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Collecting is Expensive, But Displaying a Collection… Can Cost More

We know how it feels to save up to build your collection, because we do it, too. On top of all of our bills, we still find the money to snag the things we love. Our obsessions might keep our wallets a little slimmer than we would like, but there’s nothing better than owning all this cool stuff — then we discover we have nowhere to put it! We also realize that we spent almost all our money on the collectibles. So now how do we show it off?

Well here’s some good news. We found several good display cases that will satisfy your collection and your budget. We will preface this by saying these aren’t going to be museum level cases. They won’t keep all dust off your collectibles, but they will give you a great place to show off your stuff without completely breaking the bank.


This Ikea cabinet is about as cheap as they come. It’s a pretty good start, but with Ikea we recommend you go into a store (if there is one near you). The shipping can counteract the cheapness of the cabinet, but if you live near an Ikea, it’s worth it. There are gaps around the edges in this model, so dust can get around the sides. While it’s not a perfect seal, it does keep off quite a bit of settling dust. The shelves measure 15 ⅜” tall, so it fits most figures and statues, which we appreciate. This cabinet is cheaper than dirt as far as display goes, and looks pretty nice to boot! The best part? It’s only $59.00.

I need a Detolf!

Rad Bookshelf

Okay, sure, this isn’t actually a display case. It’s just some really cool shelving. While you lose the ability to prevent dust from getting on your statues and figures, the differing levels and sizes allows for a lot of really great set up. We hate dust, it’s a huge pain in the butt — but for the price, we can’t exactly complain about the little bit of extra work to keep everything clean. We just really like how our collections look on these shelves. At $89.99 it’s a great alternative to a glass case if you have a lot of figures but not a lot of cash.

I need that rad bookshelf!


If you’re looking for something a little fancier but still in budget, Ikea strikes again. We think this cabinet is kinda fancy for the price (Not quite “pinky out” fancy, but still good), which is nice if you want a little extra style. The bonus of this case is that it comes with a lock, which makes us feel like our prized pieces are safer. This case fits into a tight budget at only $149.00. Once again, Ikea shipping can be a little expensive, so it’s best if you can get it from a store directly.

I need a Klingsbo

Simple Curio Cabinet

A nice basic run of the mill curio cabinet that’s pretty much the same as the Detolf. It has simple black lines and nice glass shelves. Much like the Detolf there is no lock, and there are small cracks that dust can enter through. The cracks aren’t bad enough to let a lot of dust through, however, so don’t worry too much. So why would you choose this over the Detolf if it’s basically the same cabinet? Well, if you don’t have an Ikea near you, the cost of shipping is pretty high. This cabinet starts at $142, BUT it has free shipping through Amazon. You do the math.

I need that simple cabinet!

Modern Curio Cabinet

The thing that makes this display case “modern” is that they used an espresso finish on the wood. We like espresso finish because it makes us think of coffee — and that’s how we get through our days. It lends a little class to the whole cabinet that makes it pop. It’s the most expensive case on our list, but if you want to have something more than matte black, this case is a good fit. It’s only $138.94 and has free shipping!

I need my case to be modern!

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