatching seasons 1-2 of TNG, or the feeling you get when you’re stuck in the house with extended family.

Buy for $5.50

Officially Licensed Star Trek Tea

After a long day of losing red shirts and getting assimilated by Borg, the Captain orders “tea, Earl Grey, hot.” You too can unwind with officially licensed Star Trek tea. No replicator needed (but if you can get one, please do). It’s a perfect way to wet your whistle after yelling “Shut up, Wesley.”

Buy for $14.99

RISK Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition Board Game

Make it so, Number One. Celebrate 50 years of Star Trek by taking over the Captain’s Chair as Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or even Archer. But naturally, you’ll choose Starfleet’s finest, Jean-Luc Picard. Boldy go where no one has gone before with your best friends and claim the universe for your own! The best part? It costs way less than Starfleet’s tuition.

Buy for $49.99

Captain Picard Cross Stitch

Set your phasers to stun(ning)! This handcrafted cross stitch is ready to be bestowed upon a Picard enthusiast and is almost guaranteed to make them declare you their first officer. This isn’t just a decoration for Miss Havisham’s house — this cross stitch will make everyone you meet jealous (we already are). You better hurry or someone else might snatch him up!

Buy for $189.99

Captain Picard’s Tea Set

Not even the replicator can brew tea as perfectly as Captain Picard’s nesting seven-piece tea set. The white glazed porcelain set was featured in many tête-à-têtes with the senior ranking crew. If we had the chance to have tea with the Captain, we definitely would, too. Money as we know it doesn’t exist in the future, but today you can at least pretend to take tea with Picard. And hey, if you pick up that cross stitch, you can even pour him a cup.

Buy for $325

Written by Gemr
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